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These are Bible studies on different topics, written by various brothers. Please republish and translate these studies as our Lord Jesus Christ leads you.

These studies are published to be a help to people. We certainly don't claim to know everything, or be correct in all places. If you see something in any of the studies that is unscriptural, any mistakes, if you have additional facts that will help people to better understand a point, or if you want a study on something specific, please let us know.

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Single Topics

400 years of Silence from God after Malachi

400 years is the long time it took for the Devil to learn how to set up his masterpiece, the Roman Catholic church

7 Lampstands and 7 Eyes and 7 Horns

Lampstands shed light. The church first moved away from Scripture and then back towards it. This took 7 stages or ages.

A finger writing in the ground saves a woman

As the Father He wrote the Law twice in rock, which became ground when broken. As the Son He wrote twice in the ground.

A little leaven leaveneth the whole lump

Add one unscriptural word to the Bible and watch that error spread like a contagious virus to corrupt many Scriptures


Satan entered Judas, an apostle or leader of the church. Church leadership is the last place where we think Satan is

Book of Life

Our names were written in at the foundation of the world but they can be blotted out if we betray the written Word

Born again

Get saved, live holy, and receive the Holy Ghost. Then find your individual position in Christ Who is the revealed Word.


Where did the tradition of Christmas come from? The Bible does not ask us to commemorate the birth of Jesus.

Does a prophet have to be perfect?

Only God is perfect. If you demand that prophets be completely blameless, you are removed from Scriptural reality.

Fig Tree represents Israel

The Jews did the greatest sin by killing Messiah. The fig tree was cursed but it will return in the end

Four Corners of the Earth

God keeps moving and turns a corner. We keep blundering on straight. We must change direction in order to follow God

God can blot out all or part of a sinful life

Part of the life of an evil man can still be unknowingly used to serve God. God can use those who hate God.

Human self-will is trapped in time due to sin

Time is a tricky. Human self-will is the "small picture" that errs. The Bible is God's Will that sees the "Big Picture".

Job 33:23-26 - A messenger must expose error

Job 33:23-26 gives us a good insight into events at the end of our church age.

John the Baptist was, and yet was not, Elijah

Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah. John said that he was not. How do we reconcile these statements?

Judges is a lesson in Leadership

Cycle of rebellion, hardship, repentance, redemption. Then forget and repeat the cycle.

Law and Grace are difficult to reconcile

The Law established the outline of God's Plan. Grace was the reality that emerged from within this outline.

Listening does not mean Hearing

We can listen to a lecture without understanding it. Hearing what a person says makes us understand and changes us

My church is not what it should be

No end time prophecy and no end-time parable says anything good about any church.

New Age beliefs are modern deceptions

Romans 1:22 - Professing themselves to be wise, they became fools.

Only Jesus can be our High Priest and King

No man should have too much power over other men. The only Person who can handle real power is Jesus.


Free-will and predestination, at first sight, seem to contradict each other, but are actually intricately entangled

Proof of the Holy Ghost Baptism

The best gifts of the Holy Spirit are the wisdom and knowledge to understand the revealed mysteries of the written Bible

Restoration of Faith

What is the purpose of the message to the last church age?

Saved and Born Again

Repentance saves us from hell. Jesus does everything. Born again means find the revealed truth for today. That is hard.

The Bible is the DNA of Eternal Life

DNA is the language of natural life for us all. The Bible is the language of Eternal Life for our spiritual lives.

The four bodyguards around God's throne

A theme starts in Genesis and repeats in different places in the Bible, until it finally unfolds in Revelation.

The meaning of the double portion on Elisha

A preview of two powerful ministries: The end-time Gentile prophet, and the Elijah to the Jews in the Tribulation.

The rejected bread scraps were most important

We admire the thousands of loaves that Jesus created. Jesus emphasized the number of baskets of rejected scraps.

The sons of God present themselves before God

This happened 3 times a year. At the barley, wheat, and grape harvests. Symbolizing Christ, the church, and the Jews

The Stature of a Perfect Man

There are 7 virtues that must be added to your faith. The Capstone in your life is the Holy Ghost baptism.

What are the former and latter rain?

The Laodicean churches are all blind. So how do we find the Truth? Stay with what is written in the Bible.

What does "Revelation" mean?

There are hidden mysteries in the Bible that we need to understand in order to be ready for the Coming of Jesus.

What does "Walking in the Spirit" mean?

We cannot walk in the Spirit unless we know the mind of Christ. And we get that from the Scriptures.

Why did a healed man see "men as trees walking"?

Understanding what a tree symbolizes in Scripture helps us to understand how God works out His plan through our lives.

Why did Jesus twice write in the ground?

The Law failed to make the Jews into better people. Jesus pointed out that He was God Who wrote the Law.

Answers to Questions

Bible Questions ignored by churches, part 1

The Old Testament finds a deeper meaning in the New Testament. All of the Bible is true. There are no contradictions.

Bible Questions ignored by churches, part 2

The four Gospels don't contradict as they describe Christ from the viewpoint of a King, a servant, a man , and as God.

Did the white man's Bible start slavery in Africa?

Slavery started with African tribal chiefs. Muslim Arab slave traders started in AD 650. Whites came 800 years later.

Frequently Asked Questions, part 1

Brief Scriptural answers to a random selection of typical Bible questions.

Questions about Bible Issues Part 1

Covid-19 warning. Name of God. Wives submit. Drums in church. Peter a Pope. Broided hair. Circumcise heart. Women preach

Questions about Bible Issues Part 2

Sons of God present themselves. Pastor and bishop. Retain sins. Trust own heart. Written in the earth. What the Devil is

Questions about Bible Issues Part 3

Rich ministers. We question God. Polygamy. Pastor is head. God repents. Biden a Sign of the time. Water above firmament

Questions about Bible Issues Part 4

Satan had no sex with Eve. Christmas tree is wrong. Big lesson from Samson. God and Jesus. King James Bible is Perfect

Questions about Bible Issues Part 5

Lamb takes Book seems like 2 Persons. Gregorian Shabbat. Way of Tree of Life. Latter rain. My life never seems to change

The Promised Land was brutally cleansed - Why?

Sin wrecked God's Paradise. So God hates sin. God loves a repentant sinner, but huge anger faces unrepentant sinners.


The Sabbath is the Holy Ghost baptism

The Sabbath rest is a symbol of the Holy Ghost baptism, making us rest from our works of sin and unbelief.

Water Baptism

Baptism is symbolic of death, burial, and resurrection. The Father and the Holy Spirit neither died, nor were buried.

