The Voice of the Sign

1 ... some Scripture. And I wish we could just stand up again for a moment while we read out of the Book of Exodus, and the 4th chapter of the Book, in the Book of Exodus, I'd like to read 1st to the 8th verse.
And Moses answered and said, But... they will not believe me, nor hearken unto my voice: for they will say, The Lord has not appeared unto thee.
And the Lord said unto him, what is that in thy hand: And he said, A rod.
And he said, Cast it on the ground. And he cast it on the ground, and it became a serpent; and Moses fled from before it.
And the Lord said unto Moses, Put forth thy hand, and take it by the tail. And he put forth his hand, and caught it, and it became a rod in his hand:
That they may believe that the Lord God of their fathers, the God of Abraham, the God of Isaac, the God of Jacob, has appeared unto thee.
And the Lord said furthermore unto him, Put now thy hand into thy bosom. And he put his hand into his bosom: and when he took it out, behold his hand was leprosy as snow.
And he said, Put thine hand into thy bosom again. And he put his hand into his bosom again; and plucked it out of his bosom, and, behold, it was returned again as his other flesh.
And it shall come to pass, if they will not believe thee, neither hearken unto the voice of the first sign, that they will believe the voice of the latter sign.

2 Let us pray. Lord Jesus, the unchanging, unfailing God remains the same yesterday, today, and forever. And Thou never changes, and we're so grateful for that. Now, bless Thy Word and the reading of Thy Word to our hearts. And may we have faith to believe Thee. In Jesus' Name, we ask it. Amen. Can be seated.

3 Now, you're one of the nicest audiences I ever spoke to. And I don't say that just to be saying it. It's true. And now, I want to kinda take my time a little tonight, and set this scene, so... The purpose of doing this, I'm here to help you. And if I can't help you, or do something for you will make life's burdens a little easier for the Christians, and bring the sinner to Christ, I'm a total failure for the Kingdom of God. And I certainly want to be a blessing to God, as He is our Strength and Life and Help.

4 Now, in teaching this, I want to so that you will understand... See, there's some things comes up sometimes that's so mysterious that people doesn't catch it just right. And I think if we make it clear, plain...
Many people like if we... If you don't explain Divine healing... Now, sometimes Brother Roy perhaps in a few minutes says it, but it's... People that doesn't know just how to hold onto Divine healing, and especially when the--the enemy comes, why, you--you can lose the battle, very easy.
Sometime when people get sick after being prayed for, they think, "That's the batt... No, I lost it." That's the sign you got it. See? See, that's--that's your sign. If you don't know just... If you don't know your enemy... How can you do it in just thirty minutes each night for five little services, and gone somewhere else?

7 One of these days, I believe the Lord... While the great revival is kinda quietening across the nation, I've asked the Lord, if it be His will, let me get a tent, set it up. We don't have to rent anything, and have of a morning service for the teaching with pastors, and so forth, maybe from ten till twelve. In the afternoon the instructions on healing, and then that night pray for the sick, day in and out, for weeks. And then, not having Wednesday night or Sunday services to interfere, but just Sunday afternoon, so we won't interfere with the rest of the service. And that way, let everybody come that wishes to pray for the sick. And if the devil comes back or says anything, then we can come in and check it and see just what's taking place. You see?

8 I think that would be a real blessing to the neighborhood, to the pastors, and all of them that would know then... They believe this; they absolutely believe it, or they wouldn't be preaching the Bible. Any Bible believer, a real Bible believer, punctuates every one of these promises of God with a "Amen." That's right.
If you can't believe it all, you say, "Well, I believe this, but I don't know about that," you've got the same interpreter that Eve had. She tried... He tried to interpret it to Eve. "Oh, this is right, and that's right"; and "Oh, that's true to that. But, surely God..."
God said so. And every word... There's not one word, or one phase of it, can be mis--mis-accepted. If you don't accept it with all your heart, every bit of it, then you might as well not even start at all. See?

11 Remember, it was one little phrase of it, just turned around, that caused every sickness, every heartache, every death, everything. It caused it all. Just by misbelieving one little phrase caused all this. Do you think just deliberately walking over one little phrase will get you back, when... People don't accept half of it sometimes, and then call themselves Christians. See, see?
It's all right, every bit of it. It's just got to be put together. And there's only One can do it; that's the Holy Spirit, by interpreting It by His own fulfilling what He said He'd do. That's the only way that I know of.

13 Now, our... I'm going to speak tonight to you, or teach for the--for a few minutes on the subject of the "The--The Voice Of The Sign."
Did you know, Moses said there, he will... "They will not hear my voice. They will say the Lord hasn't appeared to you."
God told him then, said, "Now, what's that in your hand?"
He said, "Why, it's a staff, rod, just an old stick, shepherd staff, like."
Said, "Throw it on the ground." And he did, and it turned to a serpent. Picked it up again, it was a serpent--or a stick again.
Then He said, "Put your hand in your bosom." And he pulled it out. It was leprosy. Then he put it back again, pulled it out; it was healed. He said, "Now, if they won't believe the voice of the first sign, they will believe the voice of the second sign."

18 Now, did you notice how God does that, the unchangeable God? Can any of you go back in Arkansas about fifteen years ago, when the voice of the first sign promised the voice of the second sign? See? I said, "When that comes to pass, nobody'll be able, lest he's just purely an unbeliever, 'cause it will discern, and know what he is, and can tell him about it." So he's a... How many remembers the proph--that being prophesied, way back years ago that come to the meetings, and said it would come to pass? The Angel of the Lord said, "It'll come to pass that you'll even know the secrets that's in their heart." How many knows that, that prophesied many years ago (See?) when the first sign was a moving.

19 Now, our scene is at the backside of the desert, of a runaway prophet. Moses knew that he had been raised up for, to deliver Israel. He had learned that from his mother, that she... He was a proper child. And--and Jochebed and--and her--her husband had prayed that God would send a deliverer; and there he was born in their family, a proper child. We know the story. And now when he was raised up, he took the very same way of training for the job as we would train a man today, right off to school, to the best of schools.
If a man thought we had a--a call in his life, what would happen? They'd send him to Bob Jones, or somewhere, or some of the great schools, and give him the highest type of education he could get. That's the worst thing they could do. That's the worst thing that could be done. When a man says, "I'm a Ph.D., LL.D.," that just puts him way away from God to me. See? God don't, is not all them things there. God is simple, humble. God... You know you walk... They try to split a atom, and--and try to tell how you to do it. And then they walk over a blade of grass that they know nothing about. That's right. You just get yourself away from God with those things. Not as I'm supporting ignorance now; don't think that.

21 But I'm trying to tell you that God is not known by education; God is known by faith: faith, you know God, and that alone. And only faith... You only have to have something to base faith upon, 'cause it's not bottomless. That is His Word. Moses went to school. They schooled him over and over again, because no doubt they thought that he'd be a great military man, and which history tells us he was a great military man, and was able to take the armies of Egypt, and--and become the Pharaoh of Egypt, and set the people free, and send them back to their homeland, or let them take over Egypt. Now, that's the really the way that they thought would happen. And so they trained him. And--and he could even teach the scholars some wisdom. He was really smart and educated. But that wasn't God's way of doing it. And when he found out it failed, he become bitter.

22 And that's what the churches do today. When they find out their educational program... You can't educate God--a man to God. You can't denominate him to God. God's got a way for him to come; and that's the only way God's going to recognize him; that's under the Blood. You can't do it by saying, "We'll all be Methodists; we'll all be Baptists; we'll all be Assemblies; we'll all be Church of God; we'll all be Oneness. We'll be this." That will not satisfy God, because His program, that we got to be borned again and come under the Blood. And so our--our schemes are only manmade. And it started out a failure, and they'll always be a failure till we come back to God's way of doing it. That's the only way that God knows, is under the Blood. That's where He passes over.

