Real Christians like to help others. They have a strong sense of purpose. But many young Christians (regardless of their physical age) do not know where they can help. Many times, their help is not appreciated. Here we list some opportunities where you can help.

Where you can volunteer

We do not ask or want monetary donations. These lead to problems, as we discuss in the next section.

But it does not mean that you cannot help. One of the things we found very off-putting was when we volunteered to help, and were either ignored or snubbed by a superiority bias from those in charge.

Here are some ways that you can help:

These are by no means the only ways you can help, but are merely to show that there are more ways to help than just thinking about financial help. If you are willing, you will find many ways you can do something for God. Whether with us, with others, or on your own.

Jesus says in Matthew 9:37-38 that, “The harvest truly is plenteous, but the labourers are few; Pray ye therefore the Lord of the harvest, that he will send forth labourers into his harvest.” Are you a willing to become a labourer with Him?

No donations

Three of the biggest traps where people fail are money, fame, and sex.

The best-known example of someone who fell into the money trap was Judas. In the future, the son of perdition (antichrist) will do the same.

To keep ourselves from the trap of money, we do not ask for money or donations. Tele-evangelists interrupt their own programs every few minutes to ask for “donations” for their wares. We choose not to do this. Some of our audience can hardly afford the bandwidth for their mobile phones. How dare we then ask them for money?

To avoid the trap of money, we do not sell anything, have no adverts, and have no commercial aspect whatsoever on this site. We do not sell data, or give data to “social media” companies. We even changed the domain from ChurchAges.com (where .com normally indicates commercial) to ChurchAges.net.

In the process we also avoid getting into trouble with tax authorities across the world, and save ourselves a lot of administrative headaches.

God will look after us when we do His work.

Some questions

Do all people have a purpose and something to do in God's church?

Yes, the Scriptures clearly teach this. For example, Paul teaches this in 1 Corinthians, chapter 12. This applies to both brothers and sisters. We quote some verses here:

We just offer a few opportunities. God has many opportunities especially for you. With us, with others, or on your own. Pray that He leads you.

How do I know what to do, or that what I'm doing is the right thing?

You might not know exactly what to do when you start out. But unless you decide to do something, how can God lead you? When a automobile is not moving you can pull on the steering wheel as much as you like, but the vehicle will not change direction. When it is moving however, you can easily steer it in any direction. Similarly God can lead you when you are moving towards Him.

In Genesis chapter 24, Abraham sends out his servant Eliezer to find a bride for his son Isaac. The servant has no idea who this woman should be. He prays about it, and listens to God. God then leads him to Rebekah. At the end, the servant says in verse 27, "... I being in the way, the LORD led me ..."

But if that servant did not go on the way, how would God have led him?

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23