What is the Baptism of the Holy Ghost?

The Holy Ghost baptism is the ability to understand, and not reject, the truth of the revealed Word of God.

Bible Timelines

40 days, the dead rise, 7 Thunders, Rapture

Timeline of events preceding the Second Coming of Jesus, as He raises the dead and changes the bodies of the living Bride.

Abia: A vital clue as to when Jesus was born

We can estimate the birth time of Jesus to within about a month, but it is certainly not 25 December.

After 2300 Days the Sanctuary was cleansed

God's covenant with Abram's seed. From Isaac's birth, the natural seed, to the death of Jesus, the spiritual Seed.

Ages of the Patriachs

This is a nice 'detective work' study to find the ages of the patriachs, e.g. Adam, Noah and Abraham.

How long was the ministry of Jesus?

Jesus was 'cut off' in the middle of the week, after a ministry of three and a half years.

Israel is God's stopwatch

God uses Israel as a stopwatch. He does not count Jewish time when He deals with the Gentiles.

Jesus, the Passover Lamb, died on a Thursday

A look at some Scriptural details describing the events around the crucifixion.

Must there be a year 0 between 1 BC and 1 AD?

Churches believe that Jesus was born in 4 BC. That means Jesus was born 4 years before Jesus was born. Utter nonsense.

Rapture Part 1. Before or after Tribulation?

Enoch was caught up before the Flood. "Tribulation" does not mean the years of "great Tribulation" at the end

Solve Passover problems and 3½ year ministry

The Gospels do not contradict but we have to interpret them very carefully It is difficult to reveal a mystery.

The Biblical Year

In this study we will see that the Biblical year has 360 days, having 12 months of 30 days each.

Why does Jesus have two lines of ancestors?

Coniah ended Solomon's kingly line. Mary's ancestor-line was curse-free. Joseph adopted Jesus into the kingly line.


"Bible Codes" (ELS) made simple

The results of a two-month investigation into the hidden Bible Codes (also called ELS).

Daily Bible reading plan

Read the Bible in 1 year. No need to start on 1 January. Daily portion from Old and New Testaments, Psalms and Proverbs.

King James Bible or the Modern Bibles, part 1

Unseen, there is a ruthless and vicious spiritual struggle to discredit the King James Bible which is the Absolute.

Book of Daniel

70th week of Daniel refers to Messiah not Antichrist

The big mystery of Daniel is to explain how the ending of the Jewish Temple sacrifices actually confirms the covenant.

Daniel 12:10-13 - Only the wise understand

The 7 main rainbow colours combine for white light. We're only made white when God fulfills His Plan for 7 church ages.

Daniel 2 - The Feet of Iron and Clay

Iron represents Rome. Denominational iron is strong, but clay (the Bride) is weak. Jesus comes for the clay.

Daniel 7 - Gentiles are wild beasts

Daniels second vision of wild beasts gives spiritual insights into the Gentile image that he first saw.

Daniel 7:8 Three horns plucked by the roots

Three Arian barbarian tribes were destroyed for the Pope to establish the Trinity in the 900 years of the Darkest Age

Daniel 8:1-12 - A ram and a goat

The Greek goat conquered and produced religious philosophy that developed the Trinity, undermining the church's truth.

Daniel 8:13-27 - The final pope

God's Covenant with Abram's seed went from Isaac to Jesus. Alexander said he was a god. That spirit is in the church.

Daniel 9:24-27 The Jews have only 490 years

483 Gentile years. Jesus had the last 7 years. He was killed after 3.5 years. The Jews are still owed 3.5 years by God

Daniel 9:27 - Covenant was confirmed, not made

A confirmed covenant cannot be broken. Christ confirmed the covenant made by God with Abram.

Daniel and John's prophecies are teamwork

Daniel tracked the antichrist spirit of Babylon in the Old Testament. John picked up the trail in the New Testament.

Daniel saw a pagan Roman Beast with 10 horns

Barbarians broke the Roman Empire, but 10 tribes aided the Catholic church to rise on those ruins to be a world power.

Daniel's 70 Weeks

Messiah came to Israel right on time. He was rejected then, but turns back to Israel again in the Great Tribulation.

Great Tribulation is 3½ years not 7 years

The covenant is confirmed for seven years. That means that the covenant was made more than seven years ago

Mistakes made in the "70th week of Daniel"

No man is infallible. Check the quotes, correct mistakes and move on. Defending an error is a pointless exercise.

The Gentile Image maps our past and future

Daniel's prophecies set the pattern or outline that Gentile history has to follow.

Time, Times and Half a Time has Two Meanings

God made a covenant with Abraham and God confirmed this covenant in the death of Christ

Understanding the times of Daniel's 70 Weeks

The command to build Jerusalem's wall in 446 BC, until Jesus was anointed as the Messiah after His was baptism in AD 29.

Book of Genesis

Eve was fooled but Adam was not deceived

Eve was deceived and did not know she had done wrong. Adam knew the truth but chose to open the door to sin

Explain why animal blood atones for sin

There is no blood nor sex in Heaven. We must discover how blood and sex entered Eden

Forbidden Fruit - What does it really mean?

Why are we all born in sin? What was the alternative way to populate the earth with eternal life.

Genesis 1 - Adam is a spirit who cannot fall

God created spirit beings for eternity. All the fruit trees were good. There was no warning about sin at the start.

Genesis 1:26 and 3:22 use a plural for God

Why? It is the plural of majesty, used by kings and popes. No single word can fully express all of God's characteristics.

Genesis 2 - Adam in a body of flesh can fall

Adam and his bride were put in human bodies. Now God warned them about knowledge. Carnal knowledge refers to sex.

Genesis 3 - Sin enters by sex and free will

Finding out how it all went wrong. Jesus said we must not be decieved by listening to what is not written in the Bible.

Genesis 46- See much where little is written

Did 66 or 70 or 75 Jews go to Egypt? We learn a much deeper truth from those who are left out. Why are they left out?

Melchizedek and Tithes and the Resurrection

Put in before taking out. The harvest pulls the seed off the plant. The main Harvest is the saints pulled off the earth

The first FOUR days of Genesis chapter 1

What can we learn physically and spiritually from the first 4 days, as described in Genesis 1?

The sun was not created on Day 4

God CREATED the sun on Day 1. Then on Day 4, He MADE the Sun fulfill its intended purpose of dominating the Earth's day.

Were animals made after Adam was made?

Genesis 2:18 It is not good that the man should be alone; Genesis 2:19 out of the ground the LORD .. formed every beast

What was the Forbidden Fruit?