23 Many of you was down the other night, or Sunday afternoon, I guess, down there when I preached on "The Token," hold the token before you. How many was down there? Let's see your hands. Well, I thought there was a group from here down there. And the token, that's the only thing God recognizes. And the token must be there, or the covenant's even annulled. Just the token, and the Token is the Holy Spirit.

24 Now, we find that Moses, after doing this he got bitter. So he just run, left Egypt and went out into the--the deserts. And there we find he married an Ethiopian girl, had a son named Gershom. And one day while he was walking along the side of--of an old familiar path, on the backside of the desert there herding sheep, well, he was attracted by a scene that was unusual.
And God is so unusual. He does things in such an unusual way, so contrary to science, so contrary to education, so contrary to, sometimes, man's theology, just contrary to that. God does that just to show He's God. And to do that He has to take somebody that knows none of these things, so that He can work through that person.

26 When Jesus come, why didn't He take Caiaphas, the priest that was trained and ready for the job? He went down and got men that couldn't even sign their name. Ignorant and unlearned, the Bible said they were. 'Cause God takes nothing to make something out of it. See?
And whenever you get to a place that you feel that you're nothing, then you're just about ready to come to God. When--when you get to a place that you know nothing, but you want to know something, then He'll reveal Himself to you.

28 Now, notice. When this unusual thing, never had happened in the world that we know of. It was just the time of the exodus. The exodus was at hand. And when... "Exodus" means being taken out, brought out.
And now, we find out that... Usually just at those joint crossroad of an exodus, the unusual begins to happen. I believe we're there again. I believe we're there at the exodus of the Bride, to go meet the Bridegroom. I believe the exodus is at hand.

30 At... This exodus to be brought from--from Egypt back to their homeland where they were promised to come, was just at hand, and God had to reeducate His man. Remember, Moses was educated for forty years, getting all of his doctor's degree and everything. And it taken God just another forty years to take out of him what education had put in him. Forty years in the wilderness, what taken it, take it out, it was to put it in.
Then when all this great thing was out of him, God appeared to him in a form of a burning bush. Now, I'll show you it was out of him. Now, it's not... Now, Moses, being a--a scientist, he would've went to take some of those leaves off of a tree and take them down to the laboratory and have them examined, to see what kind of chemical it was sprayed with, that that tree could burn and not burn up. See?

32 Because now, the Egyptians were smart, scientific people, more smarter in science than we are today: proves that, they could embalm a body that still looks natural today. We can't do that. Build a pyramid, we couldn't do that. See? The things that they had were far beyond our science today.
And so, Moses was trained in all the wisdom. So that made him a scientist. So you see, when he come in the presence of this bush, he knowed the bush had what he lacked.
If we could only do that today. If we could only know the phenomena of God has got what we lack in our denominations. What our educational system lacks, God's got it in the phenomena of the Presence of Christ. That's what we need.

35 Now, we find out, this exodus at hand, God met Moses and told him what was going to take place, and give him two signs. And each sign had a voice, a voice of a sign.
Every sign from God is followed by a voice. Every time God gives a true sign, there's a voice that follows it. When you see some kind of phenomenon come along, and watch it move, and it don't change into something, then it never come from God. See? God don't just show signs just to show He's God. There's a voice that follows that sign.
Now, by God's help, we'll find that in the Scripture tonight and see if that's the truth. See? Here the burning bush was a sign to Moses. That was a sign, and it was given to... And he heard the voice from the bush.

38 Now, notice. God never changes His program. He never has to take His words back. His first decision is perfect. I can make a decision. I say, "Well, I--I was wrong. See, I'm a man." You can make one, and you have to take it back.
Science makes it, and takes it back. Did you know that? They can scientifically prove it to be right, and after while they scientifically prove it's wrong. But they won't admit theirs. They won't admit theirs.

41 Now, a French scientist, about six hundred years ago, or something like that, rolling a ball at a certain speed around the globe being the earth, or--or two hundred years ago, I believe it was, or three, something like that... Anyhow, he scientifically proved by the raising of this ball at the speed, if--if someone would go the terrific speed of thirty miles an hour, anything traveling upon the earth at the speed of thirty miles an hour, gravitation would lose its hold; it'd be taken off the earth. You think science goes back and recognizes that? No, they're going on, and on, and on. See?
But ministers are always trying to refer back to what somebody else said, way back behind, instead of what God said do. We're climbing the tree of faith. See?

43 And God never changes His program. You can rest solemnly on what God says the first time. He ever has to stay with that. He cannot, He cannot and never did, at any time, change it. Because if He does, then He--He's finite like we are. He makes mistakes, He has to apologize and go back. But He is the source of all wisdom, source of all power, infinite, omnipresent, omniscient, omnipotent. See, He's just, He's God. If He isn't all those things, then He isn't God. But He has to be that to be God.

44 Now God never did use some manmade program to honor Him, unless it just put it to disgrace. God always uses a single individual, just one, never a organization, never a denomination. He uses one single person, because we different, all one from another. There was never two major prophets on the earth at one time: never. See, He doesn't do it, because He just speaks to that one. When that one's gone, He raises another to speak at that time. Remember, that's always been His program.

45 Now, we find out here the burning bush was a sign. It was given to attract the attention of Moses.
Now, that's what God gives a sign for, is to attract the attention of the people. That's what a sign is for: to attract attention. And when we go down through the Scripture here, as we teach it now for a few minutes, and find out if that isn't so, that He gives these signs to attract attention. And then, when He gets the attention of the people, then the voice of the sign begins to speak. Jesus healed the sick to attract attention. See? Then, when He begin to preach... See, always it attracts attention.

47 The burning bush was given to Moses to attract the runaway prophet's attention, and he turned aside to see what it was. Then the sign gave a voice. The sign itself gave a voice.
Now, these voices and signs are to alert the people of God's Word is just about ready to be vindicated. Always the sign is to attract the attention of people.
Now, many of you Bible readers are--are thinking now of different passages in the Bible; we're going to come to some of them, that when a sign is given, it attracts the attention of the people, because God is getting ready to speak. He wants an audience with somebody that's going to listen to what He's going to say. See? Now, always does that: His Word alerts them of... The--the sign is an alert to attract the attention of the people, that the Word is getting ready to speak.

50 Now, notice. He is going to speak by His promised Word, something that He said He's going to do. Notice. "I have heard and I remember My promise. I heard their cries in Egypt. I remember what I promised Abraham."
See what He's going to do? He attracted his attention; now He's got His Word. He's going to give it to the prophet, Moses, because that was, is, and ever is His way of speaking. That's the way He does it at the beginning; that's the way He does it now. He ever does it the same. See? The Word comes to the prophet, and Moses was the prophet. And now He had to prophesy that He was going to bring Israel out, didn't say how He was going to do it, but He was going to bring them out of Egypt. And then He'd heard their cries, and their groans, and their prayers. They were only waiting for God. God was waiting on them. He had His prophet out there in the wilderness. But He was only waiting for the people to call Him into action.
I believe He's got the same thing today, waiting for His church to call it on the scene, so He can act. The promise of today is ready. But He's got to get the people to praying and groaning, like they were down there. Then it'll come on into the scene. See?

53 Moses was out in the wilderness holding there for forty years. The people rejected the--the sign, the thing he did down there in killing the Egyptian; it wasn't God's way. So He put him out in the wilderness and--and reeducated him now to the phenomena. And now he's ready. And God said, "I heard their groans. I've seen their groans, their taskmasters whipping them. And I remember my promise." Amen. See? He's ready to speak now. He's got everything in order. Now, He shows a phenomenon that attracts the attention of the prophet.
When the prophet got down there, he showed the phenomena because he was God's voice. How could a man pick up dust and throw it, and say "THUS SAITH THE LORD," not a flea in the country. In a couple of hours from then the--everything's crowded full of fleas. Not a fly nowhere at all, and he'd say, "Let there be flies," and the first thing you know, a big old blowfly begin to fly around, and they was gloating the people everywhere. Who, what man could do that? It was God using that prophet, making His word a sign to give a call: they're going out of Egypt.

