The 7 Thunders are revealed in the 7 Seals

The best revelation of the 7 Thunders is to see what brother Branham said in the "Revelation of the Seven Seals".

First published on the 4th of June 2017 — Last updated on the 14th of October 2018


63-0318  THE  FIRST  SEAL

This guy isn't called nothing but he's on a white horse.

The rider has no arrows for his bow. Did you notice? He had a bow, but there's nothing said about having any arrows; so he must be a bluffer. That's right. Maybe he's got a lot of thunder and no lightning.

Light comes from the Bible. It is no good having a Thunders doctrine that does not get its illumination from Scripture.


Now this messenger of Malachi 4 and Revelation 10:7 is going to do two things.

One: According to Malachi 4 he will turn the hearts of the children to the fathers.

Two: He will reveal the mysteries of the seven thunders in Revelation 10 which are the revelations contained in the seven seals.

It will be these Divinely revealed 'mystery-truths' that literally turn the hearts of the children to the Pentecostal fathers. Exactly so.

This study will follow all the quotes that brother Branham made on the seven Thunders while he was preaching the seven Seals .

Then you judge what was revealed about the Thunders.

Let us look at a few quotes on the Thunders to get some background.


Have the seven thunders which equals seven mysteries already been revealed? Were they revealed in the seven Seals, but are yet not known to us as the thunders yet?

No, they were revealed in the seven Seals; that's what the thunders was about. They was to reveal... The seven thunders that had uttered their voices and no one could make out what it was. John knew what it was, but he was forbidden to write it. He said, "But the seventh angel, in the days of his sounding, the seven mysteries of the seven thunders would be revealed." And the seventh angel is a messenger of the seventh church age. See?

Here we learn the key point.

The seven Seals revealed what the seven Thunders was about.

In other words brother Branham revealed the function of the Thunders.

What they are supposed to do.    What their purpose is.


And he said, "Well, then, them seven thunders, you see," said, "wouldn't them seven thunders blasting out, won't that be a Revelation be give to some man?"

I said, "No, sir, it would be adding something to It or taking Something from It."

It's all revealed in There, and the Seven Seals opened up the revelation of what That was. That's what it was. See, it's still in the Word. You see, you can't get out of that Word. It won't leave the Word. And God's Spirit will never leave that Word. It'll stay right with the Word; blinding some, and open the eyes of others. It'll always do that.

Blasting out. Uttering something.

Some man getting a revelation of what they uttered?  NO.   It will not happen that way.

So keep two points in mind.

In the Revelation of the Seven Seals he never tells us what the Thunders utter nor what they say.

He never tells us what the seven Thunders are.

He only tells us what the Thunders are going to do.

So in the end you will know their function not their content.


We will also find clues as to when the seven Thunders utter.

Then there are comments on  where  and to whom they utter.

Where they utter and to whom they utter gets complex. Fasten your seat belts.

And then the prophet Daniel also heard them utter.

(So you still think you know all about the seven Thunders?  I certainly do not.)



Did you notice when the Jews asked Him that? You know when we compared the Scripture here with Matthew 24 with the six Seals, the Seventh Seal was left out; because, Christ said only God Himself knowed, not even the Angels. No wonder, it wasn't even written. You see, they hushed; nothing take place then. Angels don't know it; nobody knows when He's coming. But there will be seven voices of these thunders that will reveal the great revelation at that time.

So I believe, to us who... If we don't know it, and we--it won't be knowed till that time, but it will be revealed in that day, in the hour that it's supposed to be revealed in. So the thing for us to do is to be reverent before God and serve Him, and do all that we know how to do, and live good Christian lives.

Here now, we find that the Sixth Seal has been opened to us; we see it, and we know that this Seventh Seal cannot be broke to the public until that hour arrives.


FUNCTION  1.    The seven Thunders will reveal when the Lord Jesus is Coming.


Remember, the Seven Seals was finished, and when those seven revealed Truths...

One of them, He wouldn't permit us to know. We... How many was here at the Seven Seals, and heard?  All of you, I guess. See, the Seventh Seal, He wouldn't permit it.

He uses the words  "us"  and  "the  public"  interchangeably.

So no-one will know this mystery,

63-0321  THE  FOURTH  SEAL

And now, these Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, and those Seven Seals... Now... And then after these Seven Seals are completed, we find in Revelations 10 there was seven mysterious thunders that John was commissioned to write but then forbidden to write those. And at the time of those thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a rainbow, and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time had run out at that time.

And then we find out that in the revealing of the Seals that the Lamb had left His mediatorial work as an Intercessor and had come forth now to claim His rights, all that He had redeemed by His death.


TIME 1 :  The seven Thunders utter AFTER the seven Seals are completed.


But the seventh seal was never revealed. It never opened.


The Seventh Seal hasn't opened yet, you know. That's His Coming.

So the seven Seals are not yet complete. This makes things tricky to understand.

Preachers say “The seven Seals have opened”. No sir. Not the seventh one.

Preachers say “We know all the mysteries”.  No sir.  We do not know the mystery of the seventh Seal.

63-0320  THE  THIRD  SEAL

And when He takes this oath, seven thunders utter their voices, and the writer... Which when John was taken up, was supposed to write what he saw. He started to write down. He said, "Don't write it, because... Don't write that." He said, "Seal it up." What in? "Seal up; don't say it." See? It's to be revealed, but it's not even written in the Word.


CONTENT  1.   The content of the seven Thunders cannot refer to some doctrine that is written in Scripture.

The Thunders are somehow hidden in the Bible without being written.


A possible clue as to how this may work.

Questioned on the Law of Moses concerning a sinner woman Jesus wrote with His finger in the sand. He did this twice. Why?

The  Jews were too unspiritual to understand that He was actually giving them an in-depth lesson in the futility of the Law and the necessity for grace and redemption.

