William Branham is NOT The Son of Man

Message preachers have subtle ways of promoting William Branham to the Godhead. A prophet is a son of man, not THE Son of Man.

First published on the 24th of July 2018 — Last updated on the 25th of September 2021

Only Jesus can be THE Son of man

No human man, except Jesus Christ, can ever be called the Son of man.

Message pastors are determined to deify William Branham by saying that he was God in the flesh because of his incredibly powerful ministry.

63-0319  THE  SECOND  SEAL

But when this awful deceiving spirit (Oh, man.) incarnated spirit,

this doctrine spirit became incarnated to take the place of Christ into a man,

it must be worshipped then--turned to be a worship like Christ.

Claiming that the fullness of God was in him, they also state that he is infallible as the Voice of God.

However, he also made a number of mistakes.

He predicted that America would be destroyed by 1977. That never happened.

A supernatural Cloud appeared on 28 February 1963 at Flagstaff in Arizona. Brother Branham was convinced that he stood under this Cloud at Sunset Peak. He claimed the Cloud was formed by 7 angels that appeared to him at Sunset Peak on 8 March 1963. But Sunset Peak is 200 miles south of the city of Flagstaff where the Cloud was seen. Wrong place and wrong date.

He never saw the Cloud and simply got his facts very wrong.

He certainly was not infallible.

62-1007 THE  KEY  TO  THE  DOOR

...they're preaching that men should leave their wives and hunt for their spiritual mate, and that I am perfectly infallible. That there's nothing...

And, oh, some of the awfullest things you ever heard.


To make me the Person of the Lord Jesus Christ, would be an antichrist (See?),

for that Person of the Lord Jesus is setting at the right hand of the Majesty on high, and will come again in great power and glory.

But for His Life that was in Him being upon me, and upon you who have Him,

it's exactly the truth; and you become Christ.

The Life of Christ is on all His true church, not just on brother Branham.

If all of God is in brother Branham then he would be Jesus Christ. And that would be antichrist.

So elevating brother Branham to the Godhead is extremely dangerous.

The Hindus get all their benefits from the Ganges River in North India. So they believe the river is a god.

Message pastors have made the same mistake. They have received so much Scriptural understanding and benefits from brother Branham's teachings that they now regard him as God in the flesh.

The apostle John was shown such great revelations by an angel and he then began to worship this angel.
REVELATION 19:10   And I fell at his feet to worship him. And he said unto me, See thou do it not: I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren that have the testimony of Jesus: worship God: for the testimony of Jesus is the spirit of prophecy.

This is a common mistake for sincere Christians. Start worshipping the man who shows great revelations.

But see thou do it not.

Soon afterward John fell into the same mistake again.

REVELATION 22:8   And I John saw these things, and heard them. And when I had heard and seen, I fell down to worship before the feet of the angel which shewed me these things.

:9    Then saith he unto me, See thou do it not: for I am thy fellowservant, and of thy brethren the prophets, and of them which keep the sayings of this book: worship God.

The followers of John the Baptist made a similar mistake.

They recognized John and were so impressed by him and what he revealed that they never got around to following Jesus, the Word.
JOHN 5:35    He was a burning and a shining light: and ye were willing for a season to rejoice in his light.

They preferred, "The prophet said ..." or "I have a quote".

They did not want "It is written ..."

Andrew was the only disciple of John who became one of the 12 disciples of Jesus.

Hebrews 1:5   For unto which of the angels said he at any time, Thou art my Son, this day have I begotten thee? And again, I will be to him a Father, and he shall be to me a Son?

The first mention of "God the Father" is in John 6:27.

There is no mention of "God the Father" in the Old Testament.

God only became God the Father when the perfect Man, Jesus, had been born.

This made Jesus the Son of God.


A Son cannot be eternal as He was born at a certain time. Eternal means all the way back to before the beginning.  But the Man Jesus had a beginning. Only God is eternal.

So the Bible never says "God the Son".  God is a Spirit -- God is not a man.

Jesus never called Mary His "mother". No part of His Body came from her. She acted as an incubator while God created all the cells that formed His Body. (Mary did not provide an egg cell, with half the genes. God provided it all.) Jesus was thus the Tabernacle that was begotten by God in the womb of Mary. This was the first perfect Man to be formed since the fall of Adam.

HEBREWS 1:6    And again, when he bringeth in the firstbegotten into the world, he saith, And let all the angels of God worship him.

"Firstbegotten" means Jesus was the first perfect Person to be formed in a woman’s womb.

HEBREWS 10:5   Wherefore when he cometh into the world, he saith, Sacrifice and offering thou wouldest not,

but a body hast thou prepared me:

Every atom in His Body was created by the Spirit of God. No part of Him came from Mary.