Sex introduced sin in Eden. Salvation comes from a virgin-born Saviour who never was part of human multiplication.

Who were the Nephilim or Giants?

The giants were not born from aliens or angels. They were the seed of Cain who was born of the wicked one, the serpent.

Book of Hebrews

HEBREWS 01  Only Christ can be elevated

The whole of the first Chapter is exalting Jesus and separating Him as being far above any of the great prophets of old.

Hebrews 02   Grace fulfills the Law

This Book of Hebrews is separating law and grace, and It's placing each one to its place. The Hebrews were raised by the law, and Paul was telling them what part grace played, with law.

Hebrews 03 Unbelief is the real sin

The Jews saw many miracles but were still ready to doubt God as soon as they hit troubles

Hebrews 04  The Sabbath rest is hard to enter

Our Promise is the Holy Ghost revealing our Land which is the Word of God. The final Sabbath is the 1000 years of Peace

Hebrews 1:1 - What do "sundry times" mean?

The Jews went through 7 ages. God's pattern repeated in the same manner when He dealt with the 7 Gentile church ages.

Two unchangeable things where God cannot lie

God met Abram as Melchizedek the High Priest, then again for Abraham to prophesy of the Coming of the promised son

Isaiah 66 links with the Book of Revelation

The 66 Chapters of Isaiah remind us of the 66 Books of the Bible.

Book of Isaiah

Isaiah chapters 40-66, part 1

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - Understanding the Godhead.

Isaiah chapters 40-66, part 2

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - Aspects of the seven Church Ages.

Isaiah chapters 40-66, part 3

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - Hebrews to Revelation.

Book of Psalms

Psalm 87 Your name must not be blotted out

Natural birth gives you no spiritual advantage. Jesus had the lowliest birth in an obscure town

Psalm 88 - No hope when emotions rule faith

Emotions (Feelings) are a strong part of our human minds, but they are unreliable. You can trust faith and prayer.

Book of Revelation

4 unusual names in the first 4 church ages

Names used in 4 churches in Revelation are Balaam, Jezebel, Nicolaitans, and Pergamos (the Greek version of Pergamum).

Antipas - What can we learn from his name?

Antipas comes from Anti-Papas. Against the Pope. He died opposing the church system of his day. He was a good example.

Candlestick has a special meaning

The doctrine of the seven church ages is one of the most important patterns in the Bible. But churches ignore its value

Revelation 1 Focus on Jesus not anyone else

Christ is the supreme Head of the Body which is a mystery church built over 2000 years in 7 stages from living stones

Revelation 10 - A difficult chapter

About 40 days, from the resurrection to the Rapture, is the time for 7 Thunders to show us how to change our bodies.

Revelation 10:1-3 refers to future events

An easy way to deceive people is to convince them that future events have happened. They'll then oppose it when it happens.

Revelation 12 - Israel and America

Jerusalem can be spelled JerUSAlem. Evidence of a link between Israel and America.

Revelation 13 - Rome rises on American power

God sets a limit on evil. Rome and America spread the Mark of the Beast.

Revelation 17 - The Pope will rule the world

This tells us Christians where we went wrong. How the Catholics conquer the Protestants as they rise to world-dominion.

REVELATION 2 Part 1 How Bible truth fell

Complacent Christians elevated humans to be the head of the church in the place of Jesus and drifted away from Scripture

REVELATION 2 Part 2 A fatal church Council

To establish the unscriptural Trinity the church had to accept unscriptural ideas that multiplied like a virulent virus.

Revelation 5:6 7 horns 7 eyes and 7 spirits

The Temple had a 7 branched candlestick and 12 loaves. The 7 flames represent the 7 church ages. The loaves are the Jews

Revelation 6 Revealing and Opening the Seals

The Seals are revealed on earth before they can be Opened in Heaven. Jesus wants to see who agrees with His great Plan.

Revelation 6, part 1 - 7 Church Ages

A difficult Chapter as it exposes evil in the churches throughout all 7 church ages. People deny their church's errors.

Revelation 6, part 2 - Sign, commission, event

Jesus and John the Baptist were not polite when they spoke to Jewish religious leaders. No man is the head of a church.

Revelation 6, part 3 - Speak error, kill Jesus

All pastor-dominated churches go into the Tribulation. Only Moses and Elijah have enough power to open the 6th Seal.

Revelation 7 - Coming out of great Tribulation

The Tribulation purges the foolish virgins from their devotion to their pastors. Two prophets pull out the 144,000 Jews.

Revelation 9 - Horror of great Tribulation

7 Trumpets call the Jews back to Israel in the Tribulation. The unleashing of anti-Jewish demonology. Ruled by the Pope.

Revelation chapters 1-13 - A brief summary

Satan hates the Book of Revelation as it reveals far too many of the errors that he has infiltrated into the church.

Revelation chapters 1-3

Truth was buried in the Dark Ages. Restoration began with the reformers, until William Branham revealed the final mysteries.

The 7 Seals are Revealed, but NOT Opened

Before God actually opens the Seven Seals, He sends a revelation of the opening of the Seven Seals.

The Angel of Revelation 10 has not come down

The 1963 cloud was a sign that the mysteries would come down to brother Branham to reveal six of the seven Seals.

The Capstone has not yet come

Many incorrectly claim that the Cloud of 1963 was the return of the Capstone, as if that was the Second Coming of Jesus.

The Lampstand had 7 Branches of beaten gold

It represents the church that got hammered by the Devil during the different circumstances of the 7 Church Ages.

The Seven Trumpets and Seven Vials, part 1

The Tribulation's 7 Trumpets force the Jews back to Israel. The 7 Vials punish the world for rejecting the Bible truth.

What is known about the 7 Thunders? Not much

How can people know so much about what is not even written?

Why is it a "little" Book that John ate?

Only a few people understand the little Bible verses that the churches ignore and contradict because they are blinded.

Book of Ruth

Ruth 1 She had to make a steadfast decision

We have to decide right of our own free will. Then God tests us to see if we want to obey not because we have to obey

Ruth 4 Redemption by kicking off his shoe

Jesus kicked off His glory and majesty to come down and die an awful death that redeemed us from sin and unbelief

Book of Zechariah

Zechariah 01 Jew's history during church ages

The Jews are cut off by God at Calvary but struggle through the church ages to return to Israel for great Tribulation

Zechariah 11, part 1 - The church betrays us

Judas, an apostle, betrayed Jesus for 30 pieces of silver. History repeats. Pastors betray the Word to earn money.

