Understanding Scriptural time periods, part 2

Revelation chapter 12 links the church and the Jews. The same blueprint reflects different aspects of their journeys.

First published on the 11th of January 2020 — Last updated on the 2nd of July 2021

Prophecy interprets a "day" in different ways

Interpreting prophecy requires caution.

Here are some of the possible meanings of the word “day” :

A day can refer to daylight, about 12 hours.

A day can refer to a full day of 24 hours.

A day can refer to a year.

A day can refer to a thousand years.


1.     A day can refer to a certain time period, such as the “Day of the Lord” which refers to the 3.5 years of great Tribulation.

ISAIAH 13:9   Behold, the day of the LORD cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate: and he shall destroy the sinners thereof out of it.


2. Then a day can represent 1000 years.

II PETER 3:8   But, beloved, be not ignorant of this one thing, that one day is with the Lord as a thousand years, and a thousand years as one day.

God thus effectively operates outside of time.

REVELATION 1:3   Blessed is he that readeth, and they that hear the words of this prophecy, and keep those things which are written therein: for the time is at hand.

The Book of Revelation deals with the seven church ages and the 3.5 years of great Tribulation time. All that would happen within about two thousand years which God sees as two days.

No wonder that He said that the time is at hand.

Those 2000 years are the "last two days" or the "last days" that He spoke of .

Then a 1000 years is added for the Millennium kingdom before the new Heaven and the New Earth start.

So that was just three days away. No wonder Jesus said:

REVELATION 22:7   Behold, I come quickly: blessed is he that keepeth the sayings of the prophecy of this book.

In our concept of time, the Christians of the early church had a long time to go. But by calling a 1000 years one day, God was able to keep them on their toes as each church age felt the  Coming of the Lord was close at hand, just a couple of days away.

Look at this prophecy from Hosea, written about 800 BC:

HOSEA 6:1   Come, and let us return unto the LORD: for he hath torn, and he will heal us; he hath smitten, and he will bind us up.

God would smite and scatter the Jews in AD 70 under the Roman general Titus.

HOSEA 6:2   After two days will he revive us: in the third day he will raise us up, and we shall live in his sight.

Two days or 2000 years would go by from Hosea’s date before God would start to turn to the Jews again.

800 BC  + 1000 =  AD 200.   After one day, the Jews had been hopelessly scattered.

200 AD + 1000 = 1200.   By this day the Dark Ages were on with the Jews suffering and being persecuted. This was the second day.

So, the third day would be 1200 + 1000 = 2200.

The third "day of 1000 years" starts at 1200 and ends at 2200.

About 1800 saw the Jews returning to Israel.

By 1900 this movement was growing.

In 1948 they declared independence and in 1967 they won back most of their Promised Land.

In 2018 Jerusalem was recognized as the capital of Israel by President Trump.

Thus, the Jews were raised up, right in the third day before it ends in 2200.

An amazingly accurate prophecy.


3.  A day can represent a year.

The Jews sent 12 men to spy out the Promised Land when they got to its borders.

They did a detailed survey that took 40 days and confirmed that it was a land of milk and honey. Then, except for Joshua and Caleb, they rejected the land that God had promised them. They felt that the pagans in the Promised Land were too big and strong for them to beat.

NUMBERS 14:33   And your children shall wander in the wilderness forty years, and bear your whoredoms, until your carcases be wasted in the wilderness.

:34   After the number of the days in which ye searched the land, even forty days, each day for a year, shall ye bear your iniquities, even forty years, and ye shall know my breach of promise.


They rejected God's promise by looking at the difficulties.

Why did Israel spend 40 years in the wilderness?
NUMBERS 13:1   And the LORD spake unto Moses, saying,

:2     Send thou men, that they may search the land of Canaan, which I give unto the children of Israel: of every tribe of their fathers shall ye send a man, every one a ruler among them.

NUMBERS 13:25   And they returned from searching of the land after forty days.

NUMBERS 13:30   And Caleb stilled the people before Moses, and said, Let us go up at once, and possess it; for we are well able to overcome it.

:31  But the men that went up with him said, We be not able to go up against the people; for they are stronger than we.

:32     And they brought up an evil report of the land which they had searched unto the children of Israel, saying, The land, through which we have gone to search it, is a land that eateth up the inhabitants thereof; and all the people that we saw in it are men of a great stature.

We are not allowed to criticize the plan and purpose of God after we have accepted Jesus as our Savior and received His Holy Spirit.

We are not allowed to doubt the perfection of the King James Version of the Bible.

HEBREWS 6:4   For it is impossible for those who were once enlightened, and have tasted of the heavenly gift, and were made partakers of the Holy Ghost,

:5   And have tasted the good word of God, and the powers of the world to come,

Once we start following Jesus and realizing that the King James Bible is good, we must not be distracted by all the fault-finders who claim that it is wrong in many places. Faith is built on believing Scripture.

HEBREWS 6:6   If they shall fall away, to renew them again unto repentance; seeing they crucify to themselves the Son of God afresh, and put him to an open shame.

Once you start doubting the perfection of the King James Bible, you have no secure foundation for your faith. Never doubt that the 1769  King James Version of the Bible  (KJV) is your Absolute.

What is written in the KJV Bible has supreme authority over any man’s word.

Once you disagree with what is written in the KJV, you head on a downward path that has no absolute guidelines as you keep changing your beliefs. Doubt the Bible and you are doomed to end in great Tribulation.

Joshua and Caleb believed that God would enable them to win, despite the obvious power of their enemies.

The other 10 spies felt that they had to rely on their own strength and thus felt inadequate. That was a wrong move. They should just have trusted God rather than their own strength.

You may not be able to prove that every verse in the Bible is the truth but you must believe that it is true. Given time you will find that God will open your eyes to the truth that you were unable to see. Thus, never reject a Scripture. Sooner or later its truth will emerge. If you do not know how to interpret it, God will guide you to somebody who can. If you truly want to know the truth.


God also used the prophet, Ezekiel, for a sign.

He had to lie on his side for 40 days to represent the 40 years that Judah had sinned.

EZEKIEL 4:6   And when thou hast accomplished them, lie again on thy right side, and thou shalt bear the iniquity of the house of Judah forty days: I have appointed thee each day for a year.


Jacob wanted to marry Rachel, but first had to serve seven years for her older sister Leah.

Then he had to serve another seven years to get Rachel.