JOHN 1:14   And the Word was made flesh, and dwelt among us, (and we beheld his glory,

the glory as of the only begotten of the Father,)

full of grace and truth.

"Begotten" means formed in the womb.

Jesus is the only perfect Person that was ever formed in a woman’s womb. Adam was created as an adult.

Thus Jesus was and always will be the only begotten Son.


Look, the Scriptures say, "No man... We know that God was with Christ, for no man could do the works that He done except God be with Him." Is that right?

Then what was it?

God was testifying that that was His only begotten Son.

Is that right? God testified that; He said: "This is My Son." He said, "If you don't believe Me, believe for the very work's sake."


He looks down upon Thyatira, and here He sees in that city and in that fourth age the honor which belongs to Him alone, bestowed upon another. His eyes blaze with the fire of wrath and judgment as He sees Apollo revered as the Son of God, when

He alone is the Only Begotten of the Father.

Nobody else could ever be a begotten Son of God, as this requires a God-created Body that is formed in a virgin’s womb.

Promoting some other person like Apollo to be equal with Jesus makes the eyes of Jesus blaze with fire.

Message people must thus not try to promote brother Branham to be equal with Jesus. That would be very unscriptural.


John 1:18,

"No man hath seen God at any time; the only begotten Son,

Which is in the bosom of the Father, He hath declared Him."

Brother Branham keeps emphasizing that Jesus is the only begotten Son.


Jesus Christ was God Himself, manifested, 'cause,

He was a son because He was begotten, but it was just a tabernacle for Him to live in.

"No man has seen God at any time, but the only Begotten of the Father has declared Him."

God built Himself a house, a body to live in,

come down so that you could touch Him. I Timothy 3:16, "Without controversy, great is the mystery of godliness; for

God was manifested in the flesh,

seen of Angels, believed on, received up into Heaven."

God built a perfect Body of a Man as a Tabernacle for Himself to dwell in. Living in Christ enabled God to reveal Himself to the people.


Now this great Creator had placed His created son. Now,

Adam was His first created son.

Jesus was His only begotten Son, see, He was begotten by a woman.

But Adam was right straight from the hand of God, in the creation.


Revelation 1:4-6.

"John to the seven churches which are in Asia; Grace be unto you, and peace, from Him Which Is, and Which Was, and Which Is to Come; and from the seven Spirits Which are before His throne;

And from Jesus Christ, Who is the Faithful Witness, and the

First Begotten of the Dead,

and the Prince of the Kings of the Earth.

Jesus is the first Man resurrected from the dead in an immortal Body.


Because, he has believed on the only begotten Son of God, that God has raised up, two thousand years ago, and is alive here, tonight, showing His attribute of His resurrection.

All of God could dwell in Jesus because Jesus had a virgin birth.

William Branham never had a virgin birth, so all of God could not dwell in him.


A Son, as the Catholic puts it, "Eternal Son," and all the rest of the churches; the word don't even make sense. See? There cannot be Eternal, and then be a Son,

'cause a Son is something that's "begotten from."

And the word Eternal, He can be a Son,

but He cannot be an Eternal Son.

No, sir. It cannot be an Eternal Son.

There is no such thing as an eternal Son. Every man’s body was created or begotten at some time.


Let us turn in the Old Testament, to the Book of the Proverbs, written by Solomon, one of the wisest men in the world, outside of our Lord Jesus. But He wasn't exactly like Solomon, insomuch that Solomon was a man borned of a woman and was begotten by an earthly father, David. But Jesus was a virgin-born Son, and was not altogether a man; but He was God, the God-Man, and He was more than a man, He was a Man, plus. See? But Solomon was just a man like you and I, and he asked God for wisdom, to run his kingdom. And he had a gift of wisdom, the smartest man that we've ever known of outside of our Lord. He wrote the Proverbs, and I think they are very good.

Brother Branham was just a man, like Solomon or like yourself.

The Body of God today is made up of His adopted sons

Brother Branham had a very powerful ministry, but he was still a sinner that was saved by the grace of God. He was begotten by an earthly father and mother. So brother Branham was never begotten by God.


That's the reason that all these great mysteries could not be given to Luther, could not be given to Wesley, could not be given to the age that has just passed by us, the Pentecostal age. Why? It wasn't time. They were begotten.

Now, the Person of Christ, Himself, the Son of man (You understand?) revealing Himself in human flesh, it could not have come till now.

The Son of man wants to reveal Himself in human flesh in our day. Whose human flesh?

64-0418B  A  PARADOX

The Pillar of Fire is identified scientifically, and by the reaction, by Its character and everything else, just the same. As It was when It was dwelling in the body of God's only begotten Son, so does It dwell in the Body of His adopted sons for the last day.

God’s Body today is made up of His adopted sons. Plural -- His church. Not one man.