Jesus was testing us too. Can we pick up this well-known doctrine from the few clues that He gave here?

Writing in sand.  Writing twice. Writing with His finger. A guilty woman who seemed hopelessly condemned. Why a woman?

Another example of where Jesus expects His disciples, and us, to have a deeper insight into the Bible.

MATTHEW 16:9   Do ye not yet understand, neither remember the five loaves of the five thousand, and how many baskets ye took up?

10:   Neither the seven loaves of the four thousand, and how many baskets ye took up?

When he fed the 5000 and the 4000 they collected up all the baskets of left overs.

Jesus attached an importance to the number of baskets of left overs.

He expected them, and us, to be able to link that to a deeper pattern in the Bible.

He is the Creator. He knew every mouthful that would be eaten. Why did He create a specific number of basket-fulls of excess food?

Why those specific number of loaves? Do you think that was just an irrelevant co-incidence?

The revelation of the seven Seals is supposed to make us able to link Bible verses together and run them through the Scripture so that we link events to deeper patterns.

On the road to Emmaus Jesus began with Moses and then tracked His ministry down through all the prophets. Tracking an event down through other Scriptures brings out its deeper meanings.

The seven Thunders will be even far more subtle.

When they occur we will have to discern how they are hidden in the Bible without being actually written.

We need to be on our toes. We need to study the Bible.

If we cannot do that we will simply miss the seven Thunders and be unable to grasp what they are telling us.


And Those, blasting, the other morning, that shook me plumb till I raised up in the air, as high as this building, that constellation of Angels, seven Angels in the form of a pyramid. Is that them Thunders that's coming forth? Could it be?

This is all interpreted. According to his dream, it was all finished. According to God's Word, the seventh messenger will finish, seventh Message will be finished, and then the Seven Thunders. And he saw the capstone rolled over.

........    It's on the backside, when a Book is completed. Not did he say, "On the front side." He said, "On the backside," after It's all done, completed. Then, these Seven Thunders' voices is the only thing, that's stuck to the Book, that's not revealed. It's not even written in the Book.

........These Seals are on the backside of the Book. "And at the time that the seventh angel is sounding, all the mysteries that are written in the Book is completed."

He is speaking of the seven angels coming to him who were to reveal the seven Seals.

Brother Branham's message must first be finished (the written mysteries) and only then can the unwritten mysteries thunder out. The capstone had no writing because it is a total secret.

The backside of the Book (what we would call the back cover) has two meanings. Right at the end.

It also means not written within the Book. So it is somehow hidden within the Book.


TIME  2.  Backside of book. After it is all done completed. Right at the end.  After the seventh message is finished.

When the mysteries that are written are completed, then it is time for the unwritten mysteries.

CONTENT 2.  Backside of Book. Not written within the Bible. Somehow hidden in the Bible.



Notice Revelations 5:1. Listen at this now.

And I saw in the right hand of him that sat upon the throne a book written within (the writing was withinside) and on the backside, sealed with seven seals.

303    Now, there is writing on the inside of the Book. But, the backside had Seven Seals, on the back of It, that wasn't written in the Book.


...written in the Book. "And in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, all this mystery that's written within should be finished." It should be taken care of, in that day. Now do you see what I mean? Are you following me? Then is the time for the seven voices of Revelations 10 to be revealed. When the Book is finished, there is only one thing left, and that's the seven mysterious voices of thunder that was wrote on the backside of the Book, that John was forbidden to write. Let me read it.


CONTENT  3.   The seventh angel reveals the written mysteries. Not the unwritten mysteries.

The seven Thunders reveal the unwritten mysteries that were never written.

John was forbidden to reveal their content. He was one of the apostles.

We are to return to the apostolic teachings. So we must also not reveal their content.


II TIMOTHY 4:2    Preach the word;

Paul said we can only preach what is written in God’s Word.

So we are also forbidden to reveal the content of the unwritten Thunders.


TIME  3.   The Thunders utter when the Book is finished. Once Brother Branham’s ministry was finished.

But his ministry was not just while he was alive. We have to learn truth from his books, tapes, MP3 etc.

REVELATION 10:7   But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

“In the days of the voice” of the seventh angel covers his lifetime. In addition, he was the first preacher to tape record his sermons so that we can continue hearing his voice right up to the end of the church age.

People are learning to return back to Scripture under the guidance of his taped messages. So we are all living in the days of his voice, long after he left the scene.


“the mystery of God should be finished”  implies that for most people the mystery of God  (the Bible) will not be finished. The mystery "should" be finished. But if we handle his quotes incorrectly by not taking them back to Scripture then we will not end up understanding the mysteries correctly.

Thus message followers will not understand why Mary held Jesus by His feet in Matthew after the resurrection but  was told not to touch Him in John.

This ignorance comes from an addiction to quotes, rather than using quotes to take us back to Scripture.

In addition, pastors are not Bible teachers although they insist on doing the teaching.

That is why pastors emphasize joining quotes and leaving people ignorant of any deeper understanding of Scripture. They emphasize joining quotes together because they cannot join Scriptures together to run their beliefs through the Bible in the way Jesus did it on the road to Emmaus. Thus their people cannot prove their beliefs from Scripture either. Ask them to prove their belief and they start with their main quote, often twisted to be a little different from what brother Branham actually said.

God ordains teachers to take the quotes back to Scripture and then prove the revelation from Scripture,
The teacher is a special man. He sits back under the anointing of the Spirit and is able to take the Words and put them together by the Holy Spirit, that, the pastor or evangelist either one could not compare with him.

“the days of the voice” of the seventh angel will only finish when the last one finally manages to come in by turning back to the beliefs and practices of the early church, despite having to cope with our pastor-dominated message assemblies. Quote-preaching is certainly making it harder for the people to establish truth by linking Scriptures together.