GENESIS 29:18   And Jacob loved Rachel; and said, I will serve thee seven years for Rachel thy younger daughter.

GENESIS 29:20   And Jacob served seven years for Rachel; and they seemed unto him but a few days, for the love he had to her.

Laban made Jacob marry Leah, the elder sister, first. Then Jacob had to work another seven years for Rachel.

GENESIS 29:26   And Laban said, It must not be so done in our country, to give the younger before the firstborn.

GENESIS 29:27   Fulfil her week, and we will give thee this also for the service which thou shalt serve with me yet seven other years.

:28     And Jacob did so, and fulfilled her week: and he gave him Rachel his daughter to wife also.

Jesus first had to work with the Jews (the elder sister) in the seven stages of their history in the Old Testament before He could win a Gentile Bride (the younger sister) during the seven church ages of the New Testament.

If you pay attention to details, you will find that the Jews also went through seven stages or ages.


Why was Israel taken to Babylon?

Here we see a subtle relationship between a day and a year.

Dealing with humans in the Old Testament. God required every seventh day to be a day of rest or Sabbath.

People are made from the dust of the earth.

Then, dealing with the earth, God required every seventh year to be a rest from cultivation. This was a Sabbath for the earth.

So, the 7th day for man and the 7th year for the earth were both parts of the same pattern.

LEVITICUS 25:2   Speak unto the children of Israel, and say unto them, When ye come into the land which I give you, then shall the land keep a sabbath unto the LORD.

:3     Six years thou shalt sow thy field, and six years thou shalt prune thy vineyard, and gather in the fruit thereof;

:4     But in the seventh year shall be a sabbath of rest unto the land, a sabbath for the LORD: thou shalt neither sow thy field, nor prune thy vineyard.

:5     That which groweth of its own accord of thy harvest thou shalt not reap, neither gather the grapes of thy vine undressed: for it is a year of rest unto the land.

:6     And the sabbath of the land shall be meat for you; for thee, and for thy servant, and for thy maid, and for thy hired servant, and for thy stranger that sojourneth with thee,

If the Jews gave the land no rest on a Sabbath, the seventh year, then God would send them into captivity until the land did have its rest.

LEVITICUS 26:32   And I will bring the land into desolation: and your enemies which dwell therein shall be astonished at it.

:33     And I will scatter you among the heathen, and will draw out a sword after you: and your land shall be desolate, and your cities waste.

:34     Then shall the land enjoy her sabbaths, as long as it lieth desolate, and ye be in your enemies' land; even then shall the land rest, and enjoy her sabbaths.

:35     As long as it lieth desolate it shall rest; because it did not rest in your sabbaths, when ye dwelt upon it.

Thus, the Jews were carried into Babylon for 70 years so that the land could be at rest and enjoy the Sabbaths that were owing to it.

II CHRONICLES 36:18   And all the vessels of the house of God, great and small, and the treasures of the house of the LORD, and the treasures of the king, and of his princes; all these he brought to Babylon.

:20   And them that had escaped from the sword carried he away to Babylon; where they were servants to him and his sons until the reign of the kingdom of Persia:

:21     To fulfil the word of the LORD by the mouth of Jeremiah, until the land had enjoyed her sabbaths: for as long as she lay desolate she kept sabbath, to fulfil threescore and ten years.


Pentecost is the 50th day.

Jubile is the 50th year.

LEVITICUS 23:16   Even unto the morrow after the seventh sabbath shall ye number fifty days; and ye shall offer a new meat offering unto the LORD.

The Saturday Sabbath is the seventh day of the week.

The tomorrow or morrow after the Saturday Sabbath was a Sunday.

Seven Sabbaths would be a time period of  7 x 7 = 49 days.

Seven Sabbaths plus the next Sunday would be 49 + 1 = 50 days from the resurrection of Jesus.

ACTS 2:1   And when the day of Pentecost was fully come, they were all with one accord in one place.

The Holy Spirit came down to fill the disciples on the 50th day after the resurrection.

EPHESIANS 4:30   And grieve not the holy Spirit of God, whereby ye are sealed unto the day of redemption.

The Holy Spirit baptism was the Seal that guaranteed the future redemption of their physical bodies in the resurrection.

ISAIAH 28:11   For with stammering lips and another tongue will he speak to this people.

:12     To whom he said, This is the rest wherewith ye may cause the weary to rest; and this is the refreshing: yet they would not hear.

Speaking in tongues on the Day of Pentecost was evidence of the new Sabbath, the new rest.

The Holy Ghost baptism gave the people a rest from sin and unbelief.

They were now free to walk in the Spirit.

GALATIANS 5:16   This I say then, Walk in the Spirit, and ye shall not fulfil the lust of the flesh.

God put a portion of His Spirit into each believer in order to enable that person to walk in God’s ways.

EZEKIEL 36:26   A new heart also will I give you, and a new spirit will I put within you: and I will take away the stony heart out of your flesh, and I will give you an heart of flesh.

:27     And I will put my spirit within you, and cause you to walk in my statutes, and ye shall keep my judgments, and do them.

God's Sabbath was not working, resting, and going back to work

HEBREWS 4:9   There remaineth therefore a rest to the people of God.

:10   For he that is entered into his rest, he also hath ceased from his own works, as God did from his.

God finished His creation works when He made the world suitable for man to live on.

Then God rested.

But God never went back to His original works again as they were complete.

So working, resting on the Sabbath, and then going back to work again is not copying God's plan.

What God means in the New Testament is that we repent of our sinful works of unrighteousness and unbelief and then receive the Holy Ghost baptism. This gives us rest from our sins and unbelief. And we never go back to our original sinful ways and unbelief.

So, from the 50th day, the Day of Pentecost, Spirit-filled believers were able to walk freely in the Spirit of God.

Free from the bondage of sin and unbelief. No longer in bondage to the lusts of the flesh.

Because there is a link between a day and a year, God also signified this freedom from personal bondage to sin with a 50-year Jubile when slaves and prisoners were set free and debts were forgiven. Because man is made from the dust of the earth, the earth was also granted freedom and there was to be no planting or reaping.

LEVITICUS 25:8   And thou shalt number seven sabbaths of years unto thee, seven times seven years; and the space of the seven sabbaths of years shall be unto thee forty and nine years.

:9   Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month, in the day of atonement shall ye make the trumpet sound throughout all your land.