55 There, watch real close now. He is going to speak, so He has to attract the attention by a sign. And the sign's voice is what He's going to say. His Word... His promised Word's going to be vindicated now. See? "I made a promise that I would take them out by a strong hand, I'd show My power in that land" and whatever He's going to do. Now, He made the promise to Abraham. Here He is ready to do it, so He gives a sign, a Pillar of Fire laying back in a burning bush. And He tells Moses, "Now, you're going to be My mouthpiece. Go on down there and I'll be with you."
And when he got down there, then the promised Word that He had promised was vindicated. That was the voice of the sign. You get it now? Notice, "I have heard their groans. I remember My promise."

57 God never changes. He always does it in the same way. The coming of a prophet is a sign that God is ready to speak. Did you... Now, search the Scriptures. See? The Bible says, God said Himself He did nothing until He revealed it to His prophets. That's right. He does it through them, because it comes to them; that's His servants, you know. All right.
The coming of a prophet is a sign that's overlooked by the people every time. They overlook it. They never get it somehow, 'less it's those who are--are got their eyes open to see it. Those who are elected to see it, does see it. But the coming of a prophet was the sign that God is ready to speak, 'cause if God ain't going to speak, the prophet wouldn't be on earth. Now, remember that. He wouldn't be on earth, unless God was ready to speak. And that's the way He speaks is through those channels. The unchanging God never did do it any other way.

59 Notice. This is always God's way of making His voice known to His people. He sends His prophet and gives a sign, and then takes His voice that's been spoken before on His Word, and vindicates it by this man; and they know that it's His voice, because it's a promised Word of the day. Oh, if people could only see that. If they could only stop just a moment and realize that... You see, there's no way to make them believe it. There's--there's not a way a man... God himself can't do it, make the people believe it. They've got to believe it. And if there's nothing there to believe with, how can they believe? See? No matter what you do...
The Bible said, "Though He had done so many miracles, yet they could not believe," because Isaiah foresaw it, and said, "They got ears and they can't hear, eyes and can't see." And yet He was perfectly the Messiah, done exactly what the Messiah said. And they said, "This man just breaks up churches, and he... We don't know from whence he comes." See? Isn't that strange, that they would do that? But the Bible said they would do it.

61 And the Bible also said in this day they'd do the same thing: "Heady, high-minded, lovers of pleasure more than of God, false accusers, incontinent, despisers of those that are good; having a form of godliness, but would deny the vindicated Word, the power thereof, the baptism of the Holy Ghost, and so forth. From such turn away. For this is the kind that organizes women's societies, and goes house-to-house, and leads silly women, lade away with divers lusts, and never able to come to the knowledge of the truth." See? Now, that's prophesied. And that's got to come to pass because it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. Notice. "But their folly would be showed up as Jambres and Jannes in the last days."

62 Now, always making known His voice to His people by His prophet sign... Now, I'm talking about Moses. That's where I'm banking back, and then see where we're at. God's Word is manifested by the voice of the sign.
Now, the sign that is promised for the day is done before the people. And then the written Scripture comes forth is the voice of that sign. If it doesn't give a Scriptural voice, then stay away from it. See? It's not God, 'cause God can't promise this for today, and say, "Well, this is it." See? God cannot do that. God cannot promise something for one day and say, "No, no. It--it--I--I won't do that. That was for another day." What He promises, He must stay with it. And the real Scriptural sign is the Scriptural voice.
Moses' sign that he saw was God in cosmic Light. And then, when He did that...
And does anybody know the old Hebrew sign, even before there was a Bible written, was a triangle shape, or a oval shape of a cosmic light? It's exactly right, the Logos. Now, Dr. Lamsa has that in his Bible, on the cover on the outside.

66 Now, we notice that Moses was attracted by this sign. And this sign spoke to Moses with a Scriptural voice. See? The sign attracted him. And then He said, "I remember My promise. And I've come down to deliver them, and I'm going to use you for a mouthpiece. You go on down there." Moses made his excuses, but God sent him anyhow.
Now, He's... That's His way of interpreting His Word. A prophet in the Scripture must first be a--a seer that's a-vindicated. It must not be just any fellow come along, say, "I got THUS SAITH THE LORD," and the next one say, "I say, THUS SAITH THE LORD." Prophets are not hands laid on them and made prophets. Prophets are predestinated for the hour. The Bible tells when they'll come, what they'll be. Prophets are--are sent from God. They're offices of God that's been born.

68 God told Jeremiah, "Before you was even conceived in your mother's womb, I ordained you a prophet to the nations." See? They're just... That must be perfectly in the man. It's a... It's not him; it's a gift from Him. Moses was born a prophet. Jeremiah was born a prophet, Isaiah, a prophet, John the Baptist, a prophet; God had spoke of them.
And what they say must be true. And the way that the people is to know whether they are true or not, what he says must be correct. Because what he's prophesying about is his credentials of his call from God, when God vindicates what he says to be the truth. Now, that's why I'm trying to say these things tonight, so that you'll understand. See? Now, if...

70 The Bible said over here, "If there be one among you who's spiritual or a prophet, I, the Lord, will make Myself known unto him in visions, speak to him through dreams." Then He said, "If this prophet says anything and it doesn't happen, then don't you believe it." Now, that's no more than good sense. "But if what he says comes to pass, then hear." Then you must fear him, because He's with him.

71 Now, we find out what Moses said come to pass. See? That made him a vindicated seer. That was his credential, because what he said happened. He said, "About this time tomorrow there'll be fleas all over the ground," and there was. "This time tomorrow there'll be so-and-so," and there was. It must hit exactly on the dot, not just a haphazard.
So many men today... If you'll excuse this just for a minute, and I'm no judge or just passing a personal opinion... Many men has raised up, good Spirit-filled men. And they try... They go out. Maybe the Lord give them a gift of prophecy.
Now, there's a million miles difference between a gift of prophecy and a prophet. See? A gift of prophecy must be judged by three before it can even be passed into the church. We know it's the same as speaking in tongues. It must go before three judges before it can even be given to the church.

74 Now, we find out... Now, if these men go out some time... And then people begin to press upon them. "Oh, brother, what will you say?"
See, he goes by impression (See?) way he feels. "Oh, the Lord will do that, THUS SAITH THE LORD." That's a lie. See? You will... You can't say, THUS SAITH THE LORD until God in His own language has spoke to you and told you that. Then it's not you saying it, not your impression. The Bible said that a prophet did that was going out presumptuously. That is presuming. And "presume" is "to venture without authority." He's going upon his own.
But when you see the man speaking what's going to happen in the Name of the Lord, and it happens day in and out, week in and out, month in and out, year in and out, then you know that come from God. See? That's God's credentials to the man, that he is the interpreter of the written Word for that day, because God sent the man to do it.

77 If the churches only had some good sound teaching on these things (See?), they'd understand. Only thing, we get one little track, and we run like wild with it. That's just... Take on that one thing, and just make a hobby out of it. That's what every--every denomination originated from.
If Martin Luther would've went on into sanctification, okay. If the Wesleyan Methodists would've went on into the baptism of the Holy Ghost and the restoration of the gifts, it'd all been one big church of the Lord all the time. But they get that one little thing and prove it's right, and there they are. But they had to do it. The Bible said that's the way they would do it. See? And it has to be this a-way today.
I hope that my class under... Do you understand what I mean? Raise your hand, so... See? And understand, you must understand, friends. This is your life. See? This is your life. Yes.

80 His credential is that God has a-vindicated this person to be a seer.
Now, the English word a "prophet" just means "a preacher." See? Anybody, every preacher is a prophet, 'cause he's foretelling something. Preaching the Word under inspiration is called a prophet.
But in the Old Testament they were more than that; they were seers. See? They were men who told things that was coming to pass, and it happened. That give him the rights to be the--the interpreter of the Word for that day, because God took the Word of that day and interpreted it Himself through that man. And that's what he come on the earth for. He's always a sign when a prophet comes to the earth. Just watch as we go through it and see if it isn't so. He always sends His prophet. When you see a prophet rise on the scene, look out. We're looking for one to come now, you know. And then when you see it, you just remember; it's something's fixing to happen. This is his credential. Then God interprets His Word by him and through him. Numbers 12:6 tells that.

