1 ...the steps of the devil, he's about five times his power. That's right. How about, if that man can be so submitted to the devil, that he'll give... The devil can give him five times his strength, what would a man do submitted to God? How many times power could he have? That's the way the cripples in the chair, under God's anointing, can rise right up and walk. That's the reason, they are completely surrendered to the Holy Ghost and they walk not by their power, but by the Holy Ghost power.

2 Jesus sent His disciples away, and He went up on the mount to watch them as they crossed the sea. I think of that many times, and think how the disciples were... was supposed to go down and make ready a boat. But instead of making the boat ready, they just got in the boat and went on. They thought, "Oh, well, it'll be all right. We can go ahead." They trusted in the boat.
And I wonder if we haven't went off, many times, without Jesus in the boat. We say, "Well, we belong to the church, isn't that all right?" That isn't sufficient. No, it isn't. We've got to have Jesus with us. No matter what our program is, we've got to have Him. He's the main center of attraction. He's the main center of thought, the main center of life. No life can come any other way, but through Jesus Christ. No help can come any other way, but through Jesus Christ.

3 But I want you to watch. As I see that little boat going out into the sea. And Jesus come by, seeing they'd went off without Him, He was mindful of them, though. He climbed up on top of the mountain, and watched them as they toiled away. Oh, my. If it'd be you or I, and one of our friends would do us that way, we'd be through with that friend, but not Jesus. No matter what you've done, He is willing to forget it, if you'll just confess it.
And I think of many times we've went off. And I think of the great One, Who not only climbed the mountain, but He went up Golgotha, the ramparts of Glory, and He sets in His Majesty tonight, watching us in these little frail barks of ours, as we toss about by the winds of time, as we're tossed about on the sea.

4 But just across the sea was a little man that I always kind of admired, and kind of felt little towards him. I want, when I get over to Glory, I want to ask him why didn't he come right out and confess his faith in the first place. His name is Jairus. He was a priest, or, a pastor, we'll call it, of a great church over there. And Jairus, as many people today, he believed in the Lord Jesus but his denomination was against His working of His power. How many Jairuses have we got in Los Angeles tonight? The same thing. He believed Jesus. I call him a borderline believer.
We have a lot of borderline believers everywhere tonight. They want to believe, but they just simply can't do it because of social prestige and so forth. They just can't let loose and surrender and say, "I believe that Jesus Christ still gives the baptism of the Holy Ghost; the power that shook the world in the days of the disciples is still the same today."
I believe it is. I know it is. I know that Jesus Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And when His church will loosen up and let God have the right of way in their heart, you'll see the same manifestations and demonstrations of the power; and we'll see a rocking revival, not only rock Los Angeles, but it'll rock the world before the Coming of the Lord Jesus Christ. That's right.

5 I see little Jairus as he is over there. I can hear the priests all get together and they'd say, "Now, looky here, we'll have nothing to do with these revivals that's going around. We just can't have nothing to do with that. Now, remember, that's our... And any persons have anything to do, we'll kick them right out." Well, now Jairus had a nice little church, perhaps, so he just couldn't associate himself with such a group. But in his heart, he really believed the Lord Jesus.

6 So, one day, his little girl got sick. You know, God has got a way of making you believe, sometime, if you don't want to. Yes, sir, He can... He does... He works in mysterious ways, His wonders to perform. So this little girl, she got sick. So, perhaps the first thing he did, as it would be, any other time, he called the doctor. And the doctor said, "Well, perhaps I can pull through her... pull her through," (Pardon me.) " pull her through in a day or two." So, he begin to give her all her remedies, but she got worse and worse all the time. After while, the great midnight hour come. The doctor calls Jairus outside the door, and says, "Jairus, Reverend, sir, I'm sorry to inform you, but your child has but just a few moments to live. She's dying." Oh, I can imagine the feeling of that poor, little fellow. What do you think jumped in his mind, the first place? Jesus, then. That's right.
You know, you just don't want Him bad enough. There'll be a time when you really want Him. I hope you find Him before you die, but if not, when you're on your deathbed, you'll sure know that this old-fashion religion is the thing that carried you through them hours of darkness. You might think it's fanaticism now, and the people a little crazy at their head, but wait till the death angel knocks on the door. I tell you, all that bashfulness, and backwardness, and coldness will be shook away from you then, or, you'll want it to go, anyhow. Amen.