:10     And ye shall hallow the fiftieth year, and proclaim liberty throughout all the land unto all the inhabitants thereof: it shall be a jubile unto you; and ye shall return every man unto his possession, and ye shall return every man unto his family.

:11     A jubile shall that fiftieth year be unto you: ye shall not sow, neither reap that which groweth of itself in it, nor gather the grapes in it of thy vine undressed.

25:9   Then shalt thou cause the trumpet of the jubile to sound on the tenth day of the seventh month”.

The numbers 10:7 had a special significance.

Freedom from our bondage-to-ignorance of Scripture.

Freedom from bondage to the unscriptural errors that are taught by the churches who cannot understand the mysteries of the Bible.

REVELATION 10:7   But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

The angel or messenger to the seventh church age was William Branham from America who revealed the mysteries of six of the seven Seals in Revelation Chapter 6. This enabled him to reveal many Scriptural mysteries that had baffled the churches.

For those who studied his tape-recorded teachings and printed sermons or internet websites, they were granted the blessing of being able to understand the symbols and patterns of Scripture.

DANIEL 12:4   But thou, O Daniel, shut up the words, and seal the book, even to the time of the end: many shall run to and fro, and knowledge shall be increased.

The prophecies of Daniel would finally be revealed at the end time, at the end of the seventh church age, thanks to brother Branham’s ministry.

He blew a loud blast of Scriptural revelation that freed individuals, who dared to listen, from their bondage to church errors.

DANIEL 12:10   Many shall be purified, and made white, and tried; but the wicked shall do wickedly: and none of the wicked shall understand; but the wise shall understand.

Only the wise virgins will understand the end-time revelations of the deep Bible mysteries.

Nobody can claim to be part of the wise virgins until they understand the symbols of Daniel's visions that refer to the church.

There will be mysteries concerning the 3.5 years of great Tribulation that God will not reveal to the Bride because the Bride will not go through great Tribulation. Those mysteries will be revealed to the two Jewish prophets.

Let us apply these precepts to some prophecies.

Please remember that 69 Gentile years of 365.24 days equals 70 Bible years of 360 days.

70 Jewish years = 70 - 1 = 69  Gentile years

For example, 140 Jewish years = 14 - 2 = 138 Gentile years.     (140/70 = 2 Gentile years less)


4.   Revelation 12 refers both to the Jews and to the church

Here a day in the prophecy refers to a day for the Jews in the 3.5 years of great Tribulation while that same day refers to a year for the Gentile church. 

The time starts when the Roman Catholic church began to persecute dissenters and opponents.

In AD 378 the frightening barbarians called the Huns appeared on the scene for the first time and together with the Goths killed the Roman Emperor Valens and 20000 Roman soldiers at the Battle of Adrianople.

Historians say that this began the decline of the Western Roman Empire that was destroyed by AD 476. In AD 379 Theodosius became Emperor. He handed the title of Pontifex Maximus, High Priest of the Babylonian mysteries to  Damasus who was Bishop of Rome in AD 380. From then on, the Roman Catholic church became Mystery Babylon as Damasus promoted many of the Babylonian priesthood to high positions in the Catholic Church.

In addition, Theodosius who called himself a Christian Emperor, began to persecute pagans as well as those Christians who opposed the Roman Catholic Church. Christians thus persecuted Christians as well as persecuting pagans.

By AD 450 Pope Leo I declared that the church could kill non-Catholic Christians who were labeled as heretics. Thus the Roman Catholic killing machine began to go into action until it ended killing tens of millions of non-Catholic Christians in the Dark Ages. All of Europe was under the heel of the blood-thirsty Roman Catholic tyranny.

This finally led to the Pilgrim Fathers fleeing away from Europe where they landed at Plymouth Rock in Massachusetts in North America in 1620.

This was an unintended consequence of the battle of Adrianople in AD 378.

1620 - 378 = 1242 years of persecution of the true church by Roman Emperors or Roman Catholic Popes.

The prophecy concerns 1260 days which can be put equal to  1260 Bible years.

Every 70 Bible years are equal to 69 of our Gentile years.

1260 / 70 = 18

Thus there will be 18 Gentile years fewer.       1260 - 18 = 1242 Gentile years.

This is the exact time from the killing of the previous Roman Emperor that led to the appointment of Theodosius as Emperor. He began persecuting pagans and Christian dissenters and made the Bishop of Rome into the Pontiff of the Babylonian mysteries. Thus the Roman Catholic Church became Mystery Babylon and a religious killing machine that Protestants could only escape by fleeing to North America in 1620, which was 1242 of our Gentile years later or 1260 Bible years later.

REVELATION 12:1   And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars:

The 12 stars were the 12 men who gave the tribes of Israel their names. The Jews stood on the Law (the moon) but were wrapped in God’s grace (the Sun) as God led them out of Egypt, opened up the Red Sea and collapsed the walls of Jericho for them.

Then we turn to the church.

The church was started by the crowning doctrine of the 12 apostles with Paul taking the place of Judas. The church is wrapped in God’s grace as the Law gets fulfilled in a deeper spiritual sense.

For instance, Christ is our Passover Lamb, publicly chosen on the tenth day, which was Palm Sunday, and then killed on the 14th day which would be the Passover on Thursday. The next day which was Friday was an annual Sabbath, the first day of the Feast of unleavened bread.

EXODUS 12:3   Speak ye unto all the congregation of Israel, saying, In the tenth day of this month they shall take to them every man a lamb

EXODUS 12:6    And ye shall keep it up until the fourteenth day of the same month: and the whole assembly of the congregation of Israel shall kill it in the evening.

This part of the Law was fulfilled by the death of Jesus and by the church believing the pure Word of God, the unleavened bread.

EXODUS 12:15  Seven days shall ye eat unleavened bread; even the first day ye shall put away leaven out of your houses: for whosoever eateth leavened bread from the first day until the seventh day, that soul shall be cut off from Israel.

These 7 days of unleavened bread represented the true Word of God in the seven church ages.

The first Church age was special,  with the Holy Ghost baptism on the Day of Pentecost and the apostles writing the New Testament during the first church age as the true Word for the church to feast on. The New Testament threw out all the leaven or rottenness of man-made Jewish traditions and pagan worship.

The unleavened bread is the purity of the written Word during the seven church ages.

Thus Jesus had to die on a Thursday.