83 And remember, the entire Bible was wrote by the prophets. Why? The Word of the Lord came to them after they was vindicated. Prophets like Jasher and several of them that was throwed out, and many prophets that never went on... But God has a way of stirring His Word when it's truth. God's got to judge the world by something.
The Catholic people here, they say He's going to judge him--judge the world by the church. If that's right, then what church? If you say the Catholic Church, which, the Roman, Greek, or what? See? They're all broke to pieces.
"He's going to judge it by the Baptist church." Then what about the Methodist church. See? See, He can't do that. There's too much confusion. People wouldn't know where they were at.
But He said in the Bible, if you want to what He's going to judge the--the people by, He's going to judge the world by Jesus Christ, and He is the Word. The Bible then is what He'll judge by, the vindicated Word. That's God's way of judging is the Bible. So no matter what any creed or denomination says, you stay right with that Bible, 'cause it is Christ. St. John the 1st chapter tells us that.

87 Notice, now. The Bible was written by the prophets. We see that it says that the men of old, moved by the Holy Ghost, wrote the Bible. And Hebrews 1, it says, "God in sundry times and divers manners spake to the fathers by the prophets; in this last day through His Son Jesus Christ," (See?), because He was the manifestation of all the Word of the prophet. And He was the Fullness of the Word. The Word was in Him, all the Word. He was Emmanuel, God manifested in flesh.
God come down in the form of the Holy Spirit, two wings like a dove settling down, and went upon Him saying, "This is My beloved Son in Whom I'm pleased to dwell in." Now, the King James there says, "In Whom I'm pleased to dwell." What difference does it make, "in Whom I'm pleased to dwell," or "Who I'm pleased to dwell in." See? "In Whom I'm pleased to dwell" there it was God in man; heaven and earth come together. God and man united. The greatest hour to that time there was on the earth, or ever had been.

89 Notice, the Pillar of Fire sign, and then the voice of the sign spoke. See? The Pillar... Sign of the voice was there, ready to speak. The sign only showed that the voice was ready to speak. Get the idea?
The sign shows God's voice is ready to speak. And when God shows a sign, as He is in the last days... You don't... You look around, look at--look at the immoral of the people today. That's God's sign. When you see people getting like this, look what they're going to. He said they'd get worse and worse. They--they are doing it. See? That--that immoral sign... All right.

92 There's all kinds of signs, signs in the heavens above, fearful sights, flying saucers. The Pentagon looks at them, don't know what they are. All kinds of signs, sea a-roaring, waves, perplexed of time, distress between the nations, all these things. Earthquakes in divers places, men running to and fro, knowledge increasing, all these other things that He said: great turmoil, how that Christ would be put out of His church in the last days in the Laodicea age; we got it. See? All these things are God speaking signs.
And then what's to make this known? God sends someone on the scene, something on the scene to vindicate that, and to take the Scripture that's spoke of for the day and to manifest it. Then that's the credentials of it, that (See?) the--the sign.

94 The Pillar of Fire as soon as the--the sign come up there, it was the--that was the sign that the voice was ready to speak.
And we see the sign of the end. Is that right? The sign of the end, how many believes that? Say "amen." Then the voice is ready to speak. The voice is ready to speak because we see the sign. The Pillar of Fire was there to say that the voice was ready to speak.
Also, it must be a Scriptural sign, must be a Scriptural vindication of the Word that's promised for that day. How perfect is God's order at each time.

97 Now listen, let's go back just a moment here, a little thought. In the Old Testament before the Bible was written, just had the scrolls and so forth, it hadn't been put together, like the book of Isaiah's writing, the book of so-and-so's writing, the prophets. Now, if a man come up with something that he had dreamed a dream, or he was a prophet, the first thing, they taken him down to the temple to the Urim Thummim.
The ministers here, and many of you brethren out there know what the Urim Thummim was. It was--it was the breastplate of Aaron. They hung it upon a post in the temple. And now, notice. When that man begin to speak, and if whatever he said, if it wasn't true, that light stood still. There was nothing. But what he said, if it was true, then a conglomeration of lights, like a rainbow, begin to flash. And that was called the Urim Thummim. Brothers know that? Sure, Sure, that was Urim Thummim.

99 What was it? The sign. No matter how it sounded, the sign must be given with the voice. Amen. See, the sign comes, and then the voice. There must be that or the voice is not recognized. That's right. No matter what the voice said, how real it sound, if that Urim Thummim didn't declare it, then it wasn't right.
And any kind of sign that's showed today... I know God can do things that's not wrote in the Bible. But to me, we're living in the hour that we should be very careful. The Urim Thummim today is God's Bible. That shows what's supposed to take place today.

101 When they think we got to build a bigger organization, we got to go into the ecumenical council, that's a sign of unity? To me, it's a sign of the antichrist. That's exactly what the Bible spoke of. Sure. It's not a Scriptural sign, only on the other side. It lets the believer know which way it's headed. The Urim Thummim is God's Word. And what He said would take place in the last days, that's exactly what's got to flash. And it's a wrong sign.
Man said, "Well, I got a Ph.D., LL.D. I was made so-and-so. I'm Doctor so-and-so." That's no Bible sign, not no Bib... "Well, I'm the head of so-and-so. I'm a district man. I'm--I'm the bishop. I'm..." I don't care what you are.
There's only one sign we look for. And that's the vindicated Word of God, when it's THUS SAITH THE LORD. That's the voice of the sign: God's Word first. And when the Urim Thummim spoke, they said, "That's right." When them lights flashed, a sign was there, and the voice was true.

104 Notice. How--how people has made that of a non-effect today by their traditions. Jesus Christ said in His last commission to His church in Mark 16, after His resurrection, He said, "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved. He that believeth not shall be damned. These signs shall follow them that believe." If that don't flash on the Urim Thummim of your life, there's something wrong. "These signs shall follow them that believe. In My Name they shall cast out devils, speak with new tongues. If they should take up a serpent, or drink deadly things, it wouldn't harm them, If they lay their hands on the sick, they shall recover." And men with smart education to the highest dot denies that thing. How can it flash on God's Urim Thummim, when He said, "These signs shall follow them that believe"? God's Word in Its entirety is true.

105 So the Urim Thummim's got to flash with the sign. If the sign going right on... I don't care what he's doing, if it's not according, doing according to that Word, then there's something wrong. I don't care what he does; there's something wrong. It's got to come to the truth. Didn't Jesus tell us in Matthew 24:24, the two spirits would be so close in the last days it would deceive the very elected if possible?

106 Now, put on your thinking caps. Put on all your armor of God. Listen for just a minute... Notice. We've got to come exactly the way He said do it. Just the way God said do it, that's the way we've got to do it. What Jesus said was going to happen, that's what's going to happen. If He said, "These signs..." and they say that was just for the apostles...
"All the world and to every creature," is that right? Where did He say just to the apostles? "Go ye into all the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. These signs shall follow in all the world and to every creature."
A man saying, "Back there..." he's trying to bypass the thing. That's not a prophet. It's a prophet of a denomination, but not a prophet sent from God. He might be reflecting some denomination, or some theory, some school, some ethics. But I'm talking about God and His Word, Scriptural Urim Thummim, Scriptural sign, Scriptural voice behind the sign.

110 Jonah the prophet was a sign. His sign was when he spit--the whale spit him out upon the bank. That was a sign. Them people were heathens, fished for a living. And they seen the whale god come in, the god of the sea, and take the prophet and spit him out upon the bank to give the message. And down the bank he went. There it was the sign. Now, the voice was, "Repent or perish." Before God struck that nation to tear it to pieces and sink it beneath the sea, He sent a prophet with His Word. He gave a sign, a supernatural sign.