Now, when He was about to deliver His only begotten Son, which was His only begotten.

Jacob is His son, but this is His only begotten Son.

A person can be a son of God,

but Jesus is the only begotten Son of God.

63-0322  THE  FIFTH  SEAL

That's life coming to the world. But did you notice around that mother seems to be a sweet feeling. What is it? It's a little spiritual body, spiritual life waiting to come into that little body as soon as it's born. Now, it's only begotten; but when it's born, it's born. The spiritual body unites with the natural body.

And then, the Bible teaches that we are now begotten of God.

We're begotten of the Holy Spirit that in us is Christ, a son of God being formed in us.

And when this earthly body be dissolved, this spiritual body comes from the bowels of the earth, there is another body waiting to receive it.

If this earthly tabernacle is dropped, there is another body to receive it. This mortal body puts on immortality. This terrestrial puts on celestial. This... See what I mean? There is a natural body that's sinful; but in it's making just like it is another body that we go to.

As the Holy Ghost causes us to be born again, a spiritual body is being begotten for us. When we die we step out of this physical body into our new spiritual body.

62-0706  JEHOVAH  JIREH.2

in the form of His only begotten Son, created a Tabernacle for His Ownself to dwell in,

God manifested in flesh. The fulness of the Godhead bodily dwelt in Him, the perfect manifestation

55-0115  LAW

But in this case... Here it is. In this case, it was not only the life of human, but it was the Life of God. God the perfect One Who came into the womb of the virgin in the form of the Holy Spirit, the Creator Himself bottling Himself up in a blood cell... He had no earthly father. Mary was not touched by man. She was a virgin. And God Himself overshadowed her, or other words the immaculate conception, that

God Himself created a blood cell.

And life comes from the male, not from the female. The female is the incubator. But life comes from the male. And if life come from the male, and God was a male in this place, the Holy Spirit,

God Himself come down into the womb of a woman and formed around Him a blood cell.

Oh, my. Believe that and watch what happens to your blinded eyes. Believe that and watch what happens to your cancer.

This blood cell that God got in there Himself and created, like He did the first cell, and created Himself a cell. It begin to spring forth life and brought forth the Son, Christ Jesus.

His Body was entirely created by God.

A slight correction to this quote -- The first cell is not a blood cell, it is just a cell. Half from the mother and half from the father. The first cell has to divide a number of times before blood can form.

In the case of Jesus, the entire first cell came from God. There was nothing of Mary in His body. She was just an incubator.


She was blessed, course, to be the incubator that brought Jesus Christ to the earth. Now, That was not her Son. You all know that.

Jesus never one time called her mother.

She never had no... It's a mixed audience, but you listen to me. There was no sperm come from Mary. It was altogether created, virgin, by God. "The Holy Ghost overshadowed."

That's the reason Jesus couldn't call her mother. He was no part of her, nothing.

She was just the incubator that God used, to bring the Baby.

62-0211  ONENESS

She was a virgin, she had had no children. He come into a virgin womb, but God the Creator made both egg and germ, created it. Therefore, it was immaculate conception.


As the Spirit of God, He came down and created in the virgin Mary the cells from which His body was born. I want to repeat that.

He created the very cells in the womb of Mary for that body.

It was not enough for the Holy Spirit to simply give life to a human ovum supplied by Mary. That would have been sinful mankind producing a body. That would not have produced the "Last Adam". Of Him it was said

"Lo a body hast Thou (Father) prepared for Me." God (not Mary) provided that body.

Mary was the human incubator and she carried that Holy Child and brought Him to birth. It was a God-man. He was the Son of God.

He was of the NEW creation. Man and God met and joined; He was the first of this new race.

He is the head of this new race.

Thus Jesus had a perfect virgin born body, born without sex. No part came from His mother.

That never happened to William Branham. He was born of two sinner parents. His body came from his mother.

Thus the fullness of God cannot dwell in the body of brother Branham.

The Son of man is Jesus revealed in His Word

Jesus is revealed as the Son of man walking through the Bible pages


And it's come to the time for Jesus Christ to identify Himself among the people, the same yesterday, today, and forever, which will be the last sign that will be shook before the people.

Remember, a little while after that manifestation of God in a human form, in a flesh,

fire fell and consumed the Gentiles. "And as it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man."

God appeared to Abraham as a Man who could discern thoughts.

(In our day, when God discerned people's thoughts, He did not dwell in brother Branham but stood invisibly next to him, just using his voice).

He prophesied the destruction of Sodom and announced the coming of the promised son Isaac.


Do you believe we're living in the last days when the Son of man was to be manifested? That would be all the Word that's gathered up through Luther, Wesley, Baptist, and all that, and the Pentecostal, all gathered up to the revelation of what it's all been.