Then Jesus spent three nights in the tomb, Thursday night, Friday night, and Saturday night before He rose early on Sunday morning.

MATTHEW 12:39   But he answered and said unto them, An evil and adulterous generation seeketh after a sign; and there shall no sign be given to it, but the sign of the prophet Jonas:

:40     For as Jonas was three days and three nights in the whale's belly; so shall the Son of man be three days and three nights in the heart of the earth.

But the Catholic church changed this date to the unscriptural “Good Friday”.

If Jesus died on Friday and rose on Sunday then He was two nights in the tomb instead of three nights. He would only be in the tomb for Friday night and Saturday night.

And Friday would be the 15th day after Palm Sunday.

But churches listen to the Pope before they listen to the Bible, especially when it comes to dates.

Why Friday?

Women worship was common amongst the pagans. The days of the week are named after pagan gods, who are males except for Monday (moon goddess) and Friday named after Freya the Norse goddess of fertility whose symbol is a fish. Fish have more young than any other species. That is why Catholics introduced eating fish on Friday in honour of Freya.

Then the three days in the tomb took them to Monday, named after the moon goddess.

They neatly joined Friday and Monday, the two days named after women goddesses. Women worship as seen in their worship of Mary. So Monday became the unscriptural "Easter Monday" even though nothing happened on the Monday after the Lord's resurrection on Sunday.

Then they fooled the Protestants into believing all these unscriptural dates.

Around AD 350  Pope Julius 1 copied the 25 December birth date of the Roman sun god. This date had been announced by the pagan Roman emperor Aurelian in AD 274.

By changing the day of Christ’s death from Thursday to Friday and then declaring 25 December to be Christ’s unknown birthday, the Pope effectively changed the times of His birth and death.

DANIEL 7:8   I considered the horns, and, behold, there came up among them another little horn,

:25   …and think to change times

In 1582 Pope Gregory 13 made the final changes to our Gentile calendar by making it 365.24 days long instead of Julius Caesar's year of 365.25 days long.


REVELATION 12:2   And she being with child cried, travailing in birth, and pained to be delivered.

2000 years ago, the Jews went through many conflicts as they were ruled by the Greeks from Syria and then finally conquered by the Romans in 63 BC. The Romans appointed the cruel Herod as King of Judea in 37 BC. Thus, the pagan Romans waited for the birth of Jesus as a Human Being.

We can also refer this prophecy to the church.

The early church went through much persecution from the pagan Roman empire as they sought to establish Jesus as the Word of God, the full Bible.

REVELATION 12:3    And there appeared another wonder in heaven; and behold a great red dragon, having seven heads and ten horns, and seven crowns upon his heads.

Satan coming to oppose Jesus as a Man by conquering the Jews just before He was born.

Satan opposing the true Word of God as spread by the early church

REVELATION 12:4   And his tail drew the third part of the stars of heaven, and did cast them to the earth: and the dragon stood before the woman which was ready to be delivered, for to devour her child as soon as it was born.

A third can mean in terms of the number or in terms of the type of person.

God sees three classes of people or three types of people:

Jew, Gentile (non-Jew), and Samaritan (part Jew and part Gentile).

Satan used his tail (his tale or story) to get the Jews to reject Messiah and kill Him. This caused the Jews of that day to be blotted out of the Book of Life.

The Jews were one of the three types of people. Thus one-third of humanity failed. The Gospel then turned to the other two thirds, the Samaritans and the Gentiles.

Stars have always been a symbol of Jews.

GENESIS 15:5   And he brought him forth abroad, and said, Look now toward heaven, and tell the stars, if thou be able to number them: and he said unto him, So shall thy seed be.

So the Jews were knocked out of God's plan as a nation.

God thus turned to the Gentiles while the Jews were killed and scattered by the Romans in AD 70 when 1100000 were killed and again in AD 135 when another 580000 were killed.

The Jews went out of Israel with slaughter and they came back into Israel with slaughter during World War 2 (1939 - 1945).

Almost 1900 years later God starts collecting the Jews together with the fierce Holocaust slaughter of 6 million Jews by Hitler. This was a preview of the savage slaughter of the coming great Tribulation.

REVELATION 12:6   And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.

A spiritual wilderness to save the Jews from the hatred of the nations.

For the Jews, this represents their isolation from all nations which will happen during the 1260 days ( or 3.5 years) of great Tribulation. Only the supernatural power of the two prophets, Moses and Elijah, will be able to hold back the vicious hordes of the antichrist armies that strive to eliminate the Jews.

For the Gentiles, this 1260 days represent the 1242 Gentile years in the Dark Ages where the opponents of the Roman Catholic church had to flee to remote areas to escape the vicious Catholic killing machine in Europe.

54-0513  THE  MARK  OF  THE  BEAST

Revelations 12. Now, look.

And there appeared a great wonder in heaven; a woman...

What does a woman represent? The church. This is the Bride here. This is the Church, the real Church.

... a woman clothed with the sun, and the moon under her feet...

Look, the moon under her... "The sun at her head, the moon under her feet." The sun was the dispensation of grace. And the moon was the dispensation of law. The woman was the orthodox church, and she was standing over the law. The law was passing away, 'cause the law was a shadow of the good things to come. Is that right? The moon is only a shadow of the sun reflecting on the moon (is that right?),

... and under her feet, and upon her head a crown of twelve stars: (The church is crowned with the doctrine of the twelve apostles. See?)

… the woman fled into the wilderness where she was taken care of for a thousand two hundred and threescore days to exactly the date of Plymouth Rock, exactly, where the church come over here for freedom of religion, and she established here.

… And we'll read on down in 13th chapter of Revelations here, and look here at the 15th verse. And now, just a minute, I want to go back before that, and we see here where that He was standing here by the seaside. Now, if I can just find the place where, the 11th verse.

And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth... (not out of water, out of the earth).

Then, the thickness and multitudes of people is water, then this is where there was no people, the United States.

And he had two horns like a lamb...

"Two horns like a lamb," not a lamb. What is it? It's our American buffalo. Sure. See, there he is, "two horns like a lamb." But then what did he do? He had freedom of religion, first; he acted like a lamb; he spoke like a lamb. But remember, he never did become an old ram. He was a lamb. This country is only a hundred and fifty years old, you know, just a lamb.

... and then he spake like a dragon.