111 Remember, that sign even lasts till this day. Jesus referred to it. He said, "As the prophet Jonas was in the belly of the whale for three days and nights, so must the Son of man be. A wicked and adulterous generation seeks after signs," and they'll get it, the sign of the resurrection. If we ever was in a wicked and adulterous generation, it's now. And Jesus said it would be. "As it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be at the coming of the Son of man." Then we're in a wicked and an adulterous generation. And they're going to get the sign of the resurrected Christ, the same yesterday, today, and forever. Jesus said so. That's right.

112 Jonah come forth; he was a prophet. The Lord sent him. He tried to bypass it, like Moses. You can't bypass the issue. Many men want to pat you on the back and say, "Come into our group. Come into our group." There's no group; God's the only One you're under. "Come to us."
He bypassed, he went, started to Tarshish. God put him in a whale and sent him right back. And he went in there, and that was the sign. And the voice of the sign was to repent or perish. They followed the voice, because they believed the sign. And they didn't perish. That's the only way it was, because they believed the sign and heard the voice.
That's the only way that the members of the churches of this day will fail to go into the judgment, is when they believe the sign and hear the voice of God. The voice was "Repent or perish."

116 Noah the prophet, before God destroyed the antediluvian world, Noah was the prophet. The prophet was a sign. What? That judgment was at hand. Noah building his sign up to them, a ark that he was putting forth, preaching the Gospel. God's voice spoke down and the world was destroyed.
John, a prophet after four hundred years with no prophet, longest, the--the time that Israel ever went without a prophet. What was God doing? Why'd He let them go four hundred years? He wanted the prophet to be so--so outstanding to the people that they would understand and take heed to what the man said. He was prophesied of coming. They said in Malachi 3, "Behold I send My messenger before My face to prepare the way," and they hadn't had a prophet for four hundred years. And here come the prophet John on the scene. His appearing was a sign. Sign what? That the Messiah's coming was at hand. He was drawing the attention to Israel.
You know it's promised to come again in the last days? That's right. Gather the people again and attract their attention, their hearts back to the fathers, beginning. Take all these here creeds and things, and get rid of it, and go back to what the Bible said, back to the faith of the fathers, vindicating God promised to do.

119 Notice, now. His appearing was a sign that the Messiah was at hand, four hundred years. And did they receive him? They didn't believe him. Certainly they didn't. They had nothing to do with that, because his preaching was contrary. They didn't believe what he was saying. Yet he was a sign, because the people knew he was a prophet. They knowed something was fixing to happen. See?
Every time before a happening... Now, we... I bypassed two or three pages here, a few minutes ago of different prophets, just to show you that. You understand, before anything happens God come to the prophet to vindicate His Word. And that coming of a prophet is a sign.

121 Now, John was a sign, because he was a prophet, that the Messiah was at hand. Now, we find John, the sign of the--of the--of the--of Jesus' coming. We know that when God speaks and says these things, it's got to happen. You believe that? Now, the sign of preparation, John was. He was to be a sign of preparation. Do you believe that he was a sign of preparation? Well, then if he come then in a sign of preparation, he's coming again in the sign of preparation.
Notice. His message was, and his nature was, exactly like what spirit he was anointed with. He was like Elijah. Jesus said.
"Why does the scribes say Elias must first come?"
He said, "He's already come, and you did to him what was listed." See? "So must the Son of man suffer under their hands," 'cause all the Scripture's got to be fulfilled.

124 Watch John. Look what John did. John was a outstanding man come up from nowhere. So was Elijah. Both of them was lovers of the wilderness. And remember, both of them took a rap at painted-faced women, immoral women, and their natures was the same. Exactly like Elijah, so was John. And they both kinda took the same route the one took with the other one.
But John was the one who announced and introduced the Messiah. Notice, he introduced the Messiah. Rebuking immoral women...
Look at today, what we call the prophets of the churches today, and then call themselves of God. Some of these modern Ahab prophets with their little painted faced, short-haired, shorts-wearing Jezebels leading them around wherever they wanting to go, then call themselves doctors, and so forth, of the Bible. How can it be? They're Ahabs. Yes. Doctrine of their creeds, afraid to get off of it, afraid they'd be put out of their denomination or something...

127 Let me tell you; it's about that time when God always raises up something on the scene to condemn it. He did it in the days of Ahab. He did it in the days of John. He promised to do it again in the last days, and He'll do it. And it's such a time that we're promised of this, that time that we are going to see in Malachi 4 fulfilled, exactly what He said it: a sign of the coming judgment, burning fire that will destroy all the unbelief, and the righteous will walk out upon the ashes of the wicked. It's promised. It's prophesied. It's THUS SAITH THE LORD. It's got to be. What's His voice going to do when this man comes on the scene? It's going to be revealing Jesus Christ's promised Word. That's exactly the only thing it can be. For the Bible said in Hebrews 13:8, He is the same yesterday, today, and forever. That's right.

128 He also said in Luke 17:30 in the... "Like it was in the days of Sodom, so shall it be in the coming of the Son of man, when the Son of man will be revealed." The Son of man is prophesied to be revealed. And what kind of a revelation will it be? It'll be the revelation of His living after being crucified, for nineteen hundred years, and is raised from the dead, and is alive with us. He will be revealed, because exactly the same things that they did at Sodom has got to return again. You can interpret it any way you wish to. But there it is. It's just. The fact, It interprets Itself. The Word don't need any interpretation, when It's doing it Itself, revealing Christ in the promise of the age. That's exactly what will come on the scene.

129 Paul, he had a sign. Let's watch him. Do you believe Paul was a prophet? He certainly was. Now, notice. Paul came on the scene and saw a sign. What kind of a sign did he see? A Pillar of Fire on his road to Damascus, being a Jew. Jesus had been died, crucified, rose, ascended into heaven. And Paul was on his road down to Damascus, when a great Light struck him down. And he cried, "Lord, Who are You?"
He said, "I'm Jesus." And he was told that he was called to be a chosen vessel, a chosen vessel.
Now, notice. What did Paul have the rest of them didn't have? He had the abundance of the revelation of the Word of God, 'cause it was Paul who recognized that Jesus of the New Testament was Jehovah of the Old. Hallelujah. I could say something here. He had the revelation of it. He wrote it and revealed it, because God permitted it to be added to the Bible. And the Word comes only by the Bible, by the prophets. And so, then God revealed to Paul, and he wrote the letters inspired, and God put them in the Bible. Oh, my. Revealed that He is Christ of the Old Testament because he met Him.

132 He couldn't understand how that Pillar of Fire was. That was the One that led his people out of Egypt. That was the One had been with the Hebrews all through the age. And here He is. He seen Him; he said, "Lord, what is it You want with me?"
He said, "I am Jesus."
He seen that this One that had led his people, that he knowed all the time that Moses met, the I AM, ever-present, same yesterday, today, and forever, was manifested in the flesh. It was his revelation. He had it above any of the rest of them. He was... And he had it so great until, except he'd get exalted above the abundance of the revelation there was given to him. Oh, my.
What did he do? His revelation then was prophecy for today. It was the voice coming forth, wrote in the Bible to be vindicated today again. Hallelujah. It's the voice being vindicated again what he wrote, because he was God's prophet, revealing. The sign was speaking of something.

135 And we notice now, that Jesus, when He came on the scene... Notice, He was the prophesied Word. He had a ministry to fulfill. You believe that? Sure, He had a ministry, notice, to be fulfilled, what was written of Him. Said that the other night, as I spoke, to Cleopas and them, "Oh, fools and slow of heart to believe the Word of God. Don't you know that Christ should suffer these things? Didn't all the prophets speak that He should do this, and then enter into His glory?" He has to fulfill everything that He come... He come to heal, that it might be fulfilled. He did this that it might be fulfilled. Everything He done was to be fulfilling, because He had to be the voice of that Scripture. But before He done it, He went forth with a healing ministry, healing the sick. Everybody wanted to see the sign, sure. They believed the healing. But the voice changed it.