The seventh angel was to open the six-seal mystery.

It's all to be gathered up in the Son of man, His fullness of time has come to the fullness of His Word,

to manifest the fullness of His Body. That's the Word, then, that's the spoken Word made manifest by the Word, reveal the Word.

The seventh angel is to reveal the fullness of the Word. Jesus is the Word and He is the Son of Man.

Gathering up the mysteries of the Word and revealing them, thus reveals the Son of Man.

Please remember this big difference:

Brother Branham, as a prophet, can be called a son of man.

Only Jesus, as the God-Prophet, can be called the Son of man.

So the Son of man in our day is the revealed Word


Jesus, when He come, He was to be a Prophet. That's right! And today, before Jesus comes again, the full manifestation of the person of Jesus Christ is to be manifested in flesh. Think of it! Jesus said, "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man is being revealed."

What is revealed? Unfolded, made known. The secret had been brought forth, revealed.

In the day that the Son of man will be revealed, the world will be in a Sodom condition.

65-1127E  I  HAVE  HEARD  BUT  NOW  I  SEE

As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man,

when the Son of man is being revealed"? What is a "revealed"? Is a secret made known, a revelation; is to reveal or make known a secret.

Now, these things that's been hid all through the church ages is now being revealed, made known. Now, we could say that, and if God didn't back that up, that's wrong.

The Son of man is being revealed when the hidden secrets of the church ages are being made known.


Said, "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man,

and drink His Blood, there's no Life in you."

The Word is the flesh of the Son of Man.

If it is not fully revealed to us, so that we cannot understand the Bible and feed on Word, then there is no life in us.

The amount of Scripture that has been revealed to you represents your revelation of the Son of man.


But, now, God has promised us these things in the last days. In Malachi 4, said that Jesus Christ would come down and impersonate Himself in human flesh like He did at Sodom. That's right. And said the world would be in a Sodom condition. And said, "As it was then, the Son of man will be revealed that day." See, this Man that come down in the form of a man, which was "Elohim," by Abraham, before this promised son came. Look what it was, Abraham said it was God. And the Bible said there was three man came to him, dust on their clothes, travel, set down and eat like man. And Jesus said, "Just at the time the world gets in a Sodom condition, then the Son of man would reveal Himself again," not Son of God. Son of man, see, would reveal Himself.

Now mark that with what the last prophet said, "Behold I send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will restore the hearts of the children back to the fathers." See? A Message to bring them back to the Bible, and the Son of man will be revealing Himself in that day. And at that day of the sounding of the last church age, the seventh angel, the mysteries of God should be made known in that day. The Seven Seals would be broken. The mysteries of all these churches and things, how they happened, and what taken place.

The Message is to reveal the Bible to us.

The mysteries of God being made known as they are revealed to us are linked to the Son of man revealing Himself to us.

Message people now call brother Branham’s sermons the "Voice of God", instead of him being "the voice of the seventh angel".

This is the deity doctrine that says he is infallible.

God reveals Himself today through a man not as a man


Luke 17:30, says the Son of man is to reveal Himself among His people.

Not a man, God!

But it'll come through a prophet.

God will not reveal Himself as a man.

But He will reveal Himself as the revealed Word, through the ministry of a prophet.

This is the big difference:

God reveals Himself through the end-time prophet.

God does not reveal Himself as the end-time prophet.

John the Baptist revealed Jesus as a Man

Then brother Branham would reveal Jesus as the Word of God that can be understood.

JOHN 1: 6  There was a man sent from God, whose name was John.

:7     The same came for a witness, to bear witness of the Light, that all men through him might believe.

:8     He was not that Light,

but was sent to bear witness of that Light.

This is a warning to us. The prophet who comes before Jesus is not the Light.

The prophet is not Jesus.

The prophet bears witness of the Word, which is Jesus.

We have to look through the quotes of the prophet to get an understanding of the written Scripture.

Then we prove our revelation by running it through the verses of the Bible which alone is the true Light.

Many message people have promoted brother Branham to the Godhead.

Please remember that "Message believer", and "I am in the Message" are unscriptural statements.

Many message people declare that brother Branham is the Son of man because he could discern thoughts.

Thus they conclude that he was God in the flesh.

In other words they claim that brother Branham was revealed as being the Son of man. That basically makes him Jesus.

But this is very wrong.

Brother Branham did not reveal Jesus as a Man, he revealed Jesus as the Word that could be understood.

The seventh angel was not the Son of man

Brother Branham says the seventh angel is not the Son of man, but is revealing the Son of man to the people. He does this in two ways:

First by discerning hidden thoughts and secondly by revealing the hidden mysteries of Scripture.


"In the very day that the Son of man is revealed." Revelations 10:1 to 7, read it when you get home, "the seventh angel's Message, opening up the Seals." What is it?