Initially, America set a great example with leaders like Washington and Lincoln. But as time went on, the standards began to drop.

The Pilgrim Fathers fled from England to Holland. But their aim was to escape Catholic persecution in crowded Europe. So, they set sail in the ship called the Mayflower and landed at Plymouth Rock in 1620, in Massachusetts.

1260 Jewish years of 360 days have 1260/70  =  18 fewer Gentile years of 365.24 days.

1260  Jewish years  =  1260 – 18 = 1242 Gentile years

Thus this wilderness time started about  1620 – 1242   =   378.

So, what happened in AD 378?

The battle of Adrianople near the city of Constantinople (Istanbul) that started the destruction of the Roman empire and the rise of the Roman Catholic church.

Daniel's image sees Babylon mysteries go to Rome and the church

What was the main historical development in the Old Testament?

Satan wanted his pagan Babylonian mysteries to infiltrate the ruling Gentile kingdoms.

The mysteries of Babylon would go from Babylon to pagan Rome. Then in the New Testament the mysteries of pagan Rome would infiltrate the Roman Catholic church to make her become Mystery Babylon.

The prophet Daniel saw a vision of this in Daniel Chapter 2.

The clever pagan ideas of Nimrod in the Babylonian head of gold would become the iron force of the pagan Roman empire legs.

Then salvation crossed-over from the Jews to the feet of the Gentile image which represented the seven church ages. The bits of iron in the feet represent the infiltration of the Babylonian mysteries into the church. The clay represents the true church. The clay is the only part of the image that can produce life, as a seed can grow in clay soil.

In Babylon, the Pontiff was the religious head of the Babylonian mysteries that had been started by Nimrod.

When the Medes conquered Babylon, the Babylonian priesthood survived there until they angered Cyrus the Persian. Then the Babylonian priesthood fled and hid in the city of Pergamos while Cyrus expanded his empire to the east, up to the border of India.

The Persians in the east became used to worshiping their king as a god.

Alexander the Greek became so famous when he conquered the Persians that they now worshiped this western man as god. Alexander insisted on being worshiped as a god-king in Greece as well.

Four generals took over Alexander’s kingdom and declared themselves to be gods. They also ruled as god-kings.

Under the Greeks, the city of Pergamos prospered and became a powerful and very wealthy kingdom of Pergamum.

The Babylonian priesthood asked the god-king of Pergamos to become Pontiff and head of the Babylonian mysteries. This produced the Attalid line of Pergamos god-kings.

The Babylonian priesthood had great credibility amongst the pagans because they were the descendants of the original pagan religion that was started by Nimrod.


These Babylonian mysteries coming from the god-king of Pergamos who was also Pontiff, would finally get polished up by Greek philosophy and undermine the Bible faith of the New Testament church. The unscriptural philosophical ideas of “three-in-one” (three Persons in one Godhead) and “essence” (Father and Son are of the same essence) and “co-equal” (Father and Son are co-equal)  and eternal Sonship made the pagan trinity concept acceptable to the Roman Catholic church at the Nicene Council of AD 325. The above expressions in bold print are not found in the Bible.

The last god-king of Pergamos, Attalus III, gave his kingdom to Rome in 133 BC. There they lurked unnoticed. But in 63 BC Julius Caesar bribed his way to become Pontiff of the Babylonian mysteries and then he became Dictator of Rome. Caesar was the most famous Roman and this gave a huge boost to the position of the Babylonian Pontiff as he was now the Emperor of the greatest Old Testament empire.

By 29 BC a temple was built in Pergamos to the divine Caesar and Asia Minor became a hotbed of Caesar worship as pagan traditions swept through the empire.

The Greeks had established this powerful idea in the west that a man stood in the place of god.

The Roman emperors took on the title of Pontiff and regarded themselves as being a god.

The Egyptian trinity of Father, wife, and son called Horus, Isis, and Seb was identified as IHS. The letters IHS are sill found on certain church altar cloths.  In Pergamos the Egyptian trinity combined with the Hindu trinity of three men (Brahma, Krishna, and Siva).

Greek philosophy would then enable the church to replace the woman Isis with the un-named masculine Holy Spirit in the unscriptural Trinity of the Roman church. Father, Son, and Holy Spirit would become three separate Persons to match the pagan trinities of three separate persons.

Satan was happy. He had the whole world under the brutal and iron control of the Roman empire.

To dissent was to die.

Such was Rome’s power that they were then able to crucify the Messiah of the Jews.

It seemed like evil had won.

The mysteries of Babylon, under the headship of the Pontiff, had gone to Pergamos and had been polished up by Greek philosophy. Then they moved to Rome and eventually entered the Roman Catholic church. The Pope is still called Pontiff.

But, despite appearances, evil had not quite won.

A new belief, the Christian church, based on a resurrected Christ began to sweep the world.

"Iron" Rome killed 3 million Christians by AD 312 for refusing emperor worship and rejecting pagan traditions.

The third church age of Pergamos started in AD 312.

As Christianity continued to spread, Satan changed his tactics and entered the church.

In AD 325 at the Council of Nicaea (a city near Constantinople, today called Istanbul) the Roman Church accepted the Trinity as the official doctrine of the church. All opposition was to be persecuted.

Rome had conquered the world but Greek philosophy would conquer the Roman church beliefs.

The Roman emperor would now protect the Roman Catholic church and kill its opponents.

But that was not good enough because the western Roman empire would collapse in AD 476.

So Satan needed the Roman Catholic church to have enough power and authority to kill its enemies.

To achieve this, the mysteries of Babylon and the brutal power of pagan Rome had to enter the Roman Catholic church.

Then tens of millions of dissenters would be killed in the Dark Ages.

The main achievement of the antichrist spirit in the Dark Ages

The barbarians would destroy the pagan Roman empire which was Satan’s main achievement from the Old Testament days.

Then the Roman Catholic church would rise upon the ruins of the pagan Roman empire and adopt its paganism and brutality, all in the name of Jesus.

The Roman Catholic Pope would rise to assume the same power that the Roman emperor once had over western Europe. Then he would use that brutal power to try to destroy the true church.

By teaching the Trinity, the Catholic church ensured that God lost His name as you cannot have one name for three People.

The Holy Ghost has no name in the Bible.

Church-goers keep saying, "In the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Ghost" but cannot tell us what that name is.

The Trinity of three Men is impossible if Adam and his bride were created in the image of God.