136 One day when He said, "I and the Father are One." That--that was too much for them.
"You make yourself God, being a man." When the--the sign, they believed it. But when they had a voice behind it, a ministry that followed that sign, they didn't get it. That's when trouble set in.
Remember, He chose twelve. Said He chose them before the foundation of the world. He said, "I chose twelve, and one of them is a devil." Paul had to take that place to be the chosen one.

138 Notice. And when he did... One day He begin to speak to the people. And He said, "Except you eat the flesh of the Son of man and drink His blood, you've no Life." What would doctors say about that? Now, He never explained it. He never said any...
He just come for so many. Them that He foreknew, He come. He said, "No man can come to Me except My Father draws him. And all the Father has given Me, they will understand Me. They'll come. (See?) They'll come. They'll understand it, the one the Father has given Me, whose name's on the Book of Life." He come to redeem them.

140 Now we notice that, in that--in that great hour, He said, "Except ye eat the flesh of the Son of man, drink His blood..."
Could you imagine what people thought? "Is that man out of his mind? Does he want us all to turn cannibal? And now perhaps he will go out somewhere and kill himself, and we're supposed to eat his flesh and drink his blood." See? They never understood it.
He told Nicodemus, said, "If I tell you earthly things and you don't understand it, how are you going to understand heavenly things if I tell you." See? So we find out they didn't understand it. So the congregation dwindled away.
So then He said again, "When you see the Son of man ascending up from whence He came."

144 Then the seventy ministers, the whole association said, "What is the matter with this man? The Son of man ascending up? And here we eat with him, sleep with him, fish with him, out in the mountains with him, laid out on the deserts with him, around the creek banks with him, and then and both seen the cradle he was rocked in, talked to his mother, knowed Joseph who's supposed to be his father. We know all these things. Then He said, 'The Son of man is going up from whence He come.' Oh, how can that be?" See? But He was the Word. They failed to see that He was the Word.

145 As I quoted the other day, one of the most outstanding Scriptures, that when Jesus at twelve years old. When they left Him at the Feast of Pentecost, was gone three days and couldn't find Him, they come back. Mary had strictly testified that that--the Holy Ghost overshadowed her and brought that child. But when she found Him in the temple, disputing with them lawyers, what did she say? She said, "Thy father and I have sought Thee with tears." What did she do? She condemned her own testimony, calling Joseph His father. Now, if she's the mother of God, what about that? See?
Watch. The Word always is corrective. That little twelve-year-old boy, never a day in school, as we know of, just a Child... He never knowed He said it perhaps. But watch what He said. "Know ye not that I must be about My Father's business?" []

147 And He's the Word today. He's the same yesterday, today, and forever. "Know ye not..." If He'd been about Joseph's business, He'd been making carpenter business. But He was about the Father, heavenly Father's business out there, busting up them organizations they had up there, and all that scruples it... He was tearing it to pieces, and they was astonished a little boy like that knowed that. It was God speaking through Him, because He was the Word for that day. Notice how perfect that is. Christ is the same yesterday, today, and forever.

148 His revelation, we find out is the same. He--He started healing; and when He did, everything was fine. But then when He begin to--is the voice begins to speak. "Unless you eat the flesh of the Son of man..."
Why, they, the congregation walked away. "Aw, that, fellow. We don't want to hear him no more. That fellow's out of his mind."
They forgot all that He had done, the manifestation. They didn't read the Bible to see the hour they were living. Sure, He was an odd Person. God does it that way. They say odd things.
Why couldn't--why couldn't Micaiah agree with the rest of them Israelite prophets down there before Jehoshaphat and them. See? Why couldn't? He had the Word of the Lord. He had to say; He said, "I only say what God said." And they had Scriptural authority to show that they were right, but not all the Scripture. Jesus said, "It's also written." See? They didn't understand.

152 Now, watch as we're closing now. We're--we're getting late. Yes. I'm sorry; I've went too long. I'll hurry right quick now for the prayer line. Just a few more words I want to say here.
Notice. The prophet comes. When he does, he shows a sign. And then there's a voice in that sign that speaks, a voice that speaks, a Scriptural voice that has to be according to the Bible, reflecting the Word for that hour. It's always been that way; it always will be that way, because God cannot change.

154 Now, notice, Jesus' first ministry... Oh, they all--everybody wanted Him in their church. Oh, my. He's a great Fellow. Sure, He went in all the synagogues, read the scrolls, and set down. Everybody, "Young rabbi..."
But one day He begin to talk to them in another way. The voice of the sign begin to speak. And when the voice of the sign begin to speak, nobody wanted Him. One of them said, "This man's crazy. He's a cannibal, trying to make cannibal out of all of us." See? He never explained it. Let them go.
The next come along, we find out that the seventy, the ministerial association He had with Him, when they come, "Why, how can this man be ascending up. How... Who is he? Why, here he's making hisself equal with God. That's a hard saying." And they went away from Him.

157 Then He turned to the disciples, and He said, "You want to go too." See? They couldn't go. They had seen something. They knowed the Scripture, and they knowed that was it. They couldn't explain what He was talking about. But yet, they believed it anyhow. They never asked no questions; it never bothered them. They believed, because it was a vindication of the Scripture. You believe that?
Peter said, "Lord, where would we go? You alone has the Words of Eternal Life." They seen it. They knowed that He, Who He--Who He was that that was what He's supposed to do. "No matter, we can't explain it." See? They were ordained to Life before the foundation of the world. When that Light struck it, they knew it. There's nothing going to move them from it. No matter... Looked like the Pharisees had him pinned in one side and the other. It didn't bother them disciples. They went right straight on anyhow, 'cause they believed it. His voice spoke then.

159 Now, I might say this. His voice will speak. One day a sign will come, and what will it do? The Laodicean sign must be the same as it was then. There'll be a voice speak to us in the last day. And remember, Laodicea sign... Jesus is the same yesterday, today, and forever. And when He was put out of the church there in the Laodicea age, we find out He's put out again on the outside.
Look. The voice, "If any man will cooperate, if anybody will let Me in, I'll come and sup with them, and they with Me. I'll come in and--and I--I'll be in them." Standing on the outside of the rank of church age, knocking, trying to get in... "If any man will open the door, and just cooperate with Me a little bit, I'll come in and sup with them. I'll make Myself known to them. If I can just get in like I did on the road to Emmaus that night, in Emmaus... If I can just get in, I'll make Myself known to them." Now, the Bible said that's the way it would be. And that's the way it is.
It's Christ, "Sup, reveal Myself to them... I will reveal that I am the same yesterday, today, and forever. The Son of man will be revealed in that day when all churchanity and everything will become Sodom, and like that. I'll be on the outside. But I'll be knocking, trying to get in."

162 Now, again. If you can believe the--the true manifestation of this hour that we're living... I won't have time to go on through this. But if you can get and can see now, the true manifestation that God shows a sign and the sign has a Scriptural voice... You understand? Let us pray.
Lord Jesus, just a Word from You now, a vindication that it's true. Heavenly Father, we realize what would be our end if we be found false witness of You. Where would I go to, Lord? What would happen to me? Where would my end be, if I be found false witness, or have built the house upon stubbles or sinking sand? God, help us real believers, if we have to stand alone, stand on the Word. We see Your sign, Lord. We see that something's fixing to happen. We know that the end time is here. We know it's promised for us. Now, would--may we not fail to see it. Come, Lord Jesus. You are the same. You are Jesus tonight, when you can get somebody just to invite You in. If You can come in, then You'll make Yourself known to them. Grant it, I pray tonight, through Jesus' Name. Amen.

164 I'm just a little late, friends. I'm going to be about ten or fifteen minutes. We got... I'm going to call some prayer line. I never noticed my watch.
I have a watch that I got in Switzerland, give to me. I wind it up and it alarms. But the alarm is... I haven't got it with me this time. I forgot to bring it. Now, it confuses me sometimes. I spoke too long. Forgive me. I'll maybe make it up, maybe tomorrow night.