Zechariah 11, part 2 - Catholics conquer

Sin travelled from Babylon to Pergamos, and then to pagan Rome. It resurrected in the Roman Catholic church.

Zechariah 11, part 3 - Betray by uplifting men

Blasphemy in the church organizations as error runs rampant. The elevation of man to take the place of God.

Zechariah 11, part 4 - Wrong doctrine betrays

Preaching wrong doctrine, after the truth has been revealed, means that pastors are crucifying the Word of God.

Christian Living


When we stop eating for a while, we hammer our flesh. When the flesh is uncomfortable then the spirit gains more freedom


God said that it is more blessed to give than to receive.

Church Ages

The Church Ages - Revelation chapter 1

Has the Church gone through Seven Church Ages? God wants His church to end the way it started.

The Church Ages - The 1st age, Ephesus

Ephesus was the first and best church age, set up by the apostles. We all need to return to the New Testament church.

The Church Ages - The 2nd age, Smyrna

Christians were poor, but suffered and died for Christ. They were the only age that the Word of God does not criticize.

The Church Ages - The 3rd age, Pergamos

The awful effects when politics and paganism entered the Christian church.

The Church Ages - The 4th age, Thyatira

Roman Catholicism as a dominating woman, mixed religion and politics to emerge as a brutal power in the Dark Ages.

The Church Ages - The 5th age, Sardis

The reformation age. They broke from the Catholic church, but not completely.

The Church Ages - The 6th age, Philadelphia

The missionary age. This age is well spoken of.

The Church Ages - The 7th age, Laodicea, part 1

Laodicea, the last church age, is a great paradox. Both good and bad, truth and error, hot and cold, mixed together.

The Church Ages - The 7th age, Laodicea, part 2

When he left in 1965, his recorded voice remained. Since 1966 we have lived in the days of the voice of the 7th angel.

The Church Ages - The 7th age, Laodicea, part 3

Joshua took over from Moses at the first Exodus. This is the third Exodus, where the Bride comes out of the church.

The Church Ages - The 7th age, Laodicea, part 4

The last church age is overwhelmed by man-made unscriptural beliefs. It thus rejects Jesus, as the written Word.

Why Columba died before the 4th church age

But Columba was the 4th age messenger. The "Dark Ages" cannot start if a bright light is still shining.

Church Leadership

1 Timothy 3 - Bishops and Deacons

An elder is an experienced Bible believing man and the word Bishop is simply the office of that man

Is the Pastor the head of a church?

Every man is flawed, and has areas of ignorance as well as error. Only Jesus can be the Head of a church.


King Saul is a type of human leadership in the church, and God hates it.

Leadership Part 1

Human leaders have split up Christianity into 45000 different types of churches and denominations. Something is wrong

Leadership Part 2

The elevated office of a church leader is used to dominate and suppress the congregation to submit to his own opinions

Leadership Part 3

Saul disobeyed the Word of God and lost the leadership of the 12 tribes. One man as a church leader is not Scriptural

Men replace Christ as the head of the church

Pastors often dominate their churches with Quotes. Is this really Truth?

Pastors weren't ever in charge of a church

The early church was scattered by persecution into small groups. Each local assembly was run by their local elders.

What does 'a five-fold ministry' mean?

We need teachers who can take the prophet's quotes back to the teachings of the apostles, to prove them from Scripture.


Communion, part 1

Communion, the bread and the wine, started in Genesis and represents an Exodus out of our modern church systems.

Communion, part 2

Break bread, without yeast. Do not cut the bread into squares, nor use a round wafer like the Egyptian sun god discs.

Communion, part 3

Melchizedek, Joseph, and the Passover lamb all point to Communion. Feetwashing has deep implications.

Feetwashing is ignored by the churches

Feetwashing introduces us to a deep insight into church history and our present position in the seventh church age.


Anti Vaxxers who died from COVID-19 in 2021

How to get it wrong. Preachers condemned the covid-19 vaccine and were then killed by the covid-19 virus.

Virus vaccine is NOT the mark of the beast

If you don't take the mark of the beast you'll be killed. Nobody who refused the vaccine has been killed by any person

End Times and Prophecies

666, part 1 - The beast's mark is brainwashing

The Pope's power comes from his claim to be a successor of Peter who was given the keys to Heaven.

666, part 2 - Scared to argue with the leader

The Pope is called infallible. Message people say brother Branham is infallible. They copy Rome, not the early apostles.

Antichrist prospered in the first 800 years

Error is alive and well on planet Earth as it blossomed in the denominational church systems.

Christ's appearing is NOT the mighty Angel

Christ does nor appear as a Man. He is revealed in His Word. He appears as He walks through the pages of the Bible.

Do all saved Christians go up in the Rapture?

No Gentiles get saved in the Tribulation. To be saved, they must have got saved before the Tribulation started.

Gabriel told Daniel about Israel's future

Turning back to the Jews in the Tribulation, Jesus effectively wipes away all sin, and restores the Jews back to Him.

John Hagee's end-time prophecies are wrong

Modern-day preachers interpret the Great Tribulation in a way that contradicts Scripture. This leads to more errors.

Larkin predicted a 7-year Tribulation

Larkin's scholarly prestige caused the widespread idea of a 7-year Tribulation, for which there is no valid Scripture.

Mark of the beast - Controlled church mindsets

A crown to control demonology. Turned fraud into Big Business. Unscriptural beliefs with a dictator on top.

Millennium, part 1 - The prelude, The Bride

The prelude. The Bride, the antichrist, and the church.The Bride escapes, and the antichrist destroys the church.

Millennium, part 2 - The prelude, The Jews

The Jews suffer, and two-thirds die, but they are the only group to get saved in the Tribulation.

Millennium, part 3 - What body will we need?

In the Millennium the Bride will have glorified bodies that can eat and tend the soil, but not get old, sick, nor tired.

Millennium, part 4 - Ezekiel's vision

The heathen who never heard the Gospel but survived Armageddon. The surviving Jews and the Bride.

Prophesied future events, part 1

God wants us to think for ourselves, not just parrot some quotes. Can we prove from the Bible what we believe?

Prophesied future events, part 2

The First Coming of the Lord gives us some clues as to what we can expect to happen just before the Second Coming.

Rebuild the Temple in the Tribulation? - Part 1

Will the Temple be rebuilt in the Tribulation? Possibly. But there is no Bible verse that actually prophesies this.

Rebuild the Temple in the Tribulation? - Part 2

There is no Scripture that says that the Temple will be rebuilt in the Tribulation. The Temple cannot save anyone.

Signs of the Times - How close is the end?

