These are studies from various brothers.


Studies in the Scriptures

“Whole stones and without iron tools” – the formula for the perfect altar

What do these symbols mean, and what can we learn from this for our lives?

Ages of the Patriachs

This is a nice “detective work” study to find the ages of the patriachs, e.g. Adam, Noah or Abraham.

Bible Codes (ELS) made simple

The results of a two-month investigation into the hidden Bible Codes (also called ELS)

Chapters 40-66 of Isaiah seem to be a summary of the New Testament, part 1

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - Understanding the Godhead

Chapters 40-66 of Isaiah seem to be a summary of the New Testament, part 2

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - The Church Ages

Chapters 40-66 of Isaiah seem to be a summary of the New Testament, part 3

Compare Isaiah 40-66 with the New Testament books - Hebrews to Revelation


Where did the tradition of Christmas come from?

Columba died before the 4th church age started, so how can he be that messenger?

The "Dark Ages" cannot start if a bright light is still shining.

Daily Bible Reading

Read your Bible through in 1 year. You can start reading on any day, not just 1 January. Daily portions from the Old Testament, New Testament, Psalms and Proverbs.

Daniel’s Gentile Image maps our Past and our Future

Daniel’s Prophecies set the pattern or mould that Gentile History has to follow.

Daniel’s second vision of wild beasts adds details to the Gentile image.

Daniels second vision of wild beasts gives more insights into the Gentile image that he first saw.

Does a prophet have to be perfect?

Only God is perfect. If you demand that prophets be completely blameless, you are removed from Scriptural reality. And there is no difference if they are "major" prophets or "minor".

Evolutionists cannot explain the Origin of the Species on planet Earth.

Evolution has too many unexplained gaps in its arguments to be regarded as Truth.

Genesis Chapter 1 – The First FOUR Days

What can we learn physically and spiritually from the first 4 days, as described in Genesis 1?

Heaven and Hell are a higher Dimensions

Science only works with physical quantities, laws, and dimensions

How the Antichrist grew and prospered in the first 800 years

Error is alive and well on planet earth

Is the Sabbath Saturday, or is it the Holy Ghost baptism?

Is the Sabbath an outward symbol of a weekly rest day, or is it an inner symbol of the Holy Ghost baptism making us rest from our works of sin and unbelief?

Israel is God’s stopwatch

God uses Israel as a stopwatch. He does not do that with us Gentiles (non-Jews).

John the Baptist was and yet was not Elijah

Jesus said that John the Baptist was Elijah. John said he was not. How do we reconcile these statements?


King Saul is a type of human leadership in the church and God hates it

Luke presents Jesus as the Ideal Man. Part 1: Chapters 1 – 5

"The third beast had a face as a man".

Luke presents Jesus as the Ideal Man. Part 2: Chapters 6 – 12

Continuing the study of Luke, we learn valuable lessons about how we should live in this day -- Following the Scriptures in everything we do.

Luke Presents Jesus as the Ideal Man. Part 3: Chapters 13 – 19

The 3rd part of the study in the Gospel of Luke - How should we as humans behave?

Marriage and Divorce Part 1

Marriage must follow the same pattern that God set out in the garden of Eden.

Matthew Chapter 13 describes the Seven Church Ages

2000 years of Christian history is divided into seven church ages according to Matthew 13

Matthew Chapter 24 is understood in terms of Revelation Chapter 6

God's Spirit manifest Living Creatures, each representing an attribute of God's Spirit that He uses to guide the church through four different eras.

Revelation Chapter 17 tells us Christians where we went wrong

An in-depth study on Revelation 17.

Science and Technology Quotes

Some quotes of Science & Technology "experts". Have a look at this if you think they have all the answers.

Ten Scientific Observations from Space that the Big Bang cannot Explain

The Big Bang cannot explain these observations. Yet it is taught as the absolute truth.

The Bible is the DNA of Eternal Life

DNA controls natural life because it is the language of natural life. The Bible is the language of Eternal Life and should thus control our spiritual lives.

The Biblical Year

In this study we will see that the Biblical year has 360 days (having 12 months of 30 days each)

The Big Bang is not good Science – Part 1

The Big Bang is simply impossible to achieve within the known laws of science.

The Big Bang is not Good Science – Part 2. What Scientists Say.

For many people the Big Bang replaces God as the Creator of the universe. But how accurate is this theory?

The Four Bodyguards around God’s Throne

A theme starts in Genesis. God then usesthis same basic pattern repeats in different places in the Bible, until it finally unfolds in Revelation.

The Godhead Explained Part 1

We need to know Who God is

The Greatest Battle Ever Fought – Human Wisdom versus Faith in the Bible

Satan's chosen battlefield is the mind of man. This is the place where "the greatest battle ever fought" is taking place.