Not the angel is the Son of man;

but the messenger is revealing the Son of man.

Can you get it separated now? That's where it seems to be so hard for you, you see.

Not the Son of man, Himself; but the seventh angel, the seventh messenger, is revealing to the public the Son of man, because It's left the shuck.

He can't organize It. It's the Grain, Itself, again.

Brother Branham then makes it clear that he was only standing nearby when the invisible God acted. God only used his human voice, nothing else, for the discernment.

This is the big difference.

In the case of William Branham, God stood invisibly near him, and acted out the supernatural.

In the case of Jesus, the fullness of the Godhead was always inside Him bodily.

……..I wasn't the One that appeared down on the river; I was only standing there when He appeared. I'm not the One that performs these things and foretells these things that happens as perfect they are;

I'm only one that's near when He does it.

I was only a voice that He used, to say It. It wasn't what I knew;

it's what I just surrendered myself to, that He spoke through.

It isn't me,

it wasn't the seventh angel, oh, no; it was the manifestation of the Son of man.

It wasn't the angel, his message;

it was the mystery that God unfolded.

It's not a man; it's God.

The angel was not the Son of man;

he was the messenger from the Son of man.

The Son of man is Christ; He is the One that you're feeding on.

You're not feeding on a man; a man, his words will fail.

But you're feeding on the unfailing Body-Word of the Son of man.

If you haven't fed fully on every Word, to give yourself strength to fly above all these denominations and things of the world, will you at this time do it, while we pray?

The seventh angel is not the Son of man. Brother Branham clearly says that.

Brother Branham is just standing near when the invisible God manifests the supernatural.

We have to feed on every Word in the Bible. Brother Branham revealed the hidden mysteries of Scripture.

Use his quotes to unlock the mysteries of the Bible.

So please make sure that you can understand the Scripture, otherwise you cannot feed on it.

The Scripture is the Son of Man.

Thus He has been revealed by the end-time prophet.

We need to know the mysteries of the written Word in order to prepare for the Second Coming of Jesus.

This next quote comes from a healing line. Brother Branham is about to discern that a man has cancer.


This man here, he looks very strong and healthy. But see that shadow over him there? That means, unless God helps him, he ain't going to be here very long. He's got cancer. It's in your lung.

Now, the Son of man is here.

Brother Branham says that the Son of man is present. He is obviously not talking about himself. He is talking about the Spirit of Jesus.


Now let's take Saint Luke 17:30, and watch what Jesus prophesied there, saying that, "As it was in the days of Sodom, it'll be the same..."

Now remember, notice, this is at the time that the Son of man would be revealed; the revealing of the Son of man. Now, the Son of man was actually revealed potentially,

just for a few moments there, just before Sodom was burned. Now, that Man was Elohim. That was God; and Jesus is God.

And God was revealed potentially right there for a few moments, to talk to Abraham, in the investigation judgment.

Just for a little bit, the Son of man was revealed; the Son of man, Elohim.

God potentially revealed the Son of man, not just by discerning Sarah’s thoughts, but also by revealing the future  judgements on Sodom.

God also revealed to Abraham about the coming of his promised son Isaac.

Christ manifested Himself bodily in His church today


Then He was made actually human flesh, and dwelled among us, in the Person of Jesus Christ Himself, born of the virgin Mary. He come in that form so He could die, and went back into Heaven.

Now in this last days, He has promised to manifest Himself in the fullness again, of His flesh, in Spirit. See?

"For as it was in the days of Sodom,

so shall it be in the Coming of the Son of man." Now look at the Sodom, how it set, and what taken place.

And Jesus Christ being manifested in bodily form, of His Church today,

see, doing the same thing, same work, same things that He did all the time, never changes, the Eternal One. See? And upon earth today, He has manifested Himself in the human bodies, our human bodies that He has called,

and done exactly the same thing He done in sundry times, and in the times of His flesh upon the earth. And doing the same thing today, because, "God in sundry times spoke to the fathers through the prophets, in this last days through His Son, Jesus Christ." See, the Son being revealed in the last days,

God manifested in human flesh, setting just before Sodom's destruction,

the end of the Gentile world. You see it?

God manifest in the human flesh of His church, the human bodies of His people that He has called.

Not the flesh of just one man.


Now why hasn't there been an organization start up in these last twenty years of this great revival; it's anointed prophets, anointed teachers, so forth, but why ain't there?

There is nothing beyond the Grain. See, It's back, without an organization.

Oh, my, a blind man could see that. It cannot organize; It's so firmly against it. It's the grain of Wheat, Itself.

The Son of man will be made manifest. The grain of Wheat will come back to Itself again,

the Son of man in the last days.