Various signs the Bible predicted keep coming into view. We must watch the Bible carefully and not be caught unprepared

There are Two Capstones

The Holy Ghost baptism is your personal capstone. The Man, Jesus, at His 2nd Coming is the Capstone of the entire church.

There is no "The Antichrist". There are many

There are many antichrists. That spirit was always in the church. Religious deception. Politics. Big Business demonology

Time, times, and the dividing of time

A time for prophecy. Long times of self-rule. The "dividing of time" or 7 Church Ages split the last week in half.

Understanding Scriptural time periods, part 1

We must remember two basic rules. In prophecy a year is 360 days. A day can also represent a year.

Understanding Scriptural time periods, part 2

Revelation chapter 12 links the church and the Jews. The same blueprint reflects different aspects of their journeys.


Father and Son are one Person, the Lord Jesus

We can't understand Jesus being Man and God. When He acts as God, don't think of Him as being a Man at that same time

Father is not the Son, but there's no Trinity

Analogy for Father and Son. Our subconscious mind (the father) controls and communes with the conscious mind (the son).

Genesis 5:2 - Called their name Adam

Adam was a male spirit with female potential. A separate female body was needed to develop that feminine potential

God said, "Let us make man in our own image"

God only made two people, a man and a woman. Not 3 men as the image of a Trinity. God unites the supernatural and human.

Is God a Trinity?

God is so amazing that it seems like there are more than one Person to do it all. But Jesus handles it all by Himself.

Jesus is the Ancient of Days

There is no Scripture that says that the Ancient of Days is God the Father.

Revelation 5:7 - The Lamb takes the Book

Jesus has 2 critical tasks to perform - Creator and Redeemer. Is it possible for one Person to perform both? Jesus can.

The Godhead explained, part 1

We need to know Who God is.

The Godhead explained, part 2

Jesus Christ is Lord God Almighty. The one and only Person Who is God.

The Godhead explained, Part 3

My God, My God, Why hast Thou forsaken Me. Jesus died as a sinner with our sins on Him. God is not the Father of sinners

Trinity entered the church at Nicaea

Trinity breaks up God into three Persons. This creates numerous problems, like what is the Name of God?

Was a 3-Person God at the baptism of Jesus?

Jesus on the river bank. The Holy Ghost descends. God the Father speaks from Heaven. How can this be one God?

What is the right hand of the invisible God?

God is invisible and has no shape. He lived inside Jesus, the Son of God, so that we can see what God would be like.

Where was God when Jesus was on the cross?

Great is the mystery of godliness, God was manifest in the flesh.

Gospel of John

John chapter 01 - God comes down to earth

God dwells in His Word. If He can find men and woman who obey all the Scriptures, then He can dwell in their hearts.

John chapter 02 - Money men chased from Temple

Jesus' first miracle was at a wedding. His last miracle will catch up the church to the Wedding of the Lamb.

John chapter 03 - Only the born-again can see

Humans are too useless to conquer sin. Only David could face Goliath. Only Jesus can conquer Death, sin, and the grave.

John chapter 04 - Discerning thoughts

The Sign of Messiah was shown to the Samaritans. There He showed His main concern for the future church ages.

John chapter 05 - Reject Jesus as being God

Believers are trapped in churches for fear of their pastors. Rejecting the Word of God to safely stay in their churches.

John chapter 06 - Not to do mine own will

Roman leaders brought death. Jesus is the Bread of Life, which makes Him the only source of Eternal Life.

John chapter 07 - Rivers of Living Water

Water of Life comes from the Cross. The Jewish leaders tried to arrest and kill Jesus, but failed.

John chapter 08:1-20 - A trap for Jesus

Religious leaders set a trap with the Law of Moses, but only revealed a flaw in Moses. The Law never made better people.

John chapter 08:21-59 - Jesus is God

The religious leaders wanted to kill Jesus so that they could keep the money and prestige of their man-made customs.

John chapter 09 - Judgement

The blind will see. Those who see will go blind. A blind man, who had his eyes opened by Jesus, saw Who Jesus was.

John chapter 10 - Futility of human leaders

Leaders make up unscriptural doctrines to lead the people away from the Word, that they cannot truly follow Jesus.

John chapter 11 - Resurrection of Lazarus

The resurrection divided the Jews into 2 camps. The resurrection of the saints will also split the modern church world.

John chapter 12 - Only lift up Jesus

John 12:32: "And I, if I be lifted up from the earth, will draw all men unto me." I is used twice. Jesus is the focus.

John chapter 13 - Feetwashing

Feet symbolize the 7 Church Ages. The miry or wet clay represents the Bride that was washed in the water of the Word.

John chapter 14 - Love requires a Price

It is easy to say that we love God. But we only mean it when we obey all His commandments.

John chapter 15 - Jesus carries the Church

As the vine carries the branches, so Jesus carries His church. But the branches have to be pruned and cut back.

John chapter 16 - The Holy Ghost baptism

The evidence of the Holy Ghost baptism is that you can be guided into all truth. God first reveals things, then does it.

John chapter 17 - An impassioned prayer

The only Man that God can trust and glorify is Jesus, because all of God lives in Jesus. But it cost Jesus heavily.

John's Gospel only has 7 miracles, part 1

The first miracle was at a wedding. Water became wine. The last miracle at the Wedding Feast. Bodies become immortal.

John's Gospel only has 7 miracles, part 2

Twelve baskets of rejected scraps. The Jews rejected the Gospel that will return to the 12 tribes in the Tribulation.

Gospel of Luke

Luke 20  Leaders love pretense and importance

Jewish religious leaders contradicted Jesus Who is the Word of God. Church leaders increasingly reject being Scriptural

Luke 21  Church and Jewish prophecy

World history has to run within the limits of what has been prophesied. All these prophesies have to come to pass.

Luke 22  Nobody must be elevated above people

When Jesus was the Passover Lamb then the laws of justice were broken as they abused Him at a farcial and biased trial.

Luke 23  The brutal and unjust death of Truth

People hate truth as it makes them look within themselves and they hate what they see. Thus they must destroy the Truth

Luke chapter 01 - Jesus the Ideal Man, part 1

Expect the unexpected. The complacent favourites will lose, and those who are rejected and despised will win.

Luke chapter 01 - Jesus the Ideal Man, part 2

The Man Who made the biggest change to human history lived in an obscure city

Luke chapter 02 - A poor and humble start

Forced to travel to pay taxes, and then find no room in the inn. Born in a smelly stable, and visited by sweaty shepherds.