A man and a woman, on earth, are not the image of three Men in Heaven.

The Catholic church does not know the name of God as they cannot find one name for three Persons.

That was partly the cause of Muhammed’s religious revolt.

He wanted a belief that knew the name of God.

In Arabic “Allah” means God.

So, Muhammed started his new faith to contradict the Catholic church by giving God a name.

“There is no God but Allah”.

But this did not solve the problem. Allah means God.

Nobody can say that God is the name of God.

So, neither the Muslims nor the Catholics with their Trinity knew the name of God.


However, the Catholic church now adopted a new and dangerous logic that they passed on to the Protestants.

They claimed that "Trinity" is the truth about God but admitted that the word “Trinity” is not in the Bible.

So, they falsely allege that you can believe something is Biblically true even if the word is not in the Bible.

Thus, they profess that you must accept Mass and Christ’s mass, now called Christmas.  25 December. Christmas trees. Lent. Rosary. Easter eggs and Easter rabbits. Church steeples. Archbishop. Cardinal. Pope. Christening babies. Good Friday.  Easter Monday. Etc.   The list keeps growing.

Thus, in terms of Bible truth, the church was destroyed from within by church leaders.

The people were too lazy or too scared to check if the ideas were Scriptural or not.

Group-think. They just went with the crowd. But only dead fish go with the flow.

No longer did people have to prove their faith from the Bible.

Church traditions were regarded as more important than what was written in Scripture.

Especially when the tradition was copied from pagan worship like Trinity, Christmas, Easter eggs and Easter bunnies, etc.

Jesus came to pull the Gentiles out of the pit of paganism. But the Gentile church during the third church age, that started in AD 312, was very keen to go back to its pagan roots.


The key date was AD 378.

The eastern Roman emperor Valens and 20000 men were slaughtered by the barbarian Goths at the Battle of Adrianople.

Historians say that this battle began the downfall of the western Roman empire.

The barbarians suddenly realized that Rome was vulnerable.

This mass slaughter of Romans encouraged the barbarians to start attacking the Roman empire which was obviously weaker than it had been. The western Roman empire would collapse in AD 476.

This battle was the first time that a group of Huns was mentioned in western Europe.

The Huns were migrating across from Mongolia and tended to push the other tribes that were in their way into the Roman empire. Thus, they caused a serious refugee crisis for the Romans which helped collapse the Roman empire.

The Huns became the most violently successful early attackers of Rome.

From AD 434 the Huns were ruled by Atilla who sacked and destroyed over 70 Roman cities.

The next map shows the huge empire that Atilla built up and three of his main invasion routes when he attacked the Roman empire.

Atilla the Hun revealed to the other barbarian tribes that Rome could be conquered.

Atilla died in AD 453 and his empire suddenly collapsed.

Waves of barbarian tribes began to batter at Rome's defenses until they crumbled in AD 476.


Let us consider the effect of the battle of Adrianople in AD 378 on the Roman Catholic church.

The eastern emperor Valens was killed in the battle.

The western emperor Gratian immediately invited Theodosius to become co-emperor.

Theodosius did four significant things to establish the Pope.

  1. He enforced the Roman Catholic Trinity of the Nicene Council of AD 325 and the Roman Catholic church as the official religion of the Roman empire.
  2. Theodosius then placed himself as emperor under the power of the Pope of Rome who was his uncle Damasus. Damasus had hired a gang of thugs to massacre 137 people and then a further 160 people in a second massacre, in order to get himself elected as bishop of Rome in AD 366.

Damasus encouraged the scholar Jerome in AD 382 to translate the Latin Vulgate and this became the standard text of the Roman Catholic church for all the Dark Ages. Erasmus the great Catholic scholar had to correct the  Vulgate at the start of the Reformation. The Vulgate described Mary as "full of grace" which led Catholics to pray to her believing that Mary could give them grace. Mary-worship was born.

A wrong translation can have big consequences.

  1. Theodosius, as emperor, dropped the title of Pontiff (high priest of the Babylonian mysteries) and gave the title of Pontiff (or Pontifex) to Pope Damasus.

From Emperor Theodosius's edict De fide catholica of 27 February 380, enacted in Thessalonica and published in Constantinople for the whole empire, by which he established Catholic Christianity as the official religion of the empire, he referred to the western Bishop of Rome, Damasus, as a pontifex, while calling the eastern Bishop of Alexandria, Peter, an episcopus:

“... the profession of that religion which was delivered to the Romans by the divine Apostle Peter, as it has been preserved by faithful tradition and which is now professed by the Pontiff Damasus and by Peter, Bishop of Alexandria ... We authorize the followers of this law to assume the title Catholic Christians ..”

Today, the Pope's Twitter handle is @pontifex.

  1. Theodosius began to persecute pagans.

So, the Catholic church that had just been heavily persecuted by pagan Roman emperors from AD 302-312 now became a persecutor. This persecution then spread to the Arian Christians. By AD 450 Pope Leo 1 said that it was fine to persecute and kill heretics (non-Catholics).

So, the demonic antichrist spirit of the political red horse in Revelation 6:4 was unleashed by the Catholic church and the “Christian” Roman emperor.

This vicious mass-killing spirit would continue on into the 1600s in Western Europe.

REVELATION 6:4   And there went out another horse that was red: and power was given to him that sat thereon to take peace from the earth, and that they should kill one another: and there was given unto him a great sword.

By submitting to the Pope’s power and persecuting the Pope’s enemies and then declaring Pope Damasus as Pontiff, Theodosius laid the foundation for the mysteries of Babylon to take over the Catholic church.

This, in turn, allowed the Pope to rise in power over the barbarians in Europe after they had destroyed the Roman empire.

Supreme power passed from the Roman emperor to the Roman Pope.

REVELATION 13:1   And I stood upon the sand of the sea, and saw a beast rise up out of the sea, having seven heads and ten horns, and upon his horns ten crowns, and upon his heads the name of blasphemy.

Abraham’s seed is symbolized as stars and as the sand of the sea. The Jews are his natural seed. The true Gentile church is his spiritual seed.

GENESIS 22:17   That in blessing I will bless thee, and in multiplying I will multiply thy seed as the stars of the heaven, and as the sand which is upon the sea shore; and thy seed shall possess the gate of his enemies;

The seashore represents the clean sand of the true believers who saw the awful killing machine of the pagan Roman empire rise up out of the restless sea of tribes and nations that occupied Europe.