"And there will come false, impersonations of It, in the last days, that'll almost deceive the Elected if possible."

Look at their organizational shucks pulling away now.

Look how the churches are organizing with a pastor as the head of the church. That never happened in the New Testament.

The manifestation of the Son of man is to make the end time Bride into a grain of wheat that is identical to the grain of wheat that was sown by the early apostolic church of the New Testament.

We must only believe what the early church believed.

But everyone will be opposed to this and will do their best to deceive us with their man-made interpretations of the quotes.

Do not be fooled. Demand Scripture for what they say.

The early church never believed that their messenger Paul was the Son of man.

So the seventh church age must also not believe that their messenger is the Son of man.

A message to bring them back to the Bible


But the Bible said! And He promised, "In the last days, He would send the Spirit of Elijah, and would call the people, the children of God,

back to the original Faith like it was in the beginning, of the Word."

That Word was confirmed, the Son of man in the last days,

the same as it was at Sodom; yesterday, today, and forever. He promised to do it. It's God's promise. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD.

The Son of man did not just reveal the secrets of the heart but also revealed the hidden secrets of Scripture in order to restore back the original faith that was at the beginning of the church ages.

LUKE 18: 8  Nevertheless when the Son of man cometh, shall He find faith on the earth?

Jesus says that at the end-time the Son of man will come and be unlikely to find much faith.

ROMANS 10:17   So then faith cometh by hearing, and hearing by the word of God.

So the Son of man is not going to find many people who believe and understand the Scriptures.

Thus the Son of man is revealed when we are able to understand the mysteries of Scripture.


But, now, God has promised us these things in the last days. In Malachi 4, said that Jesus Christ would come down and impersonate Himself in human flesh like He did at Sodom. That's right. And said the world would be in a Sodom condition. And said, "As it was then, the Son of man will be revealed that day." See, this Man that come down in the form of a man, which was "Elohim," by Abraham, before this promised son came. Look what it was, Abraham said it was God. And the Bible said there was three man came to him, dust on their clothes, travel, set down and eat like man. And Jesus said, "Just at the time the world gets in a Sodom condition, then the Son of man would reveal Himself again," not Son of God. Son of man, see, would reveal Himself.

Now mark that with what the last prophet said, "Behold I send to you Elijah the prophet, and he will restore the hearts of the children back to the fathers." See?

A Message to bring them back to the Bible, and the Son of man will be revealing Himself in that day.

And at that day of the sounding of the last church age,

the seventh angel, the mysteries of God should be made known in that day.

The Seven Seals would be broken.

The mysteries of all these churches and things, how they happened, and what taken place.

The Son of man, the Word, revealing Himself when the seventh angel makes known the mysteries of God and reveal the mysteries of the seven church ages.

His ability to reveal the hidden secrets of the heart gave us confidence that he could also reveal the hidden secrets and mysteries in the Bible.

Then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven

Brother Branham refers to the huge supernatural Cloud that was photographed over the city of Flagstaff in northern Arizona on 28 February 1963 just after sunset. That was the day before the javelina pig hunting season opened.

Thus brother Branham was not hunting on that day. He was not a law-breaker.

He refers to this great cloud as being the sign of the Son of man in the heaven.

Yet he himself knew nothing about this Cloud until some months later.

MATTHEW 24:30   And then shall appear the sign of the Son of man in heaven:


And then in that great observatory, so that the world will be without, they're still wondering what happened. In Tucson, them big observatories took the picture of it up there; still wondering what happened. What is it? They still put in the paper, "Does anybody know anything about what, how it could have happen?" There is no fog up there, there's no air, there's no moisture; thirty miles high in the air. Oh, my!

"There shall be signs in the heaven above.

And when these things take place, earthquakes in divers places,

then shall appear the sign in the heaven, of the Son of man."

"That day," in Luke, "the Son of man will reveal Himself again; being revealed, Hisself."

And the world will look like Sodom and Gomorrah. Oh, my!

The purpose of the Cloud was to be a sign that Jesus was to be revealed in His Word when the Revelation of the Seven Seals happened to make known the mysteries of God.

The hunting season opened on 1 March 1963 and closed on 10 March. Brother Branham preached in Houston on the "Absolute" on 4 March 1963.  He got to the hunting area near Sunset Peak on 6 March according to his daughter Becky. The seven angels came to him at 8 o’clock in the morning on 8 March 1963.

The seven angels who had formed the cloud over Flagstaff in northern Arizona on 28 February came to brother Branham, who was 200 miles south of Flagstaff near Sunset Peak in southern Arizona, eight days later on 8 March to commission him. He had to return to Jeffersonville where they would reveal the mysteries of the Seven Seals to him.

