Dark Energy gives room for a spiritual realm

Skeptics deny a spiritual realm as they say that they cannot see God. But we cannot even see 96% of our Universe.

First published on the 10th of May 2022 — Last updated on the 20th of August 2022

120 years ago, scientists had the physical universe all puzzled out. There were just two small clouds on the horizon. The orbit of Mercury did not quite fit Newton’s laws. Black body radiation did not work in theory when you got to the ultraviolet part of the spectrum.

Two little blips. But we could safely ignore those details.

Then came Einstein. General Relativity explained Mercury’s orbit but created a whole new physics.

Then he worked with energy in small little lumps and laid the foundation for Quantum Mechanics, the second physics revolution.

Those two clouds were actually God trying to tell scientists that there were two huge areas of physics that they were totally ignorant of.

As a result, we have learned a lot in the last century or so.

Scientists have discovered the main particles are made from electrons and quarks. They know the four main forces and the Higgs field. So they are convinced that there is nothing left in the physical universe that they do not know about. Thus there is no place for a spiritual realm. To them, it is all about materialism. This suits atheists and non-Theists.

As it was 120 years ago, scientists think that they have got it all worked out. So they think.

But once again (history repeats), there are two small clouds on their horizon.

The gravitational force remains an elusive mystery that just does not want to fit in with the other three forces. We have not been able to puzzle out a mechanism whereby it works. To make it worse, when we get down to the atomic level, then Quantum Mechanics and General relativity simply fight with each other. So something is wrong.

Also, the strong nuclear force theory requires the proton to decay after a long time. But there is no experimental evidence of proton decay.

Well, maybe we should just ignore these two blips in our otherwise impressive explanation of the material universe.

But suddenly, dark matter gets thrown in our faces. It is about 24% of our physical universe, and we cannot see it, nor do we know what it is. That leaves us in the dark. (Pun intended). 24% of the universe out there interacts through gravitational forces (the one force we do not understand). Dark Matter stops our galaxies from breaking up. But we don’t know what it is.

Then a whopping 72% of our universe is unseen, unknown, and unsuspected Dark Energy that is accelerating the universe's expansion. We never knew this until some women astronomers discovered the clues at the end of the last century. What is Dark Energy? We know not. But it has a remarkable anti-gravity force to push things apart. Until then, gravity was the one force that only attracted objects. Once again, the mystery gravity force is involved with a mystery unknown energy.

72% + 24% = 96% of our physical universe is unknown and can’t be seen.

We are only aware of it because of its effects on physical objects that can be seen.

So there is plenty of room in the 96% of the unknown universe for a spiritual dimension that also cannot be seen in any way. But the spiritual realm can be indirectly observed by its effects on the people who we can see.

Unbelievers can no longer claim that there is no place in the physical universe for a spiritual dimension. There is plenty of room for that which cannot be seen.

We see signs of a spiritual realm in our world.

When a 2600-year-old prophecy is fulfilled, as Jerusalem gets recognized as Israel’s capital after the Jews’ long exile and return.

When we read that over 4000 years ago, Abraham paid tithes and asked for Eshcol to get his portion. Then we see the Jews winning the Six-day war in 1967 to reclaim their portion of the Promised Land, and Levi Eshcol was the President. (Levi was the tribe who collected tithes). So as a sideline, it pays to tithe. Eshcol got his portion.

We see sinners repent and turn into saints.

Ruthless criminals show remorse.

Cunning thieves suddenly decide to own up and confess their crimes.

Charity goes from the rich to the poor.

The strong defend the weak and helpless.

Women and children are treated with respect.

All of these effects, when we see them, are evidence that our physical world is also surrounded by a spiritual world.

When we thought we knew it all last century, Einstein came to open the door to some profound insights. He made us realize that our knowledge was just a bubble and that we had a lot to learn.

Today we are in the same boat. We think we know a lot, but we actually have a lot to learn, physically and spiritually.

96% of our physical universe still needs to be discovered.

How much of the spiritual realm are we still in ignorance of? Probably 96%.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23