The Mark of the Beast, thanks to Rome and America. Revelation Chapter 13.

God sets a limit on evil, illustrated by the sand of the sea shore, and uses the effects of evil to achieve His will.


Who said that it is more blessed to give than to receive?

Water Baptism

Baptism is symbolic of death, burial and resurrection.

What went wrong in the garden of Eden? Part 1, Genesis Chapter 1

Genesis 1 - Finding out how it all went wrong

What went wrong in the garden of Eden? Part 2, Genesis Chapter 2

Genesis 2 - Finding out how it all went wrong

What went wrong in the garden of Eden? Part 3, Genesis Chapter 3

Genesis 3 - Finding out how it all went wrong

Who is the Ancient of Days?

There is no Scripture that says that the Ancient of Days is God the Father.

Why did Trump win the 2016 Presidential Election?

Instead of looking at why Trump won the USA Presidential Election with physical reasons, let's find out what we can learn in the spiritual.

Why does Jesus have two lines of Ancestors?

Coniah ended Solomon's kingly line. Mary descended from David and her Son Jesus was adopted by Joseph. Thus Jesus bypassed the curse on Coniah and his descendants.

Zodiac star signs are NOT for “Your Stars Foretell” fortune telling. They speak of Christ and His Church.

The star signs are not there for your daily "guidance" by astrologers, but for telling God's story in the heavens.


Studies taking William Branham's quotes back to Scripture

How human leaders replace Christ as the head of the church.

Pastors often dominate their churches with Quotes. Is this really Truth?

In the Bible there is no Gentile ‘successor’ to William Branham

Some claim there is a 'successor' to William Branham. What does the Bible say?

Is Brother Branham the end-time prophet to the Gentiles?

30 000 different types of denomination exist. The product of confused thinking. We need a prophet to take us back to the New Testament church where the Bible was the absolute.

Is the Pastor the head of a church?

Headship of the Church

Larkin influenced many into wrongly predicting a seven year  Tribulation

Larkin's scholastic prestige helped to reinforce the widespread idea of a 7-year Tribulation, for which there is no valid Scripture.

Locusts and Honey – The Truth is rewarding but not popular

What can we learn from John the Baptist's diet? What is the meaning of locusts and wild honey?

Marriage and Divorce Part 2

Marriage Vows are binding. Take them very seriously.

Revelation 10: 1-7 — The most misunderstood Bible chapter by the Message believers

Never mistake a sign for being the actual event.

Revelation Chapter 1. Has the Church gone through Seven Church Ages?

Two key ideas are involved in a successful enterprise. How did it start and how did it end?

Shifting the focus to the light

Organising the church around William Branham and the greatness of his ministry means deception from the antichrist spirit. The focus should shift to the Lord Jesus Christ and his Word.

Some comments on the former and latter rain.

The Bible says all churches in Laodicea are blind, but do not know it. So how do we find the target that we should be aiming for? Stay with what is written in the Bible.

The Appearing of Christ is NOT the mighty Angel of Revelation 10

We need to prepare for Jesus Christ's second coming by being able to see Him illuminated in His Word, before we see Him appear as the Word.

The Capstone Has Not Yet Come

Many claim that the Cloud of 1963 was the return of the Capstone as if that was the Second Coming of Jesus.

The Cloud of 1963 cannot be the Angel of Revelation 10.

Seven angels going away high in the sky in the form of a Head cannot be one Angel coming down with two feet..

The purpose of the 7th angel’s message

It is more important to understand the purpose of the 7th angel's message than to know who he is

The Seventh Seal has NOT Opened.

There is a vast difference between the revelation of a future event and the actual future event. God always reveals the future event before He actually does it. Before God actually opens the seven Seals He will send a revelation of the opening of the seven Seals.

What do we actually know about the Seven Thunders? Not much.

How can people know so much about what is not even written?

What Does It Mean to Only Say What the Messenger Said?

A parrot can repeat a quote, but it has no understanding of what it is saying. This will not get you to Heaven.

What does the double portion of Elisha’s ministry represent?

Elisha was a preview of two powerful ministries. The first would appear in the last church age to the Gentile church and the second in the Tribulation to the 144 000 Jews.

William Branham did NOT plagiarize Larkin

Larkin summarised what others had discovered but many gaps were left. William Branham had to fill these gaps to finish the mystery of the 7 church ages

William Branham was NOT God manifest in the flesh, but a repentant sinner baptized with the Holy Spirit.

The antichrist spirit is keen on elevating a spiritual man until that man is called God.


Study to shew thyself approved unto God ..." - 2 Tim. 2:15