REVELATION 17:9   And here is the mind which hath wisdom. The seven heads are seven mountains, on which the woman sitteth.

A woman symbolizes a church. The Roman Catholic church dominates Rome, the City of Seven Hills.

The buildings on the seven hills became a city when a wall, shown as a red line, was built around them.

The ten horns represent ten dictators who will give their military power to the final antichrist Pope in the 3.5 years of great Tribulation.

The name of blasphemy is to deny God’s name.

The Catholic church says, “In the name of the Father, and the Son, and the Holy Spirit” but cannot tell us what that name is.

The Trinity doctrine makes them see three People. But you cannot find one name for three People. So the Trinity doctrine caused the church to lose the name of God.

That is blasphemy, to deny that God has a name.

But the Trinity is the major doctrine of the Catholic church that the Protestants have also copied.

REVELATION 13:2   And the beast which I saw was like unto a leopard, and his feet were as the feet of a bear, and his mouth as the mouth of a lion: and the dragon gave him his power, and his seat, and great authority.

Daniel saw visions of the Old Testament Gentile kingdoms as animals.

The leopard represents Greek philosophy that took the pagan trinities of Egypt and India and turned them into the Roman Catholic Trinity that has no name for God.

The bear was the crushing power of a centralized organization that enabled the Medes and the Persians to build up the first worldwide empire. This organizational skill finally established the Vatican as the nerve centre of a worldwide Catholic religious-political hierarchy. The corporate corruption of the church government by vested interests killed off freedom of information. Church traditions generated Bible ignorance. The less that people knew about the Bible, the easier they were to control and the more likely they were to conform to man-made beliefs. Church conformity became the key requirement if you wanted to make Heaven.

I PETER 5:8   Be sober, be vigilant; because your adversary the devil, as a roaring lion, walketh about, seeking whom he may devour:

Satan goes about as a roaring lion to imitate the Word of God, Jesus, Who is the Lion of the tribe of Judah. From this devouring mouth come the claims that the Pope is Vicarius Christi, in place of Christ. They claim that the Pope is the mouthpiece of Christ on earth. This claim is based on the Succession of Popes that they say goes back to Saint Peter who, they claim, is the only one who has the keys to open Heaven’s door for you, as long as you are in subjection to the Pope.

"The bottomless pit" means the Pope preaches doctrines that are not based on the foundation of Scripture.

REVELATION 17:8   The beast that thou sawest was, and is not; and shall ascend out of the bottomless pit, and go into perdition: and they that dwell on the earth shall wonder, whose names were not written in the book of life from the foundation of the world, when they behold the beast that was, and is not, and yet is.

The Pope "was".  According to the Catholics, the Popes go all the way back to Saint Peter. Thus they claim that there always was a Pope.

"And is not".  The current pope dies.

"And yet is". A new Pope is elected.

The Popes are the longest line of rulers in the world.

Satan uses a church leader today, just like he used Judas who was an apostle.

This was the great system of fake Christianity that Satan could not build up when he controlled the Roman empire. Pagan religion on its own could never rule the world.

Satan realized that he had to corrupt and paganize parts of the Christian faith in order to deceive the world.

A historian described the Roman Catholic church as baptized paganism.

REVELATION 13:3  And I saw one of his heads as it were wounded to death; and his deadly wound was healed: and all the world wondered after the beast.

The Capitoline Hill was the centre of the pagan Roman empire with its Temple of Jupiter.

This is where laws were announced and was the centre from which the empire was ruled.

The authority of the Capitoline hill collapsed and died in AD 476 due to all the barbarian invasions and influx of barbarian refugees. The collapse was finalised when Odoacer the Heruli took control of  Rome and Italy and just ignored the Capitoline Hill.

Then from the ruins of the Roman Empire rose up the power of the Catholic church with its headquarters in the Lateran palace and basilica (big church) complex on the Caelian hill.

The deadly wound recovered. The Roman Pope replaced the Roman Emperor and ruled western Europe in his place. Then Spain and Portugal spread the Pope's power worldwide with their overseas empires.

The  Vatican's magnificent wealth and majestically robed cardinals and bishops as well as their beautifully painted huge halls, catch the admiration of the world.

REVELATION 13:4   And they worshipped the dragon which gave power unto the beast: and they worshipped the beast, saying, Who is like unto the beast? who is able to make war with him?

Denomination and organized religion end up with people worshiping Satan in their unscriptural church traditions. If it is not written in the Bible, then it comes from the bottomless pit.

Nobody can declare war on the Pope because he is the spiritual head of 1.4 billion Catholics with followers in almost every country.

The funeral of John Paul 2 in 2005 was the biggest gathering of world leaders in world history. Such is the power of the Pope. Even Prince Charles in England had to delay his adulterous marriage to a divorced woman in order to attend the Pope’s funeral.

MARK 10:11   And he saith unto them, Whosoever shall put away his wife, and marry another, committeth adultery against her.

MARK 10:12   And if a woman shall put away her husband, and be married to another, she committeth adultery.

Any legally married person who divorces and re-marries is committing adultery.

The antichrist Pope will be the world's final ruler

REVELATION 13:5   And there was given unto him a mouth speaking great things and blasphemies; and power was given unto him to continue forty and two months.

42 months is the final 3.5 years of great Tribulation when the final Pope will rule the world as the man of sin, the son of perdition (the son from hell).

Notice the great claims that the Pope makes:

“No salvation outside the Catholic church”.

“The Pope is infallible”.

“The Pope is the Universal Bishop”.

A medal struck in 1825 by Pope Leo 12 sees the Catholic church as a woman who regards the whole world as her seat.

This aim will be achieved in the Tribulation when Satan enters the man of sin who will usurp the position of Pope.

DANIEL 11:21   And in his estate shall stand up a vile person, to whom they shall not give the honour of the kingdom: but he shall come in peaceably, and obtain the kingdom by flatteries.

The final Pope will not be elected by the Council of Cardinals.

His name will undoubtedly be Peter 2, Peter the Second.

World finance is sitting on a precarious load of debt, especially as President Biden is drastically borrowing money to combat the ravages of the COVID-19 coronavirus pandemic.