Look where the voices was, the Thunders. Not in Heaven; on earth! The Thunders never uttered from the heavens. They uttered from the earth.

This quote complicates matters because of what brother Branham says in the seventh Seal.


The seven thunders in heaven will unfold this mystery. It will be right at the coming of Christ, because Christ said no one knew when He would return.


PLACE OF THUNDERING  1.   The seven Thunders is a complex problem, involving both Heaven and earth.


TIME  4:   The seven Thunders utter after the preaching of the seventh Seal because while he is preaching the seventh Seal he describes them happening in the future.

He also places the Coming of Christ in the future.

The seven Thunders will utter right at the Coming of Christ.



Daniel heard the Voice as the thunders, and was forbidden to write it. John was forbidden to write it. But it was sealed on the backside of the Book, that is, after all of the mysteries of the Book has been given out and revealed. You notice Daniel said there, "The mysteries in the days of these voices, the mystery of God should be unfolded by that time." See, "the mystery," Who God is, how He was made flesh, all these things should be unfolded by that time. And then--then we're ready for the Seven Seals on the backside of the Book, that's not even revealed to man, not even wrote in the Bible, but they'll have to be just exactly compare with the rest of the Bible, and I think it'll be a great thing.

Daniel’s mysteries were sealed to the time of the end. Only then would they be revealed. Then the seven Seals on the back of the Book. The seven unwritten Seals.

The seven Thunders are not written so that they can seal up the following unwritten mysteries in the Bible.

  1. When is the Lord Coming?
  2. What is His new Name?
  3. The content of the seventh Seal.

The seventh Seal says there is silence in Heaven for half an hour.  This does not tell us much. Interpreting silence is tricky.

Remember, if we speak where the Bible is silent then we are missing the mark.

TIME  5:   The seven Thunders only happen when the mysteries have first been unfolded.

This is also very tricky because some of Daniel’s prophecies refer to the Tribulation and will only be unfolded by the two prophets in the Tribulation.

So a deeper complication is emerging. The Thunders uttering to the Bride and the 144 000 Jews.

You think this is not possible? Tighten your seatbelt.



As Daniel heard the seven thunders, and forbidden; and John heard the voices, and this Book was sealed, and the back of the book was sealed with Seven Seals; but in the days of these Seals to be opened, "The mystery of God would be finished." In other words, God would be known to His Church; not in three people, but as one Person. "The mystery of God would be revealed," and when that was completely revealed, then the seven mysteries would open to the Church; because, in there, the Church would be living under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, Him moving in and out and showing His signs of being alive and among us, living among us, and we're then worshipping the living Christ that's among us.


DANIEL  1.  When did Daniel hear the seven Thunders?  Start searching. This is not easily answered.

TIME  6.   When the mystery of God (the Bible) is completely revealed then the seven Thunders utter.

The Thunders do not utter while the mysteries are being revealed. They utter after the mysteries have been revealed.


53-1213E  FAITH

but there's some key that'll unlock something here. Now, he saw the Book sealed on seven seals. And when the... Daniel saw the same, and when the thunders uttered their voices He said, "Don't write," what that was in the Scripture, but it'd be revealed in the last days. We're at the time. We're at Kadesh right now.

DANIEL  2.  Daniel saw the seven Thunders. You need to find out where.


Now let us track the seven Thunders through the Seven Seals  messages.




.....If the Angel of the Lord will break them Seals forth to us. Remember, it's sealed with them seven mysterious thunders.


The seventh Seal never opened because it is not written. The seven Thunders are not written.

So they are connected together.


FUNCTION  2.  The unwritten Thunders form a mysterious seal.



This seven-sealed Book is revealed at the time of the Seven Thunders of Revelations 10. If you're marking it down... Let's turn to Revelations 10 just a moment, so you'll get a understanding before we get into it. Now, this is at the end time, for listen.

... I saw another mighty angel come down from heaven, clothed with a cloud: and a rainbow... upon his head,...

If you notice that's Christ (See?), 'cause He in the Old Testament was called the Angel of the Covenant, and He's directly coming to the Jews now, for the Church is finished.

... and his face... as it were the sun, and his feet as pillars of fire:

Now all sorts of complications set in.

TIME   7:   The mighty Angel comes down to the Jews when the church is finished.

This looks like the Tribulation time.


Another difficult fact :  Only the two Jewish prophets can open the sixth Seal, which is an interruption of nature.

63-0323  THE  SIXTH  SEAL

... and have power over the waters to turn them to blood and to smite the earth with plagues as oft as they will.

What is it? What can bring these things but the Word? They can do nature any way they want to. Here it is. They're the one who brings on this Sixth Seal. They uncover and open it up. It's the power of God to interrupt nature. See, the Sixth Seal, is completely an interruption of nature.

Do you get it now? There's your Seal. Who does it? It's the prophets the other side of the rapture. With the power of God, the Word of God, they just condemn nature. They can send earthquakes, turn the moon into blood, the sun can go down or anything at their command. Amen.

........ See what the Sixth Seal is? It's those prophets.

Now, notice. Don't let it choke you, but watch what opened that Seal: prophets. See? Amen. There you are. Oh, we're living in the eagle day, brother, head up among the clouds. They opened that Sixth Seal. They have power to do it. Amen. There's your Sixth Seal coming open. See?

Now, we drop right back back here to Jesus spoke it would take place: way back yonder in the Old Testament, back in Ezekiel, back in the old prophets, they spoke it would take place. And here the Sixth Seal opened, and they say, "Well, that's a mysterious thing. What did it?" Here's the secret of it, the prophets, 'cause the Bible said so here. They can open it any time they... They can do anything to nature they want to. And they do the same thing they did do (Amen.), 'cause they know how it's done. Amen. Glory.


Another difficult fact  :   the seventh Seal never opened to us, so far (2017) ]


The Seventh Seal hasn't opened yet, you know. That's His Coming.