166 Prayer cards? What was that? What was the number? What prayer cards did he give? Huh? E-1 to a 100? Where did we call from the last time, anybody remember? 1? Starting with 1, then to 50, or 25, or somewhere? 50 next. Let's call from 75 then tonight. We called from 1, 25, and 50. Now let's call from 75.
E-75. Who has the prayer card? Raise up your hand. Prayer card E-75, raise up your hand. Look around on your card. You mean it isn't here? Then we start from somewhere... Oh, I'm sorry. All right. E-75, please. All right, come over here, lady, right here. 75, 76, 77, 78, 79, 80. Let those five stand. One, two, three, four, we lack one person. One, two, three, four, here's five. All right. All right, 80 to 85 stand; in the E's, 80 to 85.

168 Now, remember, each one of you with your cards is going to be called. Just don't worry. Forget it. 80 to 85. All right. 85 to 90. One, two, three, four, five. E-85 to 90, 85, 86, 87, 88, 89, 90. 90 to a 100 in E's. Let them stand, come over on this side.
Brother Roy, help me count, and see if they're there, just a minute, while I'm...

170 Now, look. Some of you here don't have prayer cards, yet you're sick. You want God's healing power, God's healing blessings. If that's so raise, up your hand, say, "I want God to heal me."
All right, if you will, go down there, Brother Roy, and help them real quickly, if you will, 'cause we're running late. Get down and help them, if you will, real quick, and...
Yeah, he wants to say this in Spanish. [Someone speaks in Spanish--Ed.] Yeah, he said that. See, here comes one now that wouldn't have come, perhaps. See?

173 You'd be surprised how it is overseas, maybe like one time in Africa I had fifteen interpreters, standing there before about two hundred thousand people. And I'd say, "Jesus Christ, the Son of God," and it'd go all down this line, and way down that line to every tribe. And then you'd come back, and have to think what you was saying, and it's just different. Oh, my. But I've seen thirty thousand blanket natives gives their heart to Jesus Christ, breaking their idols on the ground like a dust storm. All right.

174 [Someone speaks in Spanish--Ed.] All right. Is there some of them missing down there or something like that? Yeah, making sure, that's fine, brother. Say, did you ever... Do you know Brother Espinosa? He's not here.
Anybody know Brother Espinosa, the min... He was the one that was with me over in Mexico City, when that little baby was raised from the dead that time. I--I just wondered. He... The little... You've heard the story of it, of course. It was in the Business Men's "Voice," and things, written. I was just... I want to go down there again some time. My, such humble people, and they really believe. They were... See, the church down there is always promising something; they never get to it. But here, in the Bible promise, we're at it. It's to us. We--we--we see it. And that makes it real. All right.

176 Now, now, each one of you give me your undivided attention for at least ten minutes.
Maybe I called too many. I don't know. I--I might have done wrong. All right. They kinda gotten turned around there. All right, just let them go on to the end of the line there, just as they are like that. Let them... Let's just begin and start the prayer line in a few moments. Give them a seat, so they can set down there, Brother Roy, or something...?... I want... See, there are people watching.
See, there's one thing you can't do. You can't have a disturbance. The Holy Spirit is timid. How many knows that? See, you must be obedient, during the time.

179 How many's been in the meeting, and see things go from one to another? Sure you have. See them lose their mind, and go crazy, the seats fly around and around the building when devils was cast out. Some of them's paralyzed, and had to be packed out of the building, still paralyzed too. Some of them died right there, right where they stand, and dropped dead right before us. See, we're not playing church...?... It's the Holy Spirit. Just believe.

180 A man standing there one time, trying to hypnotize me, there in Canada. What's that across from Detroit, what is that city up there? No, across from Detroit. Windsor. Yeah, he come over there. They'd taught him to go hypnotize people for the Army, you know, make them bark like dogs, and things like that. And that guy setting out there... I kept feeling an odd spirit, and I noticed it. And the Holy Spirit said, "Call him." Said, "Son of the devil, why did he put that in your heart to come here? Because you did that, they'll pack you out of here." He's still paralyzed. That's been about twelve years ago. They packed him out. Yeah.
God's still God, the same...?... the same. He never changes. If we can only believe. That's all we have to do, is have faith. Now, you look this a way and believe.

182 Now, if the Holy Spirit will tonight, I don't know that He will, but if He will come... Now, what kind of a sign are we looking for today? The resurrection of Christ, the proof that Jesus is alive among us. Is that right? Everybody...?... Don't the Bible...
Now, have we got the sign of Sodom in the world today? Is that right? Got the sign of Noah in the world today? Is that right? Got all these other things? Now, what did He say would take place in that time? The Son of man would be revealed in that day. Is that right? What is "revealed?" Is made known. Anything that's made known is revealed. The Son of man will be made known in that day. Well, if He's the same yesterday, today, and forever, wouldn't He do the same thing to make Hisself known? How many believes that? All right.
Now. Have you got you're... Everybody straightened out down there now or not? Now, friends, I don't know if we'll get to all of them.
I want you all just to watch real close. Be reverent, pray, believe. Now, please (See?) especially if something happens to get away from you... Don't everyone jump up and go to... See?

186 About two months ago in my church one Sunday morning, there was something... Satan doing something to attract the attention of the people. There was an Englishman there by the name of Way. He lives at Minot... You want his address we can have you to write, he send his tapes of the meetings from overseas. And the man resented what I said, horribly. And I looked down and I seen a horrible spirit upon him.
I'd him on private interview, told him, I said, "Mr. Way, you have heart trouble." He even resented that. I said, "What'd you come to me for then?" So about a month after that, he went to the doctor. And the doctor said, "You have a very bad heart."

188 So he come to the meeting that morning, and something was said. Real hot-headed Englishman, you know, he resented that. His wife, a wonderful Norwegian woman, a nurse, and was setting there with him. And I said something, and he resented it right quick, you know. And when he did this... He was standing to the feet, and they were singing. And when he did, his head went back, his eyes just flipped right straight back; his face turned real dark red, like that desk there. He fell dead to the floor.
Well, the church went to going on, people screaming. And I said, "Set down. You're trained better than that. You're trained better than that."

190 And so his wife got down and pressed his heart. He was gone. She begin screaming. I said, "Sister, wait just a minute, till I can get out of the pulpit here. We don't know what the Father..."
And there I went down there. He was just stiff. His eyes, it wasn't a put-on. His eyes was sticking right out like that, back. I couldn't feel no more heart than I could feel in that...
She said, "Oh..." Begin to scream. She begin...
I said, "Now we don't know what the heavenly Father's going to do." And I said, "Maybe He did it for a purpose." I said, "Brother Way was resenting."
Said, "He whispered to me that he was resenting what you said."
And I said, "He oughtn't to have done that."
I said, "Heavenly Father, forgive Brother Way for his error," and I called for his spirit to return.
He said, "Brother Branham..." There he was alive again, standing among us. See, see? Don't get...

196 If anything gets away, just keep quiet. Keep quiet, I've it happens so many times. But the church gets all tore up. Then, you see, you grieve the Holy Spirit. Now, if you want to praise God for something, that's good. But when everybody's jumping, watching this, and that, and people getting up, walking around talking to one another, it's just confusion. You... Jesus couldn't even heal the people that way Hisself. Is that right? When He was here, He led them outside the city like that, and put his hands on them and prayed for them.

197 Now. Now, this lady standing here, she's a women younger than I am. She looks healthy and strong. I don't know her. Now, see, the church of yesterday, God's vindication sign, laid hands upon her, prayed for her, let her go, and see if she has faith to be healed. That's the way God did it. But He promised something else now (See?), the Word, the promise for today. I'm sure you understand what I mean.
Now, I'm getting transposition here somewhere, it sound like. I think this is better.
Now, if this lady, I don't know her, but the Holy Ghost does know her.