It is very probable that the American economy will collapse sometime if there is a very serious natural disaster such as Los Angeles sinking into the sea.  America would be rescued by the Roman Catholic church, and thus enslaved to the church.  When the final antichrist Pope makes a covenant with the Jews for their stock exchange money, then the final Pope will rule the world for the 3.5 years of great Tribulation.

REVELATION 13:6  And he opened his mouth in blasphemy against God, to blaspheme his name, and his tabernacle, and them that dwell in heaven.

The Pope blasphemes God by saying that the Pope can forgive sin. Selling indulgences which supposedly forgave sins were the reason for Martin Luther’s rebellion and the birth of Protestantism.

They say, “In the name of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit” but cannot tell us what that name is. So they replace the name of God with three titles.

They call the beautifully built Vatican the Temple of God. As if that is the tabernacle where God dwells. But that is false as God’s tabernacle is the hearts of born-again men and women.

They pray to Mary and the saints as if they are intercessors. Communing with the dead is spiritism.

REVELATION 13:7   And it was given unto him to make war with the saints, and to overcome them: and power was given him over all kindreds, and tongues, and nations.

The Catholic church killed tens of millions of Christians in the Dark Ages.

Today they keep modifying the New Testament by having a Catholic scholar on the translation panel. They have just produced their 28th version of the New Testament. So, they infiltrate the Protestants with corrupted texts so efficiently that most Protestants now criticize the perfect King James Bible of 1769. As a result, most Protestants believe that it is impossible to have a perfect Bible. Thus Christians effectively have no absolute foundation for their faith.

REVELATION 13:8   And all that dwell upon the earth shall worship him, whose names are not written in the book of life of the Lamb slain from the foundation of the world.

If you are not dedicated to Scripture you will be fooled by the church systems and their clever human traditions. Plus their aggressive defense of error as they claim their “peoples’ rights”.

REVELATION 13:9   If any man have an ear, let him hear.

This is God’s warning to every church age in Revelation Chapters 2 and 3.

Stay with Scripture.

Stay away from clever ideas that cannot be proven just by linking Bible verses together.

The Protestants escape to America from Kings and Popes

AD 378 saw a dramatic battle that critically weakened the Roman empire and allowed the mysteries of Babylon to enter the Roman Catholic church. This set the church on the path to Scriptural error and mass slaughter.

So, there had to be a way of escape for true Christians.

So powerful and brutal was the growing power of the church over Europe that the true believers literally had to flee to the wilderness. The closest wilderness in Europe was the rugged, mountainous areas of the Alps.

A 20-year crusade by Pope Innocent III that started in 1209 saw the Albigenses people wiped out in southern France.

The Waldenses people who lived nearby fled to the Alps where they hid in the rugged valleys until they finally joined up with the Protestants after the Reformation.

But Catholic persecution was always strong as France, Spain, and Italy remained Catholic.

So, the Pilgrim Fathers, having left England's persecution for the Netherlands, decided to sail to America in 1620. This was a wilderness of safety, far away from Kings and Popes.

REVELATION 12:6   And the woman fled into the wilderness, where she hath a place prepared of God, that they should feed her there a thousand two hundred and threescore days.


So in 1620 the 1260 Jewish years (or 1242 Gentile years) of endless persecution since AD 378 were over. At last, the Protestants had a new land. They grew like a beast or power with two horns, freedom of speech and freedom of religion.

Europe was represented as a crowded sea of people.

The Spanish conquerors of Mexico and South America brought smallpox with them which wiped out about 90 million of the 100 million indigenous Native Americans. Thus, there were very few people living in the wide-open prairies of America. This was represented by the earth.

REVELATION 13:11   And I beheld another beast coming up out of the earth; and he had two horns like a lamb, and he spake as a dragon.

When the mid-west prairies of America got plowed up for food and were connected to the north-east industrial sector by railways, a superpower suddenly emerged. Ferocious in battle and brilliantly innovative in places like Silicon Valley, the Americans dominated the 20th century.

A lamb, a young country.

America first became a country in 1776. Not quite 250 years ago. That is very recent.

The two horns were a church without a Pope and a republic without a king.

Having no dictatorial leader in church or state allowed the truth to flourish.

This laid the grounds for the great 1906 Pentecostal revival in Azusa Street in Los Angeles, but unfortunately, Pentecost had already begun to denominate by 1917. The dragon was infiltrating the Pentecostal movement. In 1917 God raised up the Communist revolution in Russia as He will use them to destroy America even as He used Babylon to destroy Israel.

Brother Branham, the end-time prophet to the Gentiles, revealed the hidden mysteries of Scripture between 1947 and 1965.

Since then message groups have denominated by raising his quotes above Scripture and elevating him to the Godhead as infallible by claiming that he is a prophet who cannot be corrected. They even refer to him as the Son of man, God in the flesh.

Message preachers now interpret the unwritten seven Thunders as if they can understand silence.  As proof of their prophetic abilities, they predicted that Trump would lose the 2016 presidential election. They got it wrong but nobody cares. Fake news is the new normal in the church world.

According to the parable of Matthew 25, even the wise virgins are fast asleep.

Who keeps everyone asleep? The preachers every Sunday.

63-0320  THE  THIRD  SEAL

The Bride hasn't had a revival yet. See? There's been no revival there, no manifestation of God to stir the Bride yet. See? We're looking for it. It will take those seven unknown thunders back there to wake her up again. He will send it. He promised it. Now, now, watch. Now, she was dead.

The Bide is dead, waiting for those unknown seven Thunders to wake us up.

The cry at midnight for the ten virgins.

A wake-up call.

And then they were told to go out.

So whatever church we are in at the time of the wake-up call, it will prove to be inadequate. We will have to get out. A third exodus. The shallowness of the church leaders, that church-goers do not want to acknowledge, will be brutally exposed.

MATTHEW 25:1   Then shall the kingdom of heaven be likened unto ten virgins, which took their lamps, and went forth to meet the bridegroom.

MATTHEW 25:5   While the bridegroom tarried, they all slumbered and slept.

:6   And at midnight there was a cry made, Behold, the bridegroom cometh; go ye out to meet him.

Those seven Thunders will be very, very dramatic.

REVELATION 10:3   And cried with a loud voice, as when a lion roareth: and when he had cried, seven thunders uttered their voices.

:4   And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not.

The turbulence will be frightening.

We must study the Bible and think for ourselves.

PHILIPPIANS 2:12   ...  work out your own salvation with fear and trembling. 

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23