The Angel of Revelation 10 comes for two reasons, He comes to the Jews when the church is finished.

In other words when the Bride has been caught up to Heaven.


You remember that Angel in Revelations 1? Same thing. Angel is a messenger, and He's a Messenger to Israel. See? The Church has been raptured. See?


or fixing to be raptured. He comes for His Church.

But the Angel is also coming for the church that is fixing to be caught up to Heaven.


At the end, Heaven and earth start to merge. This is very tricky territory.

We also deal with there being no more time. That is a very tricky concept indeed.

So the Angel of Revelation 10 comes for the church before it is caught up and also for the Jews after the church is caught up. That is how we see things now because we are stuck in time.

When the church is caught up they will be in eternal bodies so they will be outside of time. We simply have no experience of this and thus we just do not have the brain capacity to fully understand what happens.

When dealing with the Heavenly dimension we are totally out of our depth.

II CORINTHIANS 12:4   How that he was caught up into paradise, and heard unspeakable words, which it is not lawful for a man to utter.

We simply with our human brains cannot understand how the spiritual dimension works. We cannot grasp certain of Heaven’s ideas. We simply do not have the vocabulary nor the brain power.

So we must just accept that the Angel deals with the church and the Jews and the Thunders utter from Heaven and from earth.

But, when you are transformed, your new body will have a new brain that is far, far more intelligent and then you will begin to understand.

In the meanwhile we should just admit that we do not really know how it all works.


And when the seven thunders had uttered their voices, I was about to write: and I heard a voice from heaven saying unto me, Seal up those things which the seven thunders uttered, and write them not. Now, that's what we don't know. That's yet to be revealed; it's not in Holy Script, what them thunders say.


CONTENT  4.   We simply do not know what the seven Thunders utter.



It is sealed up with Seven Seals.

Now, that's a different from the Seven Thunders. See?


CONTENT  5.   What we know about the Seals does not tell us what the Thunders are. They are different.


This is Seven Seals on the Book, and the Book will not--the Seals will not be released until the message of the seventh angel. See? So we are presuming, but the genuine revelation of God will be made perfect in that sounding and vindicated Truth. Now, that's exactly what the Word said. The mysteries should be finished at that time. And this seven-sealed Book, remember, it was closed here in Revelations the 5th chapter, and in Revelations the 10th chapter it is opened.

In Chapter 10 the Book is opened. The Angel does not come down to open the Book.

He comes down because the mystery is all finished and thus the Book has already been opened.



The other angels was messengers, men of the earth. But this Angel... These, that said, "To the angel of the church of Laodicea," "To the angel of the church of Ephesus," messengers of the earth; see, men, messengers, prophets, and so forth, to the church.

368    But, this One didn't come from the earth. He come down from Heaven, because the mystery is all finished. And when the mystery is finished, the Angel said, "Time shall be no more," and Seven Thunders throwed their voices out.

63-0318  THE  FIRST  SEAL

And he had in his hand a little book opened:... (Now, the Seals had done been broke here.

We're breaking them now; but this, the thing's opened.)...

and he set his right foot on the sea, and his left... on the earth,

63-0318  THE  FIRST SEAL

And then there's coming forth seven mysterious thunders that's not even written at all. That's right. And I believe that through those seven thunders will be revealed in the last days in order to get the Bride together for rapturing faith; because what we got right now, we wouldn't be able to do it. There's something we've got to step farther; we can't have enough faith for Divine healing hardly. We've got to have enough faith to be changed in a moment and be swept up out of this earth, and we'll find that after a while, the Lord willing, find where it's written.


FUNCTION  3:  The Thunders will get the Bride together for rapturing faith.   To give us enough faith to be changed.


63-0318  THE  FIRST  SEAL

But think, now he wrote this, but when he started to write those other seven thunders, he said, "Don't write it." He'd been commissioned to write everything he seen. But when these seven thunders over in Revelations 10 uttered, he said, "Don't write them at all." They're mysteries. We don't know what they are yet; but my opinion they'll be revealed right away. And when it do, it'll give faith for that rapturing grace for that Church to move out. We just move through everything that we know of; through all the dispensations we've watched everything. We've seen the mysteries of God. We've seen the appearing of the great gathering together of the Bride in the last days, but yet there's something in there that we just can't lighten ourself with. There's something another. But I imagine when them mysteries begins to come forth... God said, "Hold it back now. Wait a minute. I'll reveal it in that day. Don't write it at all, John, 'cause they'll stagger over it. Just let it go. (See?) But I'll reveal it in that day when it has need to done."


CONTENT  4:   The Thunders are so deep that we will not understand them. We will just stagger over them.

It seems that  we need to wait till we have a new body with a new brain.

But there is something, some mystery, that we just cannot enlighten ourselves with.



Seven thunders of revelation... May He show the Bride how to prepare for the great translation faith.


FUNCTION  4:  The Thunders will prepare us for great faith. We need faith to get into a new body. Then we need faith for the upward translation from earth to heaven, against earth's gravity pull.

We cannot be caught up until we have a new body.  Translation faith will not help us in this body.


Message preachers have preached rapturing faith for over 40 years but no-one has been raptured. Could it be that we are in the wrong body at the moment?



And Jesus, His Name on earth was Redeemer, Jesus. When He was on earth, He was the Redeemer; that's true. But when He conquered death and hell, and overcome them, and ascended on high, He received a new Name. That's the reason they holler the way they do and don't get nothing; it'll be revealed in the thunders. See?


FUNCTION  5:  Thunders reveal the new Name of Jesus.
REVELATION 19:11    And I saw heaven opened, and behold a white horse; and he that sat upon him was called Faithful and True, and in righteousness he doth judge and make war.

:12   His eyes were as a flame of fire, and on his head were many crowns; and he had a name written, that no man knew, but he himself.