200 Now here's exactly a Bible picture, a panoramic. If you was ever over there, just like now... That well's still there, and vines growed up over the top. Jesus met a woman, and He told her what her trouble was, and she knew that was the sign of the hour that the Messiah was there. Is that right? She knew. She knew it.
Well, if He's the same today, and promised to reveal Himself the same, then it'd have to be His sign again.
Now, I hope everybody understands that I'm not meaning that's me, or I'm not meaning it's my brothers here, or some man out there. I mean it's Jesus Christ, God's anointed. See? See, He died that He might cause His ministry to be carried on by His church that recognizes His Word. That don't mean that it'd make--make any different for me than it does for these men here, not a bit, or one out there. We're all sinners, saved by grace.

203 But it's His promise. He promised to do it. That's the reason I'm standing here now, because He promised it, and He said go do it. So that... There's no fear then.
Now, lady I want you to look at me just a moment.
Teaching and preaching... Usually when I have my most successful meetings in the discernment, and so forth, is when, it used to be the manager would preach. Mr. Baxter and them would preach awhile. I didn't have to do nothing but walk out on the platform. Come right out of the room from somewhere praying, walk right out, and they already had the prayer line lined up. I just went right in. See? But now, you have to swing yourself back around again.

205 Preaching is a gift, inspired--inspired preaching. See? And the gift... Some are apostles, some prophets, some teachers, some pastors, some evangelists; that's the gifts that's in the church. See? But it's possible we can have more than one like Paul or any of those. Now, as long as there's a apostle, there's got to be a prophet. As long as there's a prophet, there's got to be an--an evangelist. Why is it ministers say there is a pastor and evangelist, but there's no prophet. See? That's picking what you want to, making it say something that it doesn't. But God is His own interpreter of His Word. He says whether it's right or not.

206 Now if the Holy Spirit will reveal to me something you've done, or who you are, or whatever... I can't... I don't know. See? It's just like a dream. You see something. It just goes back and whatever I say...
What I see, I say. See? And then, that's a sign (See?), and there's the voice of the sign. The sign is to do it; the voice is what it says. Then if that's true, and that's all true, then what I'm preaching here on this Word's got to be true, 'cause that's the credentials of the calling. Now, hasn't that been proved by the Bible tonight? Now, the audience believe that with all your heart? Now, this ought to settle it.

208 Now, I don't know the woman. Here's my hands up, and here's the Word of God, and here's ministers sets. See? I don't know the woman. I've never seen her in my life, as I know, and we're strangers one to another. I have no way of knowing. If that's right, just so the people know, raise up your hand so the people see. Now, can we like those people at Sychar...
Now, look on me, sis... I mean like Peter and John, passing through the gate called Beautiful. Now, look.

210 See, Jesus attracted their attention. See? He knew He had to go up there. The Father sent Him up there, and He didn't know. The woman come out, and He thought that must be it then. See? And then He talked to her until He found out what her trouble was, and He told her.
That's what I'm doing right now. It's me getting myself out of the way so He can talk back to you. Now. Yes, I can tell you what's wrong with the woman by the grace of God.
Her trouble is, she has tumors, and those tumors are in the bowels. That's exactly right. You believe that He will heal that and make it well? You--you believe it? Got somebody else you're praying for too, haven't you? You believe He'll heal his eyes and make him well, your little boy? See, just taking that one thing to break it down here. See? All right. Go ahead now, believing.
She didn't catch it at first, 'cause she was holding that on her mind. I seen a Light kept flashing back over again like that, 'cause she was praying for something else. And whatever it was, there it was. See, see?

214 See, if you just believe. Oh, if you could explain it. Now, that ought to make every person in here... Just that one person ought to make every person in here believe right now. Is that right?
How do you do? Now, we are strangers one to another too, I suppose. We are strangers. I have no idea about you, who you are, where you come from, or--or anything about you. But God knows about you. Now, if He will reveal to me what your trouble is, will you believe me to be His servant?
Now, now, be just as quietly as you can.

216 Now, yes. You're--you're suffering with a high blood pressure (That's right.), caused from a nervous condition that makes your blood go high. And you--you get wore out from that many times. A very good person (See?), not a hitchhiker; she believes; she really believes. Yes, sir. And I--I'm so thankful for that.
And say, by the way, being's you're such a nice person, you have a--really a sick family. Your husband's sick too. He has high blood pressure too. He also has heart trouble. You've got a son, and he's got heart trouble. And then you've got one that you're worried about. There's something dark. The boy's shadowed. He's a drinker; he's alcohol drinking. That right. Isn't that right? All right. Believe. Now, I believe he'll be all right...?...

218 If thou canst believe, all things are possible to them that believe. If--if you can believe that what God said is the truth, that settles it. Don't you believe that's right? Isn't that the truth? Isn't that what He said? He made the promise. So if He makes a promise, that settles it. He said, "If thou canst believe, all things are possible."
Now, you think them people has to--to have that, they don't. They don't have to be standing here on the platform. See? They don't. They don't have to be here, not at all.

220 She's just having a wonderful time out there. What about you out in the audience? Do you believe with all your hearts, every one of you?
This lady setting right here looking at me, right there. She's suffering with heart trouble. With the brown dress on, dark hair, wearing glasses, you have heart trouble. As soon as it was mentioned about the lady there, something struck upon you. That's right. Now, you're a way away from me, but you touched something, didn't you? You believe now with all of your heart? If you... Raise up your hand if that's the truth. All right.
Now, would you do me a favor? That lady setting next to you, that's got her hand up there, she's suffering with a high blood pressure. And if she'll believe with all of her heart, it'll leave her too. If that's right, raise up your hand. All right.
Now, tell me what they touched--what they touched.

224 You believe God heals heart trouble, setting there praying too? You believe He heal your heart? He would if you'd let Him. He just... He has done it, if you'll just believe it. But first you've got to believe it. You must believe it. You're obligated to believe it, because that's the only way that God can heal. Do you believe that with all your heart?

226 This lady sitting here with the dark-looking dress on, something wrong with her neck. Do you believe that God will make it well, lady? See? See, you don't have to be up here on the platform. See?
Now, look. Just as soon as that light left her, it went right back. A lady started crying, setting right behind her. A lady right behind her started weeping. What was it? She had a real strange feeling come over her. If that's right lady, right behind her, raise up--raise up your hand. Now, that's right. Real strange feeling come over her. Now, the reason it did that, because He wants to heal you from that stomach trouble and make you well. And you believe He'll do it? Amen. See? If you'll just believe, just believe...

228 That man setting right there looking at me, so curious, with the rheumatism, setting out there on the end of the seat out there. You believe God will heal you of the rheumatism and make you well? If you believe it, God will make you well and heal you. If you can believe it.
Don't you see that He's just the same yesterday, today, and forever? Can't you believe that with all of your...
What if I didn't say nothing to you? You know I know what's wrong with you. What if I didn't say nothing, and just let you go on through? Would you believe it with all your heart? I believe you got healed standing right there. So just go believe it...?... all your heart.

231 You believe that God heals you, and will heal your dad too, and make both of you well? Do you think he'll come out of that hospital with that heart trouble? Do you believe it? See?
If you'll just only believe. That's all you have to do. See? Don't you see it's Him?
How do you do, lady. Look at me just a minute. You have a weaknesses. That's right. Your mother's sick too here, isn't she? Uh-huh. She has heart trouble. You believe that God will heal your mother of the heart trouble? Say, by the way, just a minute: your husband gets healed of that stomach trouble too. Say, just a moment. Your daughter has something wrong with her throat. You believe He healed that also? Yes. Your grandchild has fainting spells, like passes out, a little baby. You believe that's healed too? All right. Go believe.

234 Hallelujah. What are we doing? Why don't we believe Him? Are you ready to believe Him? Then let's stand up on our feet while He's falling, the Holy Ghost. Stand up, and give Him praise, and believe Him right now, every one of you. I pronounce that the Holy Ghost is here. The Bible's fulfilled. And in the Name of the Lord Jesus Christ, let every--every one of you give Him praise now and you'll be healed.