Luke chapter 02 - Mary is corrected, part 2

Scared of the Temple priesthood Mary denies the virgin birth. Jesus gently corrects her

Luke chapter 03 - The Jews were corrupt

John called the Jews snakes, and rebuked Herod for divorce and re-marriage. He was imprisoned. Times were tough for Jesus.

Luke chapter 04 - God moves to the Gentiles

Luke, a Gentile doctor, hints at God moving to the Gentiles. Elijah went to a Gentile woman. Elisha cured a Syrian leper.

Luke chapter 05 - Jesus seeks to save

Jesus ate with publicans and sinners. He chose a tax collector as an apostle, healed a leper and a paralysed man.

Luke chapter 06 - An upside-down Gospel

Blessed are the poor. Woe to the rich. Rejoice when you are rejected. Love your enemies. Give and forgive.

Luke chapter 07 - The feet of Jesus - His walk

A sinner woman anoints His feet, and is forgiven of her sins, symbolizing the church during the 7 Church Ages.

Luke chapter 08 - Cares and riches of life

We are choked by life's problems. We must love the truth, and seek the hidden meaning of God's Word amidst the parables.

Luke chapter 09:12 - Baskets of rejected scraps

Bread is doctrine. The Jews reject the Gospel which the apostles collect and give to the 12 tribes in the Tribulation.

Luke chapter 10 - The Good Samaritan

Any person who is in desperate need is our neighbour.

Luke chapter 11 - Our Father, Thy will be done

Hearing the Word of God and keeping it is the most important aspect of Christianity.

Luke chapter 12 - Stand up for the Truth

If we put God's Kingdom first in our lives, then God will provide for us what we need.

Luke chapter 13 - Reveals the Jews' mistakes

Jesus warns the church so that we do not repeat the same mistakes that the Jews made by rejecting the Truth.

Luke chapter 14 - The Bible or the church?

Saved people love their church traditions too much, and will miss the rapture. God has to find ruffians who will obey Him.

Luke chapter 15 - Jesus seeks the lost people

The lost sheep is sought. The lost coin is looked for. The ungrateful son who repented is welcomed back.

Luke chapter 16 - The Jews are wise with money

The Jews used their money-making skills to survive in the Gentile countries when they were exiled from Israel.

Luke chapter 17 - Remember Lot's wife

She looked back. One will be taken and one will be left. We are all unprofitable servants, so be ready to forgive.

Luke chapter 18 - God must be our first choice

The rich young man forsakes Christ for wealth. Those who forsake all, even if they are family, will enter the Kingdom.

Luke chapter 19 - Palm Sunday was a triumph

Jesus threw the money-makers out of the Temple on Monday. He died on Thursday. Don't threaten a church leader's money.

Gospel of Mark

Hebrews 7 Melchisedec is a preview of Jesus

Modern day preachers are elevated by pride and money. Jesus was elevated in suffering and sacrifice on the cross

Mark  11  Temple priests love money not Truth

Church leaders prefer their short term power and money. Their power to take your money. They reject the true Word of God

Mark 02 Nazareth rejects Jesus

Jesus faced opposition even from John the Baptist's disciples. His power was loved but His teachings were rejected

Mark 03 We only serve God when in His Will

Our praise and service to God mean very little if we do not understand and obey God's Will

Mark 04 God works differently to us humans

Big church systems attract the wrong spirits as leaders. Jesus crossed the sea in a storm to save a Gentile madman.

Mark 05 A mad Gentile is our first evangelist

Jesus redeems a Gentile then raises a dead Jewish girl. After saving the Gentile church Jesus turns to the 144000 Jews.

Mark 06 Small lunch of a boy feeds 5000 men

Truth gets rejected in a family. There is no legal marriage, divorce, and remarriage. Hardships make us follow Jesus

Mark 07 Jesus is active amongst the Gentiles

A Gentile woman amazingly wants the Gospel crumbs of doctrine that the 5000 Jews rejected

Mark 08  Servants take Gospel to the Gentiles

Jesus had a long term focus on the Bride from the seven Gentile church ages who would believe what the Jews rejected

Mark 09 Only believe Jesus and no other man

Prophets fade in the Presence of Jesus. Do not condemn or offend the end time children who seek Bible truth

Mark 10  Divorce and marry again is adultery

Only death ends a legal marriage vow. The first couple  in Eden was a man and a woman. We must go back to the beginning

Mark 12 Kill him and we keep the inheritance

We should love God and our fellow man. Religious leaders love pretence and self-importance.

Mark 13 Rome is the ancient enemy of Truth

Romans crucified Christ. That awful and violent spirit came through the 7 church ages in the Roman Catholic church

Mark 14 Part1 She celebrated a precious death

Jewish leaders plotted to kill Him. His disciples will flee. Only a namelss woman (church) pays to celebrate His death

Mark 14 Part2 Only Christ can pay the price

Peter represents a leader of a foolish virgin church. Follows Jesus, the Word, from a distance but also denies the Word

Mark 15 - Rome kills the Word of God

The most religious people in the most spiritual city, destroyed in a most horrible way the greatest Man whoever lived

Mark 16 - Doubt ends as faith triumphs

The resurrection was revealed to individuals. Then Jesus spoke to the disciples, who began the church with great power

Mark chapter 1:1-12 - The lowly Servant

Jesus is the great Servant, the powerful Ox. Our burden Bearer Who, as the scapegoat, carried our sins away.

Mark chapter 1:13 - 45 - His untiring efforts

A Servant of immense dedication and ceaseless activity also needs time in the wilderness alone with God, far from crowds.

Gospel of Matthew

Compare the 4 Gospels at the Empty Tomb Part1

Matthew stresses the 7 Gentile church ages while Mark emphasizes the seventh and last Gentile church age

Matthew 01, part 1 - The faithful are written

Five men form a foundation for the Jews and the Gentile church. Four women describe the future church.

Matthew 01, part 2 - The bad can be erased

Lessons are revealed in a list of names. God used evil men in the kingly bloodline, who were erased from the Book of Life.

Matthew 02 - The wise men and Jesus

Rome wanted to kill Him. The gifts of the wise men showed Who they thought He was. Come out of the church to find Jesus.

Matthew 02 - Wise men seek for Jesus

The great Pyramid and the Zodiac star groups combine to predict the history from the First to the Second Comings of Jesus.

Matthew 03: the branched candlestick's place

Jesus was introduced by John the Baptist, pointing Him out as a Man walking amongst men in a very unexpected manner.

Matthew 04 - Suffering and temptation

There is no easy path. God calls and demands immediate obedience to His will. We must follow without complaining.