Brother Branham knew nothing about the cloud at that time. The angels came to him at eight o’clock in the morning. The cloud had only been visible for 28 minutes after sunset.

Only six Seals were actually revealed because the Seventh Seal remained a total silent mystery, as it refers to the Second Coming of Jesus which is the biggest mystery in the Bible. If you think you know when the Lord is coming, you do not know. You have been fooled.

The Cloud was created by the seven angels who then later revealed the Seals to brother Branham, and thus opened the way to a deeper understanding of Scripture.

This was the Son of man being revealed as brother Branham gained his much deeper revelation and understanding of the Bible mysteries.

The cloud, as the sign of the Son of man in the heavens, was not associated with his gift of discernment of thoughts.

But the cloud was associated with his incredible insight into the mysteries of Scripture.

So the revelation of Bible mysteries was an important part of the revealing of the Son of man.

This was the original cloud photograph taken from Tucson on 28 February 1963. The cloud was 200 miles north over the city of Flagstaff. The cloud appeared briefly for 28 minutes just after sunset.


The following is a map of Arizona.

Photographs from Tucson, Phoenix, and Prescott just focused on the main big cloud as it traveled from west to east over Flagstaff.

But photographs from Winslow, which was in the path of the cloud, showed two clouds.

The smaller cloud was about 20 miles behind the bigger cloud.

We need a high-altitude smoke cloud to confirm a prophecy made by Peter.

ACTS 2:19  And I will shew wonders in heaven above, and signs in the earth beneath; blood, and fire, and vapour of smoke:

Water vapour makes rain clouds.

Smoke vapour is needed to make a smoke cloud.

This baffled the scientist Dr. James McDonald. Eventually, it turned out that the smaller cloud was a smoke cloud from an exploded rocket at Vandenberg airforce base earlier in the afternoon of 28 February. Both clouds were at an altitude of about 42 kilometers. Natural clouds do not form above 20 km. So they were not natural clouds. In the summer months of May, June, and July noctilucent clouds can form above 80 km only if the temperature drops below -123 degrees Centigrade. But these clouds were only 42 km high, and it was only February. The smaller cloud was smoke from a powerful rocket explosion, the bigger cloud had to be supernatural, formed by angels' wings.

A cloud at 42 kilometers height is in such thin air that it disperses and is invisible against the glare of the blue sky. It only becomes visible very briefly just after sunset. If you want to see the international space station when it goes over your area, it will also be just after sunset.

The dotted line on the above map shows the path of the high altitude smoke cloud as it left Vandenberg airforce base. The red arrow shows the movement of the two clouds when they were visible above Flagstaff for 28 minutes after sunset.

When brother Branham later heard about the supernatural cloud, he, unfortunately, thought that it was formed by the angels as they left him near Sunset Peak on 8 March 1963. He had the wrong date and the wrong place. From this mistake, certain wrong doctrines evolved to further confuse message followers.

So we learn a hard lesson. Do not just believe a quote because brother Branham said so. Learn to check the facts.

A not-very-good quality Photostat of the original cloud photograph was made, as some light leaked in.

Two eyes and the top of a nose appeared, as well as a bright light below the cloud.

You must decide how much emphasis to place on a Photostat copy, that was not a true copy of the original.

So, please do not believe every statement made by message people about the Cloud.

Many mistakes were spread around on this issue. Error spreads like a contagious virus.

There is a face in the Cloud, but it was made by a faulty Photostat machine. There is no visible face in the original photograph of the supernatural cloud.

The message but not the messenger is very important

We return to the revelation of the Son of man.

Again, brother Branham is discerning thoughts in a prayer line.


Say, the man sitting right back here, has got that growth on his back. Do you believe that God will take that growth off your back, sir? Do you believe that God will make you well? Young fellow, looking at me, and thought he was going to get passed by. Raise your hand up, sir. That's right. You believe with all your heart, God will take it off for you.

Hallelujah! I challenge this whole audience, in the Name of Jesus Christ! If you could, if... Your conscience, don't let it be seared with unbelief, don't let it be flustrated.

Can't you see the Son of man? 

The Son of man in the form of prophetic Message, returning back again in His Church, in prophecy, revealing Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever?

It's never been done through the age, till this time. See? There is the proof of it.

Again he links his incredible gift of discernment to the form of a prophetic message.

The Son of man, Jesus, speaking through brother Branham to reveal thoughts and reveal Bible prophecies.

65-0410  THE  EASTER  SEAL

"As it was in the days of Noah, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man. They were eating, drinking, marrying, given in marrying. And as it was in the days of Lot, so will it be in the hours that the Son of man will be revealed on earth," not Son of God, no more.

"Son of man," come back as the prophetic Message for the last day when that eagle will be flying; not the lion; not the ox in the sacrifice age. See?