7 Notice, I can see this little fellow, as his heart begins to pound, says, "Doctor, you think you can do nothing for my child?"
"No. Every remedy has failed and the girl is, now, her heart's just beating just slowly, and she's dying away now."
Oh, I can see him go in, call his wife out, and say, "Dear, you know I want to tell you something. You know those healing campaigns has been going around here? We know our church is against it, but, you know, I kind of feel if we could get a hold of that Jesus of Nazareth, maybe He could help her."
Why, I can hear her say, "Now, look dear, now, you don't want to ruin your social standing among the people now. If the doctor said she's going, that settles it."

8 But that didn't settle it in Jairus' heart. He'd seen Jesus Christ in action, and any man that's ever seen Jesus Christ in action can never be the same again. That's right. He has to know that there's something moving, there's something different. And that didn't settle it with Jairus, no, sir. Still, I can see him get in and get his little clergy hat and put it on, his little coat on, and slip out. Somebody said, must have told him, that Jesus was coming. You know, that's a good message to preach yet, tonight. Don't you think so? I hear them say, "Ah, He's coming just across the way there."
And I can see Jairus say, "Now, I'll slip out."
And I can hear some of his church saying, "Where are you going, young fellow?"
"Well, we're going over to... I... well... I just thought maybe I'd take a walk."
"I know what, I heard the conversation. You're going after that divine healer that's coming in down there. Now, remember, we are the deacon. And if you have that, the next general council," or whatever it is "we're going to kick you out." I didn't mean that, cause there's a general... I didn't mean that like that; but anyhow. "All right, we're going to church you the next time." Whatever it might be, "conference," or whatever it is. "We're going to put you out if you fool with that guy, see, we have nothing to do with you." But I can see him quiver around a little while and shake his hand, wonder. But, look, he had a need. It was, the only hope he had, was in Jesus Christ. Amen. Only thing that he could do was get to Jesus real quick, or his daughter was going to die.

9 So, I can see him slip down the road, and his congregation saying, "There he goes. Looky there, disgrace, look where our church is going to now. Now they're going to get mixed up in that fanaticism." But this fellow, that pastor, brother, he wanted to get to God. He wanted to get a hold of Somebody that knowed what He was talking about. Yeah, all the theology and everything else he'd learned, he cast it aside. It wasn't nothing then, his child was dying.
Oh, how God has a wonderful way to bring us to our senses, sometime, once in a while, let us know Who's Boss around, over the welfare of the Christian church. That's right.
And I can see him slip down, Jesus gets up, comes out the little bush just along the shore, and I can see His little boat push in.

10 And first thing you know, there was a little woman setting up there, maybe, perhaps doing her knitting or something; and she had mortgaged the farm, doctors had took all she had, and nothing could stop her blood issue. And she said, "Oh, there He is. Now, that's that Fellow that's preaching Divine healing. Now, I don't care what they say about Him, I believe Him, and if I can only touch His garment, I'll get well." Now, there you are. Now, that was her contact, if she could only touch His garment, she would get well.
Now, she knew she couldn't have an audience with the Lord Jesus, so, I can just imagine her, seeing her coming down off down the hill to meet Him, you know. And there, He's moving up the street, and the people praising God for His... the glorious works, had been done in other cities, and expecting to see something done there.

11 The priests standing back off, and the cold, formal, church members saying, "Now, I wish you'd look. Look what worships him: them guys off the river down there; that poor bunch of backwash; just something that we don't use in our own synagogue: that's what worship him." Well, that's... Good thing He had somebody to worship Him anyhow.

12 So, then, I can see this little woman coming, slipping along, pale face and her little lips is so thin, and her body was frail, and she was slipping along. She'd laid her knitting down, and she comes down. First thing you know, she's trying to push through, and she runs into her pastor. Said, "Where are you going?"
She said, "Reverend, sir, I am... Something has told me in my heart, as I set up there, that if I could touch His garment."
"Why, the very audacity. You believe such a thing as that, after all the teaching you have had?"
"But, Something in my heart tells me," she said, "If I can only touch Him, I'll be made well. What have you done for me? What's the doctors done for me? That's my only hope, so I'm trying to touch Him."
God, give that kind of faith to every person setting here tonight. Let me touch Him, no matter what the other people said, let me touch Him. Get to Him, that's the main thing.

13 I can see her. She moves. The pastor said, "If you do, I'll take your name off the church book," uh-huh, "if you do it."
Didn't make any difference to her, her heart was set. She wanted to get to Jesus, that's the main thing.
The deacon board said, "All right. We'll watch you, if you come in Sunday morning, we'll shove you out, again."
Didn't make any difference to her, she crowded through there, perhaps crawled between their legs, and everything else, till she got to a place, she touched His garment. Stood back off, out in the crowd like that, said, "Well, that's just what I wanted to do."
I can hear the Pharisees and the... her pastor and them saying, "Now, there's no difference in you."
"You might not think there's any difference, but I know there's a difference," she'd say.