No man knows His new name. You can safely ignore all the various names that have been thought up so far.

Only when you are in your new sinless body will you not need the Saviour Jesus.

Then we can learn His new Name.

While we are in this sinful body we are dependent upon the name of Jesus. His Name alone brings forgiveness of sin.

ACTS 4:12   Neither is there salvation in any other: for there is none other name under heaven given among men, whereby we must be saved.


Now comes another unexpected complication.

While we focus on the seven mysterious Thunders, we find that there is also a single Thunder  involved with the catching up of the Bride.

63-0319  THE  SECOND  SEAL

God, help our unbelief. Take it away from us, Lord. We want to receive rapturing grace. We want to be able when that mysterious thunder thunders out yonder, and the Church is taken up, we want to be ready to receive it, Lord. Grant it. Try us, Lord, by Thy Word. Let us look into It, and if we see that we have failed...


TIME  7:  Sometime in the future there also has to be a mysterious single Thunder.

There is a single Thunder when the Lamb opens the first Seal.

It is all rather complex. We need better brain capacity than what we have at present.
But we've got one of the most dreadful times to go through, that ever laid before human beings. And I'm just waiting for the hour, and when we can get... everybody can get a chance where you get off from work and spend a few days, and we can get set up somewhere where I can speak on those Plagues and things that's to fall in the last days; and throw about two or three weeks together, and bring that together, if the Lord lets me live to do it and will inspire me to do so, see how those things will be dropped in, and those Thunders. Then you'll find out what that man and them people have been dreaming about, and all these things there, it'll come to pass; see, you'll notice what them revealed, that great Thunder a coming forth out of the skies. Now, of course, the whole bunch of you, you know that I know what that means, you see. And, but let's just wait till the time comes, you see, for it to be, see, now, and it'll be more in season.

There is still a single great Thunder to come.


65-1127E  I  HAVE  HEARD  BUT  NOW  I  SEE
Dear God, in this solemn moment, it's going to be a time like this when there really will be a clap of thunder someday, and the Son of God shall descend from the heavens with a shout, with the voice of the Archangel, and the trump of God, the dead in Christ shall rise.


63-0320  THE  THIRD  SEAL

And when He takes this oath, seven thunders utter their voices, and the writer... Which when John was taken up, was supposed to write what he saw. He started to write down. He said, "Don't write it, because... Don't write that. It is an un..." He said, "Seal it up." What in? "Seal up; don't say it." See? It's to be revealed, but it's not even written in the Word.......

  Then the Lamb turned back again and pulled another Seal off and here went out a red horse rider. And he -given a sword, and he was going to make war and given great power and take peace from the earth and kill one another. That was kind of a--still a mysterious thing, wasn't it when He opened it up? And then goes on and said, in the day just before these seven thunders, all the mysteries here are revealed.


TIME  8:   The mysteries have to be revealed before the seven Thunders utter.


63-0320  THE  THIRD  SEAL

Now, that's what's the reason today that the--the revivals that we're supposed to have... We have denominational revivals; we haven't had a real stirring. No, no, no, no. No, sir. Don't think we got revivals. We haven't. Oh, they've got millions and millions and millions of church members, but not a revival nowhere. No, no.

The Bride hasn't had a revival yet. See? There's been no revival there, no manifestation of God to stir the Bride yet. See? We're looking for it. It will take those seven unknown thunders back there to wake her up again. He will send it. He promised it. Now, now, watch. Now, she was dead.


FUNCTION  6 :  Brother Branham sees the Bride as dead. (That is you and me and all the others too). We still have a long way to go. The Bride has had no revival. The seven Thunders will wake the Bride up to give her a revival.


63-0321  THE  FOURTH  SEAL

And now, notice that there’s something wrong somewhere in the churches. And I think it’s the denominational systems that’s twisted the people’s minds and so forth until they don’t know how to do it. That’s right. But we’re promised that it would be revealed.

And now, these Seven Seals that this Book is sealed with, and those Seven Seals... Now... And then after these Seven Seals are completed, we find in Revelations 10 there was seven mysterious thunders that John was commissioned to write but then forbidden to write those. And at the time of those thunders, we find Christ, or the Angel come down with a rainbow, and put His feet on the land and sea and swore that time had run out at that time.

..........That’s the way the church ages and Seals and all the rest of it. And when anybody thinks that he has those seven thunders, if it don’t compare with the rest of the Word, there’s something wrong here. See? It’s got to come THUS SAITH THE LORD, for this is the Book; this is the revelation of Jesus Christ in its entirety.

........Then the seven thunders utter their strange voices, and John was going to write... It was... John knew what it was, but he didn’t write it, ‘cause he was forbidden to write it. That’s absolutely and altogether a mystery. It’s not even in symbol or nothing. We just know it thundered; that’s all.


CONTENT  5:   We know absolutely nothing about what the Thunders utter. They are an absolute mystery. We do not know what they are. Are they events that happen? We do not know.


63-0321  THE  FOURTH  SEAL

Now, we had him coming last night with his great sword to kill. We find out that he gets killed with the Sword too, the sword of the Word. God’s Word, sharp, two-edged sword slays him, puts him right down. Wait till them seven thunders utter their voices to that group who really can take the Word of God and hand it there. It’ll slice and cut. And they can close the heavens; they can shut this or do that, whatever they want to. Glory.


He will be slayed by the Word that proceeds from His mouth; it’s sharper than a two-edged sword. They could call for a hundred billion tons of flies if they wanted to. Amen. Whatever they say’s going to happen, because it’s the Word of God coming from the mouth of God. Amen.


FUNCTION  7:   The seven Thunders utter to the two Jewish prophets who are pulling in the 144 000 Jews and protecting Israel from the attacks of the beast and his armies.

Here the seven Thunders are manifest as spectacular supernatural power.