Matthew 05:1-24 - Sermon on the Mount, part 1

Jesus sets standards that are impossibly high. Complacency, arrogance, and pride stop us climbing this mountain.

Matthew 05:25-48 - Sermon on the Mount, part 2

God's demands are too high for us to achieve in our own strength. Trials are good for us. Never complain. Have faith.

Matthew 06 - An outward show is shallow

We must put more focus on God's eternal Kingdom than on our own short-term circumstances.

Matthew 07 - Judge doctrines not people

Few find the way to truth. Error is rampant and false prophets abound. Only the wise will understand the Bible mysteries

Matthew 08 - Jesus turns to the Gentiles

A Gentile says,"Speak the word only". Such great faith. Jesus seeks for 2 mad Gentiles. Gentile demons rush into the sea

Matthew 09 - A massive healing campaign

Religious leaders condemned Jesus but His healing power was incredible. Jesus needs labourers that can teach the truth

Matthew 10 - Take up your cross

The disciples were sent out, totally reliant on God's provision. They must put God first, whatever the cost.

Matthew 11 - I will give you rest

The great miracles of Jesus produced few converts. The revelation of the Bible mysteries is very important to God.

Matthew 12 - The sign of the prophet Jonah

Jesus warns that the Gospel would leave the Jews and go to the Gentiles, even as Jonah converted the Gentiles of Nineveh.

Matthew 13 - The 7 Church Ages, part 1

2000 years of Christian history is divided into 7 Church Ages according to Matthew 13.

Matthew 13 - The 7 Church Ages, part 2

Truth died with the Trinity at the Nicaean Council and in the Dark Ages. Then came the restoration back to the first age.

Matthew 14 - Rejected scraps, Walking on water

Expect the unusual. The rejected Gospel is important. Don't take your eyes off Jesus because of dangerous circumstances.

Matthew 15 - A Gentile woman's deep revelation

Man-made religious traditions corrupt our Bible faith. The scraps the Jews rejected are the fuel for the 7 Church Ages.

Matthew 16 - Don’t look for a sign from Heaven

Don’t ask for a sign. We must recognize signs as they happen. Some signs, like Jonah, need much wisdom to discern.

Matthew 17 - A preview of the end-time

The biggest mistake at the end-time is to take our eyes off Jesus and lift up some man like Elijah

Matthew 18 - Church leaders mess up

Deception will reach its climax just before the Lord returns. The church leader can mislead us.

Matthew 19 - Present events reflect the future

Pagan Rome died but resurrected again as the Roman Catholic church. Little chidren are the end-time Bride

Matthew 19 Part 2 – 10 Commands 7 church ages

Commandments 1 to 3 reveal Jesus as God and the last 7 Commandments give a spiritual insight to the 7 church ages

Matthew 20 - Human selfishness and ambition

Our works don't impress God as we strive for self-importance. No pastor was head of a church. The blind see in the end

Matthew 21 Killed 4 days after His welcome

The people hailed Jesus on Palm Sunday. He cast out the religious money-makers twice so the leaders plotted to kill Him.

Matthew 22 - Love God and love mankind

The Gentiles get the Wedding Supper that the Jews reject. Bible-ignorance loses your place for you in the Wedding Supper

Matthew 23 - 7 Woes on the religious leaders

Jewish leaders quoted the prophet Moses but rejected Jesus. Message preachers quote the prophet but not the Scriptures

Matthew 24, part 1 - Watch out for deception

Matthew chapter 24 must agree with Revelation chapter 6, as all the Scriptures have to dovetail together.

Matthew 24, part 2 - Sign of the Son of man

The cloud is the sign that the first step was starting, to enable you to open and understand the Bible.

Matthew 24, part 3 - Saved from Tribulation

Endure: The difficult conditions for the end-time Bride. Jews warned to escape the destruction of Jerusalem in AD 70.

Matthew 24, part 4 - Won't come in a desert

Christ comes down as the mysteries to reveal the written Word, so that the Bride can prepare for the Man Jesus to return.

Matthew 24:45 - A Faithful and Wise Servant

The early church consisted of small local groups, ruled by local elders so that there was no one-man church leader.

Matthew 25, part 1 - Wake up, Go out

A parable of 10 virgins. All asleep in their churches. A wake-up cry of "Go out" will shake them out of the church.

Matthew 25, part 2 - Foolish or fooled church

The door is shut on the saved foolish virgins. They are thrown into the Tribulation. They were happy to be unscriptural.

Matthew 25, part 3 - We don't know a lot

Matthew 25:13 - Watch therefore, for ye know neither the day nor the hour wherein the Son of man cometh.

Matthew 25, part 4 - The buried talent

Truth reveals more truth, that keeps growing in depth and detail. But any error helps destroy the truth we once had.


Marriage and Divorce, part 1

Marriage must follow the same pattern that God set out in the garden of Eden. One man and one wife.

Marriage and Divorce, part 2

Marriage vows are binding until death. Take them very seriously.

You may not divorce and marry another

If your marriage vow is lawful, no divorce action can break it, because your vow is "until death do you part".

"I am in the Message" has no real meaning

An unscriptural label to bluff themselves that they are an elite group. Believers were called Christians in the Bible.

Believers cannot open the Seals

The Lamb opens the Seals after the Bride is in Heaven. We can only get a revelation of the Seals in our day.

Do we know all the mysteries? - Part 1

We're restored to the first church in Acts. We don't know the unwritten mysteries or Tribulation mysteries for the Jews.

Do we know all the mysteries? - Part 2

Building a doctrine on a quote is not the way to go. Uplifting a man is Nicolaitanism, and God hates that.

Is William Branham the end-time prophet?

45,000 different types of denominations and churches exist. The product of confused thinking. We need a prophet.

Klu Klux Klan, Freemasons, and brother Branham

The Beast is the Roman church from all seven church ages. The enemy is not a secret society from the last few centuries

Pastors say, "You can't correct the prophet"

Was William Branham infallible? Pastors emphasize quotes, even if they are wrong, and can't prove their ideas from the Bible.

People take the quotes in 4 different ways

Brother Branham was a sign post to point to the Way. Jesus, the Word, is the Way. The sign post is not the Way.

Quotes explain, but don't replace Scripture

Where are you heading? Prove the quotes from the Bible to make the Rapture. The Tribulation has quotes without Scripture.

Revelation 10 is badly misunderstood, part 1

Never mistake a sign for being the actual event.

Revelation 10 is badly misunderstood, part 2

The coming down of the mighty Angel has to be a future event as it involves the resurrection from the dead.