14 First thing you know, that faith moving in her, the Lord Jesus turned around and said (He felt something went out of Him somewhere, some strength.), He said, "Daughter, thy faith has saved thee." Amen. The blood issue stanched, stopped right then. Her faith had stopped Jesus, her faith had got what she had need of.

15 I see a little fellow coming, looking long, his face red, his eyes red, also, from staying up with his little girl. He come slipping in, and that, he sees all the other visiting clergymen from the same church that he belonged to. "Now, what am I going to do? There's Jesus, but look what's going to laugh at me. They'll all see me going to church tonight, and they'll see what kind of a group I'm associating with, but my daughter's dying, I got to get to Him."
Here she... here he goes down, he said, "Master, Lord, come lay Your hand on my little girl, and she'll be made well, for it's my only child, and she's at the point of death right now. If You'll just come lay Your hand upon her, she'll get well."
Now, that was his faith, laying hands upon her, that's what he believed.

16 Peter, when he was in the boat the night before, or so forth, and the waters was twisting back and forth and Jesus was standing, walking on water, and they were... he was scared of Him. He thought He was spooky, or something. He thought it was a ghost. And the only Thing that could help them, they was scared of It.
That's the way it is today with the people. That's what's the matter with America tonight. The only thing that can save America from a total annihilation is to return to God with the baptism of the Holy Ghost. That's exactly right. That's right. And they're scared of it. That's right. God help us to have a revival that'll shake the shells off. That's what we need tonight.
Then, when Peter, he said, "Lord, if it's You, just bid me come to You and I'll come walking also. Thy Word is enough for me." The priests, when their feet touched the water with the Ark, that's where their faith was, when their feet touched the water.

17 And the Roman Centurion that had a friend that was sick, his servant, he said, "I'm not even worthy that You come under my roof: just speak the Word, for I'm a man under authority: and I say to this man, 'Do this,' and he doeth it; and to this man, 'Do that,' and he doeth it."
See, that Roman recognized that Jesus, His Word, had all the power that was needed for the healing of that person. He knew that in Him was invested the power of Jehovah God. And he knew that whatever Jesus said, that He mastered diseases, He mastered the sea, He mastered the universe.

18 That's what He is tonight, the same yesterday, today, and forever. If we could only recognize that His Word has supremacy over every demon, every power, every, all, every thing, every sin, every sickness, every disease, every cripple. Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. Believe what He said.

19 He said, "I'm a man under authority, and I know that anybody's under me has to obey me; my word is law and order; he has to do it." And he knew that Jesus Christ had sickness under His feet. He had every disease under His feet.
And how much more, after He died for that purpose and purchased it for you and I, ought we to believe His Word. Amen. There you are.

20 What Jesus says is right: You can triumph over every devil, every sickness, every disease, if you'll just claim your God-given authority, that Jesus Christ said, "Whatsoever you ask in My Name, that I'll do." Amen. That's what we need tonight, is a group of people to rise. These people, who call themselves Pentecostal, can unite their hearts together in one big effort, and say, "Jesus Christ the same yesterday, today, and forever. His power is supreme, and what He said in His Word, He'll back it up." Amen. Then you'll see a church rise in the power of the Glory of God, and move on. Amen.

21 Now, Jairus said, "Come lay Your hands on my daughter, and she'll get well."
Jesus said, "I'll go."

22 Here they start going on. I can see poor little Jairus' heart skipping beats once in a while, going along, saying, "Oh, I don't care what the church says. I've got Him coming my way now. He's going over to my house. And I know if He'll ever get in my house, I don't care what the rest of them says."
That's the way I feel about it, too. When I was a Baptist preacher, they told me if I went up, "fool with them holy-rollers," that I'd be one of them. Jesus come to my house one day. Hallelujah! I didn't care what they said after that. Yes, sir. After He come to my house, that settled it, as far I was concerned. I was glad for Him to get there. Didn't make any difference what the rest of the world said.
What they say tonight, that doesn't matter to me, just as long as I know He's in my house. Amen. Everything's all right, got peace and quietness in there now. Where there was wars and troubles, it's all soothed down now. Jesus came in.