They thunder to the Jewish prophets in the great Tribulation. They completely interrupt nature.

THINK :   If they have this amazing power for the Jews, what amazing power will they have for the Bride?


63-0321  THE  FOURTH  SEAL

And He's got wrote, "Life," riding on a white horse, and here's a man with three different powers mixed up, called death, gathering his earthbound delegates, and Christ is gathering His heaven-born subjects, saints.

He's got death wrote on him; Christ's got Life wrote on Him. Those with Him are on white horses also, and they are called "the chosen before the foundation of the world," (Amen.) and they are faithful to the Word. Amen. Whew. I like that one. Called, chosen before the foundation of the world, and then faithful to the Word by their choosing, all stimulated with new wine and oil just riding right along, coming down to meet Him. They know the thunders will issue the thing 'course pretty soon. See?


FUNCTION  8:   The seven Thunders take us from this world into the Heavenly dimension in our new bodies.



threefold manner. That, I will speak to you by God's help of a fold of it. And then you... Let's go over there first. Here's the revelation to begin what... I want to tell you what it is. What happens is that those seven thunders that he heard thunder and was forbidden to write, that's what the mystery is laying behind those seven consecutive thunders rolling out.

Now, why? Let us prove it. Why? It is the secret that no one knows about. John was forbidding to write about it, even, even write a symbol about it. Why? This is why there was no active in--activity in heaven; it might give away the secret. Do you see it now? If it's so great it must be included, because it's got to happen, but when the seven thunders...

Now, notice, when the seven angels come forth to sound their trumpets, there was one thunder. When Israel was gathered, there was a trumpet. When time shall be no more, the last trumpet... One thunder, but here is seven straight thunders right in a row: one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, that perfect number. Seven thunders in a row, uttered not... making just--just one, two, three, four, five, six, seven, straight. Then heavens couldn't write that. Heavens can't know about it, nothing else, because there's nothing to go on. It's a relaxing time. It was so great till it's kept secret from the Angels. Now, why?

If Satan should get a hold of it, he might do great damage. There's one thing he don't know. Now, he can interpret anything he wants to, and impersonate any kind of a gift (I hope you're learning.), but he can't know this. It's not even written in the Word. It's a total secret. The Angels, everything shut up. If they made one move it might give something away, so they just shut up, quit harping; everything stopped. A...

   Seven, God's perfect number, Seven [Brother Branham knocks six times on pulpit--Ed.] just right down the row. Seven thunders uttered straight together like they're spelling out something. Notice, at that time, John started to write, and He said, "Don't write it." Jesus never spoke of it. John couldn't write it. Angels know nothing about it.

What is it? It's the thing that Jesus said even the Angels of heaven didn't know nothing about it. See, see? He didn't know it Himself, said only God would know it, but He told us when we begin to see these signs coming up... (Now, you getting somewhere? All right.) Notice, we can see these signs coming up. See? If Satan could get a hold of it...

If you want something to happen... Now, you'll have to take my word for this. If I'm planning on doing something, I know better than to tell anybody about it. Not that that person will tell it, but Satan will hear it. See? He can't get it in my heart there, as long as God's got it closed up with the Holy Spirit, so it's between me and God. See? He don't know nothing about it until you speak it, then he hears it.


CONTENT  6:   The seven Thunders will not be a revelation that some man gets and preaches. Then he will be speaking and the Devil will hear and learn.

So all the sermons of Message preachers trying to explain the content of the seven Thunders and what they are have been pointless. All we know about them is that they are a total secret.

FUNCTION  9:  Something unexpected will happen in a way that spells something out to us without anyone actually saying something. The seven Thunders will unfold a great mystery without anyone actually speaking it out.


Now, what this great secret is that lays beneath this Seal, I do not know. I don't know it. I couldn't make it out. I couldn't tell it, just what it, and, just what it said. But I know that it was them seven thunders uttering themselves right close together, just banging seven different times, and it unfolded into something else that I seen.

Then when I seen that, I looked for the interpretation that flew across there, and I couldn't make it out. That's exactly right, friend. See? The hour isn't quite yet for it, but it's moving into that cycle. See? It's coming up close. So the thing for you to do is to remember that I speak to you in the Name of the Lord: Be prepared, for you don't know what time something can happen.


CONTENT  7:  The seven Thunders are so mysterious that he could not make them out. Then they unfolded into something else. What on earth was that? We do not know. It needed to be interpreted but even the interpretation was in an unknown tongue  which brother Branham could not make out.

So here we are completely out of our depth.

TIME  7:  The seven Thunders lie somewhere in the future. In our present condition the time is not yet right.

We still know too little of the Bible. We would miss the Thunders if they uttered now in our present complacent state of superficial Bible knowledge.

A new body with a much better brain would be a considerable help to us in order to understand these things.



"When will it be, Brother Branham?" I cannot tell you. I do not know. But one of these days, if we never meet again on this earth, we're going to meet yonder at the judgment seat of Christ. And you'll find out that in that room, the revelation coming from God (just like all the rest of them has), that them... One of the mystery of that Seal, the reason it wasn't revealed, it was seven thunders that uttered their voices, and there it is perfectly, because nothing knows anything about it; wasn't even written. So we're at the end time; we are here.

TIME 8 :  When do the Thunders utter.  I do not know.

CONTENT 8:  nothing (not even angels) knows anything about it.

........ Now, now, do you notice on the opening of this Seventh Seal, it's also in a threefold mystery. This one I have... will speak, and have spoke, that it is the mystery of the seven thunders. The seven thunders in heaven will unfold this mystery. It'll be right at the coming of Christ, because Christ said no one knew when He would return.

TIME  9 :   Right at the Coming of the Lord.