Every time, a religious power went forth to meet the challenge of the political power of the world. When the lion raised up, the religious power, it went to meet the Roman power.

And then when come the sacrifice hour, the ox went, because he's the sacrifice Beast of the Lord.

Then come the reformers, down through the church ages, come the face of a man. And the reformers had been since Luther, Wesley, oh, Calvin, on down, down, pentecostal age.

But in the last Message that went forth, there came a flying eagle. It's eagle time, reveal time, the Word of God made manifest, the Word of God proved.

Oh, children, walk into this baptism of the Holy Spirit. Come in and believe It, with all your heart, God will fill you.

Looky here now. We find now, remember,

"We are flesh of His flesh, and bone of His bone."

As God raised His bones and flesh out of the grave, they cannot hide the man that has the potentials. Death cannot take him. Jesus said, "All the Father has given Me will come to Me. I'll raise them up at the last day."

The eagle time is the revealing time. Eagles have brilliant eyesight.

The eagle age was started by the Pentecostal outpouring and then moved on to the revelation of the Bible mysteries.


The church will come through justification, through Luther; through sanctification, through Wesley; through the baptism of the Holy Ghost, or the Pentecostals;

and go right on into the perfection of the Son of man, that when Husband and Wife will be the same-self persons. God will be so manifested into His Bride, His Church, till they will both be the same. They are one. Now you see where we're at.

Son of man ministry is to make the Church the same as Jesus, the Word.

Please note.

When brother Branham left the scene in 1965 his discernment ministry left with him.

But his revelation of the written Word that reveals Who Jesus is today stayed behind.

So the key part of his ministry was the revelation of the Bible mysteries.

These reveal Jesus in His Word. These reveal Jesus as the Son of man to us today.

In 1933 an angel came down on the Ohio River and announced, as brother Branham was baptizing:

"As John the Baptist was sent for a forerunner of the first coming of Jesus Christ, your Message will bring the second coming of Jesus Christ."


Notice the difference.

John the Baptist as a man introduced Jesus to the Jews as a Man. That was the First Coming.

However, the message will bring the Second Coming. Not William Branham as a man, but rather the sermons that he taught.

63-0318 THE  FIRST  SEAL
Takes the Book of Seals and breaks them and shows the seventh angel,

for this alone, the mysteries of God, is the ministry of the seventh angel.

Brother Branham deserves respect for his outstanding ministry.

But if you cannot understand the mysteries of Scripture when you read the Bible then you have missed the reason for his ministry.

Look what he said one month before he died.

65-1127  I  HAVE  HEARD  BUT  NOW  I  SEE
Dear God, in this solemn moment, it's going to be a time like this when there really will be a clap of thunder someday,

and the Son of God shall descend from the heavens with a shout,

with the voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God, the dead in Christ shall rise.

The shout was not when brother Branham preached on the mysteries of the written Word.

The shout will be when the Bride individuals are able to prove for themselves, just from the Scripture, the revelations that brother Branham revealed.

The Bride of Jesus must be able to understand His written Word if she is like Him.

Notice carefully what Revelation 10:7 says.

REVELATION 10:7   But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

From 1947 - 1965 brother Branham and his recorded voice were both on the scene. That was for about 18 years.

After 1965 we only had his recorded voice. That is about 56 years in 2021.

The time of his recorded voice has been three times longer than the time he spent making the recordings.

We will stand condemned if we have not used all this time to understand the mysteries of the written Bible.

This Scripture puts the emphasis on his recorded voice and the sermons that he preached. It does not emphasize the man.

In the 7th church age, the eagle-eyed fourth beast also puts the emphasis on the voice of the eagle, not the eagle.
REVELATION 6:7   And when he had opened the fourth seal, I heard the voice of the fourth beast say, Come and see.

The emphasis is again not on the man himself, but rather on the Bible mysteries that he revealed.

Revelation 10:7 says that the mystery of the revealed Word "should" be finished.

This expresses doubt as to whether the mystery will be finished.

There is no doubt about brother Branham understanding what he spoke about. He certainly knew how to prove from Scripture what he was talking about.

The doubt applies to the message churches. They have splintered into many different factions and elevated many men up to be interpreters of quotes. But there are many different interpretations. Thus most have missed the mark.


And then after the messenger is finished and the Message is done, then they build a denomination upon the Message. And there they die, right there, never come to Life again.

Brother Branham came to make us Scriptural.


But those who can accept the Word in Its fullness,

not me preaching It, because It's the Bible says so.

Those who accept that is free, because they--the Word's already been judged.

63-1110  HE  THAT  IS  IN  YOU

Believe all the Message. Believe That.

If it isn't written in the Bible, then don't you believe it.

A wife deeply understands her husband. She understands what he is saying when he speaks. She understands and believes his word.


“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23