23 I can see Jairus moving along. Then the shock come. That's the way the devil does it. First thing you know, here come a man running, said, "Don't trouble the Master; she's already dead." Oh, that death blow.
I can see little Jairus jump and grab his heart. I can see, that, Jesus, moving along there, quietly, calmly, turned His glorious eyes and looked at him, said, "Did not I say, 'Don't fear: only believe'?" Amen. My, that little heart was fainting, begin to beat up. Why? He knowed that Word's come from Emmanuel. "Did not I say to you, 'Don't fear: you shall see the Glory of God'?"
Kept moving on, Jairus said, "Yes, yes, Lord, that's right."

24 I can hear, they come close to the house, they're all crying and screaming and going on out there, making a lot of noise. And I can see the church members standing around, saying, "Uh-huh, you've disgraced yourself; went down there and showed what you was." That's a good thing to show what you are. I like that. Yes, sir. "Uh-huh," said, "now look, here your daughter, she's laying in there, dead." Jairus just closed his ears up, and just kept walking on.
Jesus said, "Don't fear." He didn't. He just moved right on, unto death.

25 Now he's got to believe for the impossibles, but he believed anyhow. No matter how impossible it is, if Jesus said it, it's true. Amen. Take Him at His Word, that settles it. Here they go, walking on down, one by one as they walked in. The people begin to make fun of Him. He said, "Give place," or other words, "Keep quiet. The woman's not dead, the girl, she isn't dead, she sleepeth." He knowed more about it than anybody else. That's right. And they laughed at Him, and because they made fun of Him, they got put out.
So, don't make fun of Him; you'll get put out, as sure as the world. That's right. Worship Him, believe Him, give Him praise and glory, no matter what the world says, do what He said do. That's right. Believe Him, put your trust in Him. That's right. Don't get put out. Get the Holy Ghost: you're baptized into the Body, sealed to the day of your redemption. No matter what the world says, Jesus Christ, if He's got His arms around you, don't notice what anything else is taking place. Amen.

26 I can see Him walking on in. They said, "Oh, we know she's dead. Listen to that holy-roller now, up there, acting like that, and saying that that girl is not dead. We know she is dead. Don't you see? There's something mentally wrong with the man." No, no, the mental part was of the other group.
That's what they say today: "There's something mentally wrong with the Church."

27 It ain't nothing wrong with the Church. Uh-huh. They said, one time, that Paul and Silas turned the world upside down. No, no, they turned it back right. It was upside down to begin with.
That's what it is today. Not turn the world upside down, it's turn it back right, and point it towards Heaven where Jesus Christ sets at the right hand of His Majesty. That's right. Not turn the world upside down, but turn it right so it'll look up. That's what we need tonight in California, that's what we need tonight all over the world: is a revival that'll shake people from this earthbound condition, to look up yonder to a Heavenly Father Who set the stars in their orbits yonder, Who made the creation, and has given us the authority, that, whatever we ask in His Name, that will be given.

28 Where's our faith? My, I, sometimes, I feel ashamed of us, to try to present our little, weak faith to Him.

29 Now, I want you to notice. When they got put out because of their unbelief and laughing, Jesus stood alone with the heartbroken, the father and mother, Peter, James and John. There He was on the outside. I can hear them saying, "Just wait till that Jairus comes out, we'll church him. We'll throw this family out," the priest was, "we'll have nothing else to do with them, entertaining such a group as that. Why, they have done nothing but brought disgrace and turned the world upside down." Listen at that, all that ringing out there.
But in that Lord Jesus Christ, He was possessed with a power that went beyond these earthbound limitations. Yes, sir. He walked over to that cold, still form of a dead girl (Oh, Hallelujah!), took her by the hand, looked all around. Where is everybody? They're outside, making fun, criticizing and everything. He was possessed with a power that He could speak into another world. He spoke in tongues, and said, "Talitha," that is, "Soul, return back here to this girl." Hallelujah!

30 He give that same power to His Church. Amen. When you're forsaken and downcast, God give us a language to speak out into another world. When Jesus was forsaken on the cross and all man forsaken Him, He died speaking in another language: "My God, why has Thou forsaken Me?" And the church tonight is possessed with that kind of powers. Hallelujah!

31 That dead girl that had been laying there, dead and embalmed, laying out on a couch with flowers raised, and they were all around her. That mortal soul out yonder, it knew its Master, and that soul returned back into this body; and a girl that had been laying there dead, and embalmed, and laying out on a couch, rose to her feet again. Hallelujah!
I can imagine Jairus' testimony around the country, then. Couldn't you?