Did you notice when the Jews asked Him that? You know when we compared the Scripture here with Matthew 24 with the six Seals, the Seventh Seal was left out; because (You see?), Christ said only God Himself knowed, not even the Angels. No wonder, it wasn't even written. You see, they hushed; nothing take place then. Angels don't know it; nobody knows when He's coming. But there'll be a... There'll be seven voices of these thunders that will reveal the great revelation at that time.

.........  Now, there was some reason that God let this seven voices be thundered, because it must come (See?), for the... We find that Christ, the Lamb took the--the Book in His hand, and He opened that Seventh Seal. But you see, it's a hidden mystery. No one knows it. But it's right along with what He said: no one would know His coming; they also would not know about this seven thunder mystery. So you see, it's connected together.

CONTENT  9:  The Thunders are unknown and connected to His unknown Coming

That much we have a understanding of it today, because the rest of it is all unfolded, but this is not unfolded. But setting in my room, and I heard this--or not heard it, rather, but seen it unfold to this seven thunders. Now, that's as far as we can go right there. And now I trust that each and every one of you will serve God, and do that which is right, and love Him all your life and serve Him, and God will take care of the rest.

Now, we have in the completion here now, by the grace of God, all the mysteries of the six Seals that's been sealed up, and we understand and know here that the Seventh Seal is not to be known to the public.

CONTENT 10:  The seventh Seal, linked to the seven Thunders, is not to be known.

Now, His coming, and the hour of His coming, when the destruction of the earth... You know, he said there, "What will be the sign of the coming of the end of the world?" In Matthew 24, there where they asked Him that question, He went down to that. He told about Israel being gathered as a nation in the 31st verse of Matthew 24:31. But then He started off on parables. See? Then, you see there, "Learn a parable of the fig tree. When you see it putting forth its buds, why, you know spring's nigh." And then, "When you see this coming to pass, then know the time is nigh."

......... Something happened the other day. You read, or heard the tape, "the seven thunders," What Time Is It, Sir? See? It happened the other day. You know these things. The time is at hand, church. The time is at hand. Don't, don't, don't wait any longer.

........ there would be a seventh angel's Message. And at the sounding of the seventh angel's Message, all the mysteries of God would be made known. Then come seven mysterious thunders.

TIME  10:  The Thunders always come after all the mysteries are revealed.

Thus the content of the seven Thunders is not one of the mysteries that the seventh angel reveals

........ God's great mystery of how, it's a secret. He kept it a secret. Nobody knowed nothing about it. Even the Angels didn't understand it. See, He didn't reveal it. That's the reason, under our seventh mystery, when the seventh seal was opened, there was silence. Jesus, when He was on earth, they wanted to know when He would come. He said, "It's not... Even the Son Himself don't know when it's going to happen." See, God has this all to Himself. It's a secret. And that's the reason there was silence in Heaven for a space of a half hour, and seven thunders utter their voices, and John was even forbidden to write it, see, the Coming of the Lord. That's one thing He hasn't revealed yet, of how He will come, and when He will come. It's a good thing that He doesn't. No.

.......... Now, the Coming of the Lord is in mystery. We don't know when He's coming, how He's coming, but we know He is coming. See? And so was all the mysteries of God waiting for this last day. After He's already been completed, then He reveals and shows what He's done. Oh, my! Never gave His mystery in full.


CONTENT  11:   The seven Thunders will not be a revelation that some man gets and preaches. Then he will be speaking and the Devil will hear and learn.  It is a good thing that we do not know the seven Thunders because they are connected to the seventh Seal, the Coming of the Lord. God never fully reveals His great mystery.

When Jesus was on earth He did not know. God entrusts that knowledge to no man.


FUNCTION  10:  The seven Thunders will reveal when the Lord Comes. But that is a total secret that we do not know and must not know until it actually happens.



 It's just like this, comparing the Seven Seals. Now, when God used Martin Luther for the coming out for that first church or that church age, and when He used John Wesley, and He gradually brought them out, and was revealing in them that church age, when we... when it goes back through the Bible now and find out. But in the last days, the reason that was such a tremendous thing, that He spoke of it here and showed those Seven Thunders. And Look and Life ma-...

Life magazine then packed that Circle of a Cloud and Light there that they could not understand, and don't know it yet. But here telling, "Go there and wait for these mysteries to be revealed," and here months before it happened, and then it happened at exactly the way He said it would do. Did you notice in that picture? Even that Angel on the right, when He was being materialized, coming down, with His wings back and His head setting sideways, there it is right there in the picture, just exactly. Months before it happened, told here, that, "He's going to bring the Body of believers together; to reveal, take up them lost ends."


And I believe that the Seven Angels who's holds these seven thunders will grant it.


FUNCTION  11:   The seven angels hold the mysteries of the seven Thunders. We saw them as a supernatural Cloud. So the seven Thunders, when they utter, will be in the realm of the supernatural.





Notice Revelations 10:1 to 7, all the mysteries are to be revealed to the Bride, by the messenger of the Laodicea Church. Has anybody got a Revised Version Bible? If you have, you'll notice there where it said, "the angel," it's in parenthesis it says, "the eagle." The messenger to the Laodicea Church, see, Revelations 10:1 to 7.

And he said that this... in that day that he seen Him come down, and he eat up the little book. And there was... "He put one foot on land, and one on the sea, and swore by Him that lives, and ever and ever, that, 'Time shall be no more.'" And when He did, Seven Thunders uttered their voices. And when the Seven Thunders uttered their voices, John said he was about to write. And He said, "Don't write It." Uh-huh. See? And he sealed It.


TIME  11:   When time is no more, seven Thunders utter. This is also very complex. Time of redemption for the Gentiles will cease when the last one comes in. That is true. Jesus then gets off the mercy seat to come for His Bride.

But salvation then moves on to the 144 000 during the Tribulation. This is difficult for us to comprehend.

But now think about "time" itself.