Say what the messenger said, from the Bible

A parrot can repeat a quote, but it has no understanding of what it is saying. The quotes must be placed in the Bible.

Shifting the focus to the light

Organising the church around William Branham is wrong. The focus should shift to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word.

The 1963 cloud isn't the mighty Angel

Two prophecies were fulfilled: The vapour of a smoke cloud in Acts 2:19, and the Sign of the Son of man in Matthew 24:30.

The 7 Thunders are revealed in the 7 Seals

The best revelation of the 7 Thunders is to see what brother Branham said in the "Revelation of the Seven Seals".

The Angel only comes after the prophet goes

"The Angel has come" is fake news, presented as truth, and easily believed if you don't check the facts.

The Bride waits for the 7 Thunders

The Thunders will give us rapturing faith. But we can't be raptured without a new body. So we wait for the Thunders.

The Bride waits for the Revelation 10 Angel

The cloud of 1963 was a supernatural sign to show that it was time to reveal six of the mysteries of the Seven Seals.

The limitations of ghostly 7-thunderings

The Seven Thunders are not written in the Bible, and are thus a total mystery. Leave that what is not written alone.

The message is not the Absolute

There can be no mistakes in the Absolute. If brother Branham muddles up a single fact, then he is not the Absolute.

There's no Gentile 'successor' to William Branham

Some claim there is a 'successor' to William Branham. But Elias shall restore ALL things. No need for another person.

William Branham corrected Larkin's beliefs

William Branham did not plagiarize Larkin's work. He corrected Larkin's mistakes, and agreed where Larkin was right.

William Branham did NOT plagiarize Larkin

Larkin mainly summarised what others had discovered, but many gaps were left. Brother Branham had to fill these gaps.

William Branham is NOT The Son of Man

Message preachers have subtle ways of promoting William Branham to the Godhead. A prophet is a son of man, not THE Son of Man.

William Branham was NOT God manifest in the flesh

He was a repentant sinner baptized with the Holy Spirit. Do not elevate William Branham into the Godhead.


Missionary Quotes and Sayings

How serious are you about telling others about the Gospel of Jesus Christ?

Some sayings of the missionary CT Studd

The wisdom and humour of someone who spent his life as a missionary in China, India, and Africa.

Original Sin

Forbidden Fruit as original sin ruined us all

Eve was to produce the virgin born Son. He grows up and speaks us all out of the dust. Only then would we all be eternal

Original Sin - Was it adultery or apples?

Refuting the arguments that the original sin was eating a literal fruit.

The Serpent - What does the Serpent signify?

Church leaders, who lie by preaching unscriptural doctrines, spread the poison of the serpent. We have to stay Scriptural.

What was God's original plan in Eden?

What did Eve do wrong?


10 Observations in space refute the Big Bang

The Big Bang cannot explain these ten observations. Yet it is taught as the absolute truth.

Basic flaws in the theory of evolution

There is no scientific evidence of the so-called first life on earth, whatever that was.

Dark Energy gives room for a spiritual realm

Skeptics deny a spiritual realm as they say that they cannot see God. But we cannot even see 96% of our Universe.

Evolution cannot explain how life started

Evolution has too many unexplained gaps in its arguments to be regarded as Truth.

Joshua's sun stopped, not the rotating earth

Joshua told the Sun to stand still. If the Earth stood still, human and animal life would have ended in minutes.

Life cannot start at an undersea hot vent

Only enzymes can make proteins. But enzymes are made of proteins. So what made the proteins that made the first enzymes?

Science and Technology Quotes

Some quotes from Science & Technology "experts". Have a look at this if you think they have all the answers.

Science cannot explain the universe's start

Nobel Prize winner Professor Weinberg reveals the limitations of Physics, as its laws cannot explain the very beginning.

The Big Bang is not good science, part 1

The Big Bang is simply impossible to achieve within the known laws of science.

The Big Bang is not good science, part 2

For many people the Big Bang replaces God as the Creator of the universe. But how accurate is this theory?

Spiritual Realm

Body, soul, and spirit - What does this mean?

Your soul is the control tower - the inside of the inside. The soul controls the spirit. The spirit controls the body.

Heaven and hell are higher dimensions

Science only works with physical quantities, laws, and dimensions. Science knows nothing about God, Heaven, or demons.

Soul Sleep - There is no such thing

There is no Bible reference to sleeping in Heaven. Angels never sleep. Nor unfortunately do demons.

The Bible versus human wisdom

"The greatest battle ever fought" is in the mind of man. Satan's knowledge versus faith in the King James Bible.

The Holy Spirit - What it is and is not

God's biggest struggle is to get us to be Scriptural. Did the early church believe what you are believing?

The Holy Spirit either fills or seals us

Spirit-filled people are in 45,000 different types of churches. Sealed means understanding the Bible mysteries.

Why did time start, and when does it end?

Time started when sin entered, because sin ends in the Lake of Fire where time also ends when the Fire finally goes out.

Symbols and their Meaning

A perfect altar: Whole stones, no iron tools

What do these symbols mean, and what can we learn from this for our lives?

Locusts and Honey - Sweet truth is unpopular

What can we learn from John the Baptist's diet? What is the meaning of locusts and wild honey?

Moses' two wives have a deeper meaning

The Gospel is rejected by the Jews. It moved to the Gentiles: to wise and foolish virgins. It will return to the Jews.

The Fig tree is a Biblical symbol of Israel

A number of examples indicate that the Lord uses a fig tree to represent Israel

The meaning of the moon and its eclipses

Eclipses teach us that the church must not get worldly, nor try to stand in the place of Jesus Christ.

The Pyramid in Giza is the Gospel in granite

Before the Flood, God used Enoch to prophesy about the Gospel plan of salvation.

The women anointing Jesus in the Gospels

There are three different occurrences of a woman anointing Jesus in the Gospels. What do their differences mean?

Zodiac stars speak of Christ and His Church

The star signs are not there for your daily guidance by astrologers, but for telling God's story in the heavens.

World Events

2006 - Israel didn't destroy Iran's atom bomb

Don't expect well-known pastors to accurately predict the complex end-time events in the Middle East.

The Arab-Israeli Conflict

A short history lesson of the endless conflict between Ishmael and Isaac.

Why such hatred between Iran and Israel?

Ishmael and Esau wouldn't accept God choosing Isaac and Jacob. The struggle continues. We all have to take sides.

Why Trump won the 2016 Presidential Election

God needed a President to face down the Arab world and recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel.


Study to shew thyself approved unto God ..." - 2 Tim. 2:15


“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23