32 The same thing tonight. Those who once come in contact with Jesus Christ, and know the power of His resurrection, know the power of His healing: You don't care what the world says, what anybody else says; if you've ever contacted Jesus Christ, you know He's the same yesterday, today, and forever; and the world, and what the people says, doesn't amount to that. Amen!
The Holy Spirit is in this building now. As I'm standing here, trying to hold the anointing for that healing service coming on, the whole building seems to be coming milky to me. I'm not a fanatic. I don't even believe in fanaticism, but I do know what I see. I know what I'm talking about. That is right. The anointing of the Holy Spirit is moving into this building right now. There is power of the Holy Spirit here to make every person well, right now at this platform. I believe that there's not... If you'll only do... Surely God has proven to you, in the last couple nights, in these services and things, that I'm speaking to you the truth.

33 I say to you, if I ever told the truth in my life, I tell it now, before God, that Jesus Christ healed every one of you, nineteen hundred years ago. The only thing you have to do, is to accept it just now upon the basis of His atoning Blood, yonder. "He was wounded for our transgressions, bruised for our iniquity: the chastisement of our peace was upon Him; and with His stripes we are healed," now, every person in here. And the only thing that preaching the Gospel or anything else does, only manifests the power of the living God to prove that He is here.

34 While I have been standing here for speaking, thinking of God, blessing Him, I know that He is in this building now. The same God that was in the house with Jairus, with a dead daughter that raised her up; the same One was with Peter out on the sea that night when He said... come walking on the water; the same One that the woman touched the hem of His garment, stands in your midst tonight. That's right. The Holy Spirit, Jesus said, "Wherever two or three are gathered, I'll be in their midst." He's here.
Every person in here, I tell you by the authority of God's Word, in the Name of His Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, Who I'll stand before in the Day of Judgment, that His power's sufficient right now.

35 I just see something moving, I don't know what's taking place out on the audience. I just don't know what to say. I am stumped for words. I know that He is here now. That is right. I see the Holy Spirit moving in this audience. I don't... He ain't going to let me call any pray line.

36 I see It right now. It's hanging over a colored woman setting here, suffering with a tumor, setting right there with a little white hat on. She's got a tumor. That tumor is in the stomach, isn't it, lady? Stand up on your feet. It's gone from you now. You're healed. You can go home. Amen.

37 Oh, blessed be the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, Who in His infinite power and mercy...
Yes, I see Him, uh-huh, standing over a lady, right here, setting looking at me right on the end of the row there. She's suffering with kidney stones. All right, lady, stand up. Jesus Christ healed you. Go home, now. Your faith has made you whole.

38 There's a lady setting right behind her, about two rows back and two in, setting in there with a cancer. Lady, do you want to be healed? Jesus Christ make you whole. Stand on your feet. Hallelujah! Oh!

39 What do you think about it, lady? I felt you a few moments ago. You're suffering with a tumor, aren't you? Stand on your feet a minute. You believe me to be His servant? You believe that I have preached the truth? You believe that Jesus Christ is here, the same yesterday and forever? You got a tumor, and that tumor is in the head, isn't it? Lay your hand on top of your head and say, "Lord God, I now rebuke the enemy." Lay your hand up on top of your own head.
Oh, Father, I pray that in the Name of Jesus Christ, Who I represent now, that You'll condemn that devil and take it from the woman in the Name of Jesus Christ, the Son of God.
God bless you, my sister. Have faith in God, don't doubt.

40 Just a moment. Here comes Something moving across the building. You think I'm crazy; I am not. This is the anointing of the Holy Spirit, the same Lord Jesus Who stood, and looked at the audience, and seen what they were doing, He perceived their thoughts, seen what they were doing and so forth. It's the same Lord Jesus that's here right now. I've never seen it like on this manner, but it is.

41 Yeah, I see It moving again. It's a woman, she's suffering with weakness. She's setting right back here. She's looking at me just now. She's come... She's a missionary. Stand up on your feet, right back there lady, a missionary. You've come over water somewhere. I see waters, and, you're come from Africa, didn't you? That's right... You're healed, go home, God has made you well. Hallelujah!

42 God has healed every one of you. Stand on your feet, everybody.
Almighty God, in the Name of Thy Son, the Lord Jesus Christ, send Thy blessings and power, and make this whole audience... through Jesus Christ's Name.
Stand to your feet. Every cripple, everybody, every person's healed. Raise your hands and give God praise. Raise up out of your wheelchairs, everything. Give Almighty God the place in your heart and trust Him as you go your way.

“The grace of our Lord Jesus Christ be with you.” — 1 Corinthians 16:23