When the Bride is in their new bodies, time ceases for them. But the rest of the world continues in time.

Time makes us change and age. But in a new body you will not change nor age. We have no experience of being outside of time so we cannot understand its implications. We just know that we will all be in young bodies again. At that stage we will undergo an experience that we cannot comprehend now.


FUNCTION  12:  The seven Thunders will take us out of time. This is only possible when we get eternal bodies.



Now, someone said, "Well, that Seven Seals, then, Brother Branham, that will be revealed in the last days, some great mystery how we get closer to God?" No, sir, it can't be.

"Whosoever shall take one Word from this Bible, or add one word to It, his part will be taken, the Book of Life." What it is is a revelation on what has been missed back there, to bring. It's already wrote Here. It's in Here. It's to reveal what already has been written. See? Cause, you can't add one thing to It, or take one Word from It.


CONTENT  12:   The seven Thunders are not written in the Bible. They will be strange and we will be staggered when they utter. But they will be totally Scriptural. If we know the Bible we will be able to pick up the clues and be guided by them.



The first chapter of Rev-.... of the Bible, in the beginning, Genesis. One woman didn't misbelieve It, but she just misinterpreted, let Satan misinterpret to her, one word, "surely." See? And then, from that, caused all this trouble. And that was God speaking, God's Word.

And in the last chapter of Revelation, Jesus Himself, the same God, said, "Whosoever shall take one Word out, or add one word to It."

This is the complete revelation of Jesus Christ. [Brother Branham pats his Bible--Ed.] And the Seven Seals had the mysteries hid, of what It all was; and is supposed to open It in the last day, at the Laodicean age, at the end of time. Thanks be to God! That finishes the Message to the Church. That finishes It. When they look back and see what has been, and see where it's all brought up to, that finishes It, the age of the Church.

Now, in doing this, I have come here for the purpose of teaching the last Vials, last Seven Vials, and the last Seven Trumpets, and the last Seven Thunders, of the Book of Revelation, tying them together in this hour that we're now living; to follow the opening of the Seven Seals, the Seven Church Ages.

Brother Branham wanted to preach on the seven Thunders. That means he had not already done so.


And He said there'll be hideous sights upon the earth. "Locusts with hair like women," long hair, to haunt them women that cut their hair. "Teeth like lion; stingers in their tails, like scorpions; they would torment men, months." Just wait till we get in to opening them Plagues and Seals, and them Seven Thunders, watch what takes place. Oh, brother, you better get to Goshen while there's time to get to Goshen. Don't pay any attention to this outside.

The opening of the Plagues (Vials) and the opening of the Seals (we have the revelation of the seven Seals) and the opening of the seven Thunders still lay in the future as do the horrible sights that he spoke of.


And last week's tapes, I think, will reveal to you the great hideous things that we're going to speak on one of these days when we can get a place sufficient, of the opening of those last plagues to be poured out upon the earth, those Vials, rather, pouring out of the Vials, and the Seven Thunders, and those hideous sights that's coming upon the earth. Man now, and people today, are in such a neurotic condition; the whole world!

He was still wanting to preach on the opening of the Vials and the seven Thunders in1965. So they had not yet happened, nor had he taught on them during his ministry.


64-0119  SHALOM

But, remember, if it goes plumb into the shadows of death, "I am the resurrection and Life; I'll raise him up again." And when the great Director comes down and bears that stick down, then, "time shall be no more." When that Angel, of Revelation the 10th chapter, puts one foot on land and one on the sea, and a rainbow over His head, He swore, "time shall be no more." When that time comes, you'll rise up from among the dead. While the rest of them lay there, you'll go in.

TIME :   Because the mighty Angel descends with the voice of the archangel to raise the dead, the seven Thunders will utter at the time of the resurrection.

The former or teaching rain is dominated by the voice of the seventh angel to get us back to understanding and believing the Bible.

His “shout” was the Bible teachings that the seed needs as it ripens in the light of the sun (Bible).

The latter or harvest rain is dominated by the “voice” of the archangel.  Harvest is when the ripened seed is pulled off the plant.

The archangel pulls the dead saints out of their graves where they are buried either on land or under the sea during the resurrection.

The seven Thunders happen at the time of the changing of the living Bride’s bodies as they are pulled out of this sinful flesh and put into new bodies.

Then comes the “Trump” to catch us up to Heaven and thus pull us off the earth

The former rain is to release us from sin and unbelief by following Biblical truth.

The latter rain is to release us from the grave, the flesh, and the world.


Instead of taking the Word they took their own ideas and did just what every age has done--substituted the manual for the Word. Just you step outside that manual and see what happens. You are out, brother. And they will persecute you and blame it on God. And how they love their organization. No wonder. They are second generation Pentecostals and since God doesn't have grandchildren they are just children of their fathers, known by their creeds and form of worship. They can talk about what used to be, but they can't produce it.

Once they had the lightning but about all that is left is the thunder.
MARK 3:17   And James the son of Zebedee, and John the brother of James; and he surnamed them Boanerges, which is, The sons of thunder:

The sons of thunder denotes a fiery and destructive zeal.

They had a harsh spirit at times.
LUKE 9:52
And sent messengers before his face: and they went, and entered into a village of the Samaritans, to make ready for him.

:53   And they did not receive him, because his face was as though he would go to Jerusalem.

:54   And when his disciples James and John saw this, they said, Lord, wilt thou that we command fire to come down from heaven, and consume them, even as Elias did?

:55   But he turned, and rebuked them, and said, Ye know not what manner of spirit ye are of.
:56  For the Son of man is not come to destroy men's lives, but to save them. And they went to another village.

As the sons of thunder they earned a rebuke from the Lord.

Thus the safest conclusion that we can draw from the evidence is that the seven Thunders are a deep mystery that we do not understand.

It would be safer to focus on the doctrines